Room 9- Meridy

Classroom Updates

Meridy's Update 11-19-21

Hello and Happy Week Before Thanksgiving!

Here is a quick reminder that next week is a 2 day week! Students will only come to school Monday and Tuesday. I hope this helps you enjoy the long(er) holiday weekend with your families.

We had a marvelous speaker in our class (via Zoom) this week. Joe Scott, who is part of the Siletz Tribe, joined us and talked with the students about his tribe’s culture and history. He was fantastic and I want to thank Bethany Steiner for helping us connect with him. Thank you Bethany!

Speaking of Native American history, students are wrapping up their research on Oregon Native American culture. We will start presenting next week.

In science, many students already knew about why we have seasons and day and night. They showed us their knowledge by creating models, making posters, or using their bodies to explain how these things happen. It was fun to see all the different ways of explaining the phenomenon. How did your student’s group share their knowledge? We follow up on Monday with an analysis of what would happen if the Earth didn’t have a tilt, or rotated slower, or revolved faster.

Calling a chinchilla sitter Our old classroom pet Pepper needs your help! My usual chinchilla sitter is not able to take care of Peppercorn during the winter break when I am out of town. If you are available to Pepper sit December 17- 28, I really need your help! Pepper is really easy to take care of. She stays in her cage which needs to be cleaned one per day. (Make your student do it :) She really loves receiving treats and chewing on willow sticks. Please let me know if you and your family are interested in having Pepper during the winter break.

Meridy's Update 11-6-21

Happy Friday Room 9 Adults,

Remember next week is a short week. Parent-teacher conferences will be Wednesday 11/10 and Friday 11/12 with Veteren's Day sandwiched inbetween. If you still have yet to sign up, the link is here: Meridy's Class Sign Up

For everyone who has signed up, here is the zoom link that we will use next week:

Meeting ID: 940 272 0907 Passcode: 801838

Please join the meeting 5 minutes before your time and wait in the waiting room. We will let you in when we are ready.

On an acadermic note, Last Friday, our class partook in the great tradition of pumpkin launching. We provided materials such as popsicle sticks, rubber bands, glue, etc. and showed the students a video of catapults. We then let them loose to design their own pumpkin launcher. Ask your student what their design was and how successful it turned out to be.

Do you know why we see different constellations during different seasons? Students studied the revolution vs rotation of the earth and how that is connected to which constellations we are able to see. Students then studied a constellation that is visible during their birth month. Ask your student which constellation they are studying and how they are sharing their information.

For history, we are studying pre-colonial Native Nations of Oregon. We first learned about how the land is connected to the way people lived in the regions of Oregon and what resources were available throughout different areas. Our next step is studying specific Oregon Native Nations and how they lived during pre-colonial times.

See you at conferences,

Meridy and Adriene

Meridy's Update 10-28-21

Dear Room 9 Adults,

I’m sure you heard about our Solar System walk last Friday. Students walked over 5 miles (!) to place their scaled-down planets at corresponding distances from the scaled-down sun (a beach ball). We definitely got our exercise that day! This week, we are looking at stars and why we only see some constellations in certain months of the year.

In history, we have been looking closely at Oregon’s ecoregions, vegetation, animal distribution, and topography. This precedes our study of Oregon Native Nations. Our focus for this week's study is the land and how it affected the way people lived on it in precolonial times.

For writing this week, we were on the more creative side. We read excerpts from the book A Field Guide to Little-Known & Seldom-Seen Birds of North America. This book is a parody of a real field guide with made-up birds. Your student is creating their own bird with a visual and behavior description, observation tips, and a full-color picture. Ask your student about their bird.

Join Us for a Halloween Hike! - Join the RCO for a Halloween Hike! - Mark your calendars - October 30th at 12:30 pm, the RCO (Ridgeline Community Organization) is hosting a Mt Pisgah hike full of Halloween fun! Wear your costume, participate in our nature-inspired scavenger hunt and enjoy some Halloween goodies. We plan on meeting at the entrance to the lower trail. Feel free to do the "big" hike, or stay on the lower trail until your kiddo's "legs get tired." This is a casual hike, meant to bring Ridgeline families together. We hope to see you there!

Conferences - Annual parent, student, teacher conferences will take place, Wednesday, November 10, and Friday, November 12. Once again conferences will be held on Zoom. Conference days are no school days. Teachers will email families a link to their conference Zoom. Teaching staff has set aside this time for you to meet to discuss your child’s progress and classroom experience; please take advantage of this opportunity.

We're using (the leading online SignUp and reminder tool) to organize our upcoming Fall Conference SignUps. I’ll send out a zoom link the night before conferences start. Click on Meridy's Class Sign Up to sign up.

Retakes - Photo Retakes will take place on Wednesday, November 3. If you are unhappy with your student’s photo, please send them to school with their picture package to return to the Lifetouch photographer. Our essential volunteer, Robyn, will go to each classroom to collect students for retakes. Please instruct your child to speak up when she comes to their classroom. All students who were absent on picture will automatically have their photos taken. If you wish to order photos online go to Ridgeline’s Picture Day ID is EVTTKS2XQ

P.S. Halloween is a fantastically fun holiday. Help your students remember to keep the candy at home. (Unless they want to share it with me of course. I will assume all candy brought to school is meant as a gift for the teacher ;)

Happy Halloween,

Meridy and Adriene

Meridy's Update 10-15-21

Hello Room 9 Adults,

Happy short school week! Even though it was a short week, we were busy busy busy. Students worked together to make a timeline of their lives with a significant event for each year. Then we reviewed a classic Montessori lesson, fundamental needs. What is the difference between a material need and a spiritual need? Ask your student!

In science, the stars and their relative brightness were the topic of conversation and we started our scale models of the solar system. (P.S. If you haven’t filled out the permission forms please contact the office A.S.A.P. as we will be taking a walk to place our models next week.)

We had a couple of fun Friday STEM activities. One was designing the best block shape. What shape made the tallest building? Which shape made the strongest? Then, our class Monchichi went missing! Students chose to either build a trap or entice her back with a comfortable scene. Did it work? How did they trap or convince her to return?

No School Lunch Monday - Due to 4J staffing shortages and the 4J no school day on Monday, there will be no school lunch on October 18. Please send your child with lunch from home that day if they regularly get school lunch. We apologize for the inconvenience.

LTD Bus Pass - Students who ride LTD have the opportunity to receive an annual bus pass through the LTD Touchpass program. Ridgeline will cover the pass costs at this time. As a charter school we are not included in the free pass program as stated in the permission slip. Please sign up for a pass only if your student is a bus rider as the number of passes we have are limited. If your student needs a pass by the October 31 end of the free rider deadline, please sign up by October 22 so we have time to process the card and send it home.

Have a great weekend!

Meridy and Adriene

Meridy's Update 9-30-21

Happy October!

We’ve had a couple busy community building weeks here in Room 9. Last week, we decided that our mascot, Rot, needed a home. Groups of architects came up with a name and were given different materials to build and accessorize their design. Lucky Rot! I’d be happy to live in some of these imaginative homes. See the pictures below for your Architect’s design!

Timeline of Life Projects continue. Some students finished and presented their research to the class on Thursday. What did your student decide to research? What is their final project? I’ve seen slideshows, 3d models, posters and more.

What’s the difference between Archaeology and Paleontology? We asked this question on Tuesday and modeled how an Archaeology site may be buried over time. Was your student’s “site” funded after the core sample? Did they find any signs of human’s occupying their area? Ask and find out how we excavated our sites afterward.

We are lucky this year to have multiple specials. On top of P.E., we have a new art teacher, Rena, who visits our classroom twice a week. Our counselor, Heather, also visits the classroom once a week to work on Social Emotional Learning.

Monthly Donor Match Starts Friday - One of our most important fundraising activities of the year starts this Friday, October 1! During the month of October each and every new or increased Monthly Donation will earn the school an additional $50. Click here to sign up as a Monthly Donor!

Making a Monthly Donation is a great way to spread out your annual contributions over the course of the school year. Monthly Donations also help with budget management and it is the most efficient use of our volunteer-led Fundraising Committee's time. We thank you for your support!

Have a great weekend!

Meridy and Adriene

Meridy's Update 9-16-21

Hello Room 9 Adults!

Here we are, immersed in another school year, one full week in.

This week, and last, we spent much of our time learning the routines of the classroom and how transitioning from outside to inside (and vice versa) looks like. Your student is settling in well and figuring things out quickly! I hope they are sharing with you what morning circle looks like, where they keep their indoor shoes, and what they are now keeping in their cubbies. You should also ask about Unconventional Journal. Why is it unconventional?

As we start moving into being comfortable with each other in the classroom and what lessons look like in the coming weeks, we will start our core subjects of history, science, math, writing, and reading. Next week we also start P.E. and Art. Our P.E. days are Monday and Wednesday so please make sure your student has good athletic style shoes for those days. P.E. will be outdoors rain or shine so also keep an eye on the weather and send a raincoat or extra dry clothes if needed!

If you haven’t sent indoor shoes or a water bottle yet, they are both encouraged. The water fountain is out of order and the indoor shoes help keep our carpet staying blue (instead of muddy brown).

Picture Day Order Forms - Picture Day is Thursday, September 23. If you want pictures, you can either fill out the paper form and bring it in by Thursday, or fill out the form online.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the first rain in months!

Meridy and Adriene