Room 10- Ray

Classroom Update 1/13/22

Hello Room 10 families!

I hope you all had a lovely break. Now January is here and we are back in the swing of it. We hit the ground running by following up with a math assessment we took in the fall. All students showed tremendous improvement. Winter benchmarks will begin next week. Please make sure your kiddo arrives at school well rested and ready to go so we can show all the growth that they have made so far.

We also wrapped up our book clubs this week. Students spent time on their book reports through a “TGI-Fiction Menu” and created some delicious work! Next week we will begin new stories with new groups.

We also heard from Kate this week with updated information about the talent show. Here’s a summary of what she had to say.

Friday, February 3, 223 @ 6 PM is the Ridgeline Talent Show! This year, the talent show will be a hybrid model. We are still asking students to submit a video clip of their talent to, but we are thankful to have the opportunity to come together on February 3rd in the school Gym to watch the video together on a big screen!

Talent Show Acts must be 3 minutes or less. Any musical lyrics must be school appropriate. Please avoid themes of violence, drugs/alcohol, sex, etc. Kids are welcome to provide a solo act and/or a group act.

If your child is interested in being a classroom MC and introducing their peers, please email We will accept the first 2 applicants from each class on a first-come-first-picked basis. Parents will be emailed a script for their MC to read/recite on video a few days before the talent show and those videos will play before the class performances. MCs may also submit a talent act, but do not have to submit an act for the talent show.

We will have volunteer opportunities for the evening of the talent show, so please email if you would like to help.”

We also heard from the office that they are in DESPERATE need for extra clothing in the office. If you have anything to spare, please feel free to send it in. Here is the official request:

“Ridgeline students spend time outdoors, rain or shine, and that means we sometimes need to lend them clean clothes when theirs get soiled!

We are in need of:

  • rain pants in all sizes, youth size 5 through adult small/medium

  • versatile pants (especially leggings and athletic pants in gender neutral colors) in all sizes, youth size 5 through adult small/medium.

Your clean clothing donations, brought to the office, are appreciated!

It is important to us that students are comfortable in clean, dry clothing while they are learning, and we are happy to loan clothing to students whenever necessary. Please return laundered borrowed school clothes as soon as possible.”

Next week will be a short week as we take Monday off to observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I look forward to seeing everyone back and ready to roll on Tuesday. Have a lovely weekend and as always thank you for supporting your learner!



Classroom Update 12/15/22

Welcome to our final update of 2022!

These last two weeks have flown by. I can’t believe that this is the last update for the calendar year. We have learned so much already and it’s been delightful to see how much everyone has grown!

We have started our first round of electives and it is so fun to get to socialize with all of the upper elementary students. Building relationships outside of our classroom can really help strengthen our resolve as a community.

We have had a long look at the democratic process as we try to decide as a community how we want to celebrate together before we leave for break. The winner was PPFRBSS (or students can wear pajamas and bring in pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, board games, books, and snacks to share). Please know that nothing is required, and it should just be a fun time that does not add stress to this busy time. I just ask that the students be responsible for their own items.

I hope we head into the break with restful thoughts. Stay warm, stay safe, and I’ll see you all in 2023!



Classroom Update 12/02/22

Hello room 10 families!

It was so odd to have a full week after all of our November adventures. Our Stone Soup was an incredible experience. I can;t believe we were able to make 4 varieties of soup with the ingredients the students brought in. I loved hearing all of our original takes on the classic fable and I encourage the students to share them with you.

With the delayed start Friday morning, we were unable to launch our new elective program. We plan on starting Next Friday, December 9th. We have 5 options that students chose from; journalism with Adrienne, Outdoor Exploration with Meridy and our Adriene, Chess Club with Jonathon, DnD with Jacob, or water coloring with me! Be sure to check in next week to see how it goes. This is a fun opportunity to collaborate and mingle with other upper elementary students.

Jacob has been a tremendous asset to our classroom and I am so glad they are settling well into our community. This year has seen quite a lot of change and I’m truly looking forward to the next two full weeks before the winter break.



Classroom Update 11/17/22

Happy days room 10 families!

November has been flying by. Today is our performance at Whirled Pies! We’ve been working tirelessly this week and I think we will actually pull it off! The event starts at 5:00, but we will not be performing until 6:30. PLEASE make sure your child is there BEFORE our 6:30 performance. Hopefully, you are all able to make it and I can see you there. It should be a great fundraiser to get new books for our classroom.

Next week is a short week with no school on Thursday or Friday, but a lot of fun is packed into the beginning part of the week. We invite families to bring in some fresh vegetables so we can make stone soup together as a whole school. Room 10 will be washing and cutting our vegetables on Tuesday, November 22nd from 8:45-10:00. On Wednesday we will eat the soup we made together and bread at 1:10. This will be a late lunch for us so please send your child with a snack to tie them over. If your child needs a gluten-free option please let me know and we can make arrangements. They are asking we bring our own bowls and spoons, but they will have disposable ones available for those who forget. I’m so excited for my first Stone Soup at Ridgeline. I have a version of the fable I’m hoping to share, but I know there are so many interpretations. If you happen to have a version at home I hope you will send it with your child and we can look at a variety of interpretations. I know Becky ( is looking for volunteers to help out so if you are available and interested please reach out to her!

This is our last week with Adriene in our classroom. Adriene has been incredible in our classroom this year and we couldn’t have done it without her. Her knowledge and guidance have been invaluable to me and I have grown so much as an educator with her by my side. While it is hard to say goodbye and let her return to Room 9, I have the utmost confidence that Jacob will do a phenomenal job as our Room 10 assistant. It has been a pleasure to work with them in the afternoons and their gentle compassion shines through with every interaction with the students. I couldn’t be more excited to have them at my side and I look forward to what the future holds for Room 10!



Classroom Update 11/03/22

Greetings from Massachusetts!

I am currently attending my Montessori Fall Seminar and Adriene and Jacob have taken over Room 10! I’ve heard great things and am so excited to have Jacob start the official transition into room 10. November 21st will be Adriene’s last day with us and she will be moving back to her original room 9 assignment. She’s been a tremendous help as I learn all the ins and outs of upper elementary at Ridgeline Montessori. I’ll be back on Tuesday, November 8th, but here are some highlights from our past week.

Spirit week was incredible. I loved seeing all the incredible outfits and celebrating Ridgeline. The Fun Run was a delight and I’m so proud of all the work our students have done. If you have not yet turned in your pledges, please do so. They are Due November 14th.

Throughout October we have been learning about the Winchester Mystery House, and this week we put it all together. Students designed their own spooky house tourist destination and presented it to the class through the lens of trying to encourage investors. Students made a model of four of their favorite rooms and so many got really involved with the engineering designs of the model. We have videos of everyone who presented and I’m hoping to have them all ready to share for conferences.

Conferences are being coordinated through Becky Fay in the office and you should have received a link from Conferences can be in person or online, please identify your preference when you sign up. If you have not chosen a time, please do so now using this link:

If you need any more help, please reach out to our wonderful Becky Fay. She can help guide you through the process.

November 14th-18th we will have our bike safety unit back and ready to roll. The smoke postponed our event, but I’m so excited to get back to it. If you would like to volunteer for our street ride please reach out to Becky Fay! We will also have our Performance for the book fair at Whirled Pies November 18th from 5:00-7:00. We will be needing a commitment from our families to bring the students to the venue so our class can show off what we come up with.

Thank you all for your continued support. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I’ll see you all Tuesday!



Classroom Update 10/20/22

Hello, Room 10 Families!

The weeks are getting away from me and I didn’t realize I missed an update day!

Curriculum night was absolutely incredible, and I’m so glad I got a chance to check in with so many of you if you weren’t able to make it no worries! We will be able to connect during conferences coming up on November 9th & 10th. Be on the lookout for a signup link.

This week is Spirit Week and we will be launching this Monday with PATTERNS DAY. Send your kiddo to school wearing some wacky patterns. The rest of the week will be as follows; Art/Artists Day, Crayon Day, Decade Day, & Rainbow Jog-A-Thon. I’m excited to see what the kids come up with.

We’ve had a bumpy start with illness hitting our class, but we’ve reached our Normalization day and I am so proud of how we have come together. Our classroom community is forming into something to be proud of and these students blow me away each and every day with all they can achieve. If you are eager to get in our classroom, just reach out and let me know. I’m working on getting a volunteer schedule running and we are always open for observations.

It’s hard to stay positive when the smoke had ruined many of our plans. We have had to postpone our bike adventures until November 14th-18th. We were so glad to have the rain on Friday and it allowed us to stretch our legs and explore the outdoors. We combined with the Middle School to have a mega awesome recess.

We also have a book drive on our Radar for Friday, November 18th, 5:00-7:00 p.m. at Whirled Pies. Our class will be putting together a performance to raise money for books for our school. More information to come, but I wanted to ensure the information gets out there so you can mark your calendars.

Finally, as promised, click the link to see our video of our First Great Lesson.

We watched our performance and reflected on how we did. All in all, a majority of the respondents felt they did really well, but some think we may to rehearse a bit more and practice projecting our voices so all can hear.

Thank you for your understanding and I will do my best to make sure these go out more regularly.



Classroom Update 10/6/22

These past two weeks have seen a tremendous amount of growth.

Classroom Update 9/22/22

These past two weeks have seen a tremendous amount of growth. We’ve started exploring our mathematical minds and challenging ourselves to look at the world through a mathematical lens. We toyed with frustration when there were no ‘right’ answers and discovered there are so many different ways to approach a problem. It is my hope that we continue to challenge our way of thinking and allow our brains to grow.

We also created our class constitution. This was a very involved process where small groups identified what words described a safe classroom, then we individually defined what those words meant to us, and finally collaborated to draw up our constitution. It reads as follows:

We the students of Room 10, in Order to form a more Inclusive and Supportive Community, establish Respect, insure Kindness, provide a Welcoming and Fun atmosphere, promote Self-Regulation, and secure clear Communication with ourselves and our school, do ordain and establish this Classroom Constitution for Room 10.

We celebrate and embody the Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School Mission.

Each student had the opportunity to accept and sign our constitution with a cool quill and I am so honored to be a part of the Room 10 community.

Unfortunately, this past week left me bedridden with Covid, but Adriene has fearlessly led the class through this time. They have been working on the Great Montessori Lessons and I am so excited for the presentations when I return.

Please be on the lookout for information regarding our bike safety week, October 3rd through the 13th. We will be sending home forms to be signed and returned to class.

Classroom Update 9/08/22

Hello, Room 10 families!

This week has been an incredible whirlwind of new adventures! Change can be hard, but I am so proud of all we have accomplished in our short week together.

Wednesday we spent a lot of time exploring, expressing, and sharing who we are as an individual. We learned so much about one another. Essentially we concluded we all have differences and it’s important to respect one another.

Thursday was spent focusing on us as a community and how we affect one another. We have discovered that each of us holds value and we need to support each other in order to cooperate as a community.

Please remember to send your child with indoor shoes and consistently bring in a water bottle. Our Wednesday “Get to Know You” activity involved a lot of water bottle stickers so they should be all ready for personalization. If you are sending your child with lunch, please be sure to include any utensils they may need as we will not have any available in the classroom.

Becky in the office has put together some wonderful resources regarding COVID-19. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to reach out.

I look forward to how much we will grow and learn together throughout the school year. We are just getting started, but I can tell that this is an excellent group of dedicated learners eager to jump in and accomplish hard things!