Upper Elementary

Need Help?

  1. Do your best to ask three classmates before you ask your teachers for help.

  2. Still need help? Click on the people on the top banner for Google Classroom. Click on the envelope to the right of your classroom assistant's name.


Use your Gmail account to email your classroom assistant

Remember to always include:

-specific assignment you need help with

-specific question about that assignment

Where can I find my Zoom link information?

The zoom link is inside Google Classroom. Log into Google Classroom.

I missed a Zoom lesson

If you miss a Zoom lesson, we will try our best to post the videos on the assignment by 4pm that afternoon.

I forgot my Gmail login or password

All ridgeline accounts follow the same format: FirstName.LastName@Ridgeline.org

If you forget your password check with your teacher or classroom assistant, they may be able to tell you your password. If you changed your password and didn't tell them, or the password doesn't work anymore they will request a password reset.