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Accident, Incident or Injury Reports and Forms

Interpretation and Translation Services

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I have a student that doesn't have a library card? 

Email Yaeko, and she will request the library volunteers make a card for your student.

Can all students take checked-out materials home?

Yes, they can.

Can students renew a checked-out item?

Unfortunately, our library system does not allow this.  However, if you use the library when a volunteer is there, they can check items back in and then check them out to the student again.

Are there and fines or fees?

No, there currently are no late fines or replacement fees.  However, if we start to see a lot of missing books, we may have to revisit this topic.

New Hire Employee Forms

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Purchasing or Reimbursement

Resources for Discussing Grief, Tragedy, or Current Events

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