Room 9- Meridy

Classroom Update 11/3/22

Happy November!

Is it just me or did November sneak up on you too?

The Fun Run was a success! Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to help make a wonderful experience for our kiddos! Now is the hard part, collecting the donations. Please help students remember to return their envelopes by Monday, November 14th. Or have their sponsors pay online at

Conference time! Next week, you will only send students to school Monday and Tuesday because Wednesday and Thursday are reserved for conferences (and Friday is Veterans Day). I encourage you to bring your student to the conference, they often have a lot to say about their education! If you haven’t already signed up for a conference time, you can do so here. You can choose to come in person or we can conference over Zoom. To join the Zoom meeting, please use the link below: I look forward to chatting with each of you!

Bike Safety Returns! We were smoked out in October and had to cancel our last week of bike safety. Now that the rains have come bike safety can safely return on Nov 14-18. If your student had brought a personal helmet please remember to bring it again. It will most likely be rainy so please send students with a rain jacket or extra clothes to change into after their ride. These riding days will include our community rides, so if you are available to volunteer, please join us! Room 9’s classes are 1:05-1:45 Monday - Thursday and on Friday will ride from 9:45-10:30. If you are interested in helping with more than our class, please email me and we can chat.

Book Fair Returns! Mark your calendars for November 18th, 5-7 pm at Whirled Pies located at 199 W. 8th Ave. in downtown Eugene. More information to come!

In History, we are studying early humans and have discovered that information changes really fast! What we thought to be true last year is now being challenged by new discoveries, new connections, and new research. To finish off this study, we will be analyzing the movie The Croods. (It's still a secret so don't tell your kiddos!) What early hominids are being portrayed in it? Did they get the characteristics correct?

In Science, we are focusing on the Biosphere and looking at some different ways it interacts with the other spheres. Other spheres, you ask? Why, yes! There are four spheres that interact to help our world function. Ask your student what the other three spheres are and how they interact with the biosphere.

Finally, I am sure you have heard, but we have started the transition of Jacob moving over to Room 10 and Adriene joining us again. We will miss Jacob, but am excited to have our Adriene back again!

I hope you enjoy the windy stormy weathered weekend,

Meridy and Jacob and Adriene :)

Classroom Update 10/20/22

Happy Rain! (Finally :)

I’m sure you’ve been feeling the cooped-up energy from smoky days, so let’s celebrate the clear air!

First off, we can celebrate by running in the rain. The Ridgeline Fun Run is this coming Friday, October 28. Envelopes for donation collecting went out last Thursday. If you didn’t get one, please let me know as I do have extras. People can also donate here.

Another way to celebrate is Spirit Week! Here is the Lineup:

-Monday: Patterns Day. Wear as many patterns as possible! You can blend in with camo or mix stripes and plaids.

-Tuesday: Art & Artists Day. Dress up as your favorite artists (visual, literary, music, performance) or pieces of art!

-Wednesday: Crayon Day. Become your favorite crayon color by dressing in it, head to toe!

-Thursday: Decade Day. Is there a decade that speaks to you? The 80s? The 90s? The 2000s? Dress like your decade!

-Friday: Rainbow Day (also Fun Run Day). Wear as many colors as possible! It's also the day of the Fun Run, so be ready to move your body.

In class, we have been studying the fundamental needs of humans. Today, students displayed their understanding in a variety of ways. We saw plays, stories, collages, and games galore. Ask your student about their presentation. (Pictures included below!) In science, we looked at the different ecological levels and how we can organize living things together in order to study them. Lots of options for follow up here. What did your student do? (Or what do they plan to do?)

I hope you all enjoy the rainy days ahead. I look forward to all the fun outfits for spirit week next week!

Meridy and Jacob

(Pronouns: she/her and they/them)

Classroom Update 10/6/22

Happy Almost Weekend!

This week, we started feeling like a “normalized" classroom. Students were working away as I gave math lessons. They are starting to write useful reflections about their work period and coming up with their own solutions to make the next better if needed. Go Room 9!

In history, we started with an archaeological dig… of the classroom 2,000 years from now! Students found weird objects and had to determine how it was utilized back in the day. Did you know Dominoes are really fortune tablets? The high Priestess will throw them every morning and people would travel from all around to hear the fortune told. But beware, if a one and a nine touch each other misfortune will befall the entire continent!

Have you heard the rumor? Carrie, the middle school teacher is a zombie! We are using our science lesson, the eight characteristics of life, to determine whether or not the rumors are true.

Bike Safety is going really well! If you or your child want more riding practice, or maybe you would like someone besides yourself to teach them, join the Safe Routes To School Program this Friday, October 7th for a free All Ages Learn How To Ride event. Check out this site for more information.

By the way, as I write this update during an indoor recess, I am looking out over the kiddos and it is warming my heart. I have seen one student drop Bananagrams and three jump up to help her clean up the letters. I saw another student walk up to two who didn’t know how to play Unstable Unicorns and say, “Oh! You don’t know how to play? I can teach you!” And I saw a student who was playing by themselves muster up the courage to ask a group playing a different game if he could join them. (Of course, they said yes). Such a good group of kiddos you sent me. Thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Meridy and Jacob

(She/Her) and (They/Them)

Classroom Update 9/22/22

Happy second full week of school!

We are off and running in our Room 9 community. Students have chosen the words and agreed that they want to have a Focused, Respectful, Safe, Kind, Honest, Diverse, Inclusive, Collaborative, and of course, FUN classroom. Next week we will work on crafting our classroom commitment and signing it. It’s going to be a great year!

The week started with the First Great Lesson: The Coming of the Universe. Students reimagined it and spent the week preparing for their presentation on Friday. Did you hear what experiment they presented? What part of the story did they retell?

Next week we will dive into History with the question: How do we know what we know about the past? We will also begin our year of Ecology, one of my favorite subjects as it was my undergrad major.

Bike Safety Volunteers Needed! October 3-13 our upper el students will learn about Bike Safety. The River House Outdoor Center will be sending us an instructor, but volunteers are needed to help as students learn how to navigate riding their bikes on the streets. If you enjoy riding bikes and are available between 12:25 and 2:25 October 3-13 please come join us! We especially need helpers on non-P.E. days (Monday Wednesday and Friday (Friday times TBD).

Picture day is coming! Friday, September, 30. We are sending home the flyer tomorrow (Friday, Sept 23), so keep an eye open for it!

And Finally, I received this email from the University of Oregon and thought you may be interested:

You and your students/families are cordially invited to the annual SPICE Science Fall Open House at the University of Oregon.

The purpose of the event is to help connect community families and educators to science outreach programs on campus and in the community. All activities are completely free and open to the public. There will be something fun for children of all ages.

Hands-on activities and demonstrations will include the Microwave Madness, the Egg Drop, and much more. Attendees can also sign up for the Science Pentathlon where they will complete five activities in the core science disciplines (biology, chemistry, and physics).

Attached you will find flyers in English and Spanish. You are welcome to reprint the attached documents as well. We will also be featuring tables from on-campus outreach programs like the UO Geology Club, ChemDemos, the Museum of Natural and Cultural History, and Team Duckling. Off-campus outreach programs have also partnered with us such as the Eugene Science Center, Nearby Nature, Code Ninjas, and others.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the event coordinator, Jorjie Arden at 541-346-4528, or the director of SPICE, Brandy Todd at 541-346-4313 or email us at

Have a great weekend!

Meridy and Jacob

(She/Her) and (They/Them)