Ridgeline Community Organization (RCO)


Welcome to the Ridgeline Community Organization (RCO)!

As a parent or guardian of an enrolled child at Ridgeline Montessori, you are automatically a member of the Parent Council, called the Ridgeline Community Organization (RCO).

The purpose of the RCO is to generate school spirit, community service, community building, and fun for Ridgeline families.

The goals of the RCO Leadership Team, include:

  1. Be an ambassador for community building within the Ridgeline parent community

  2. Plan activities and events for all families to participate in that encourage fun and school spirit

  3. Fostering community service and advocating for the Ridgeline community to show up for our own school community and in our greater Eugene community

The RCO leadership body is made up of a group of volunteers serving in the RCO Lead and RCO Planning Team roles, with members representing each of the grade levels at Ridgeline. We meet once per month to plan and coordinate upcoming events. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend the RCO planning meetings. Links to our virtual meetings can be found on the Ridgeline calendar of events. To contact the RCO, email: rco@ridgeline.org

Some of the RCO’s past activities have included:

  • Mt. Pisgah hikes

  • Movie nights

  • School grounds clean up parties

  • Book exchange

  • Staff Appreciation Week

  • Boardgame night

  • Painted rock art project

  • Volunteer service event with Little Hands Can

If you have any ideas for a future RCO community-building event, email us at rco@ridgeline.org

Past Meeting Minutes

RCO Meeting Minutes