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Carrie's Classroom Updates

Carrie's Update 9-21-21

Greetings Middle School Family,

We are so very relieved to be back in person with our students! We appreciate the opportunity to create this wonderful community with together.

Picture Day – Ridgeline’s annual picture day is scheduled for Thursday, September 23rd. Picture Package order forms were sent home the first week. If you wish to order photos please have your student bring their completed forms to school on picture day (we have extras available in the classroom). We can hold on to them for you if you wish to have your student bring them sooner. ;)

Volunteer Opportunity

I am transferring some of my science curriculum from Google Drive to Jupiter Ed. If you would like to earn volunteer hours by helping with this transfer, please contact me.



In general, students will conduct daily science labs with their table groups Monday through Thursday. This consists of completing an Activity Record Sheet in class as they conduct a hands on lab with their

team. Almost all Record Sheets are followed by a Practice Sheet, which is to be completed in class as well. If they do not complete their work in class, they are to complete it in study hall, or as homework. Each Activity total is a combined score for both the Record Sheet, and the Practice Sheet. At the end of each Chapter, students will complete an assessment as an opportunity to exhibit their understanding of the content.

We are in the first Unit (Building a Foundation). It consists of Three Chapters with 5-7 Activities Each.

The guiding question for our First Chapter: Science Experiments is:

  • How can you tell if the conclusion from an experiment is valid?

The guiding question for our First Activity: Measurements in Science is:

  • When you measure something, can you obtain an exact value?

Here are a couple other questions from the first activity:

  • What does the concept of exact value have to do with telling if the conclusion from an experiment is valid?

  • Why do you think different groups obtained different values for their measurement?

  • What suggestions did your class have for the best “method” to measure how much time it takes for a pendulum to swing back and forth 10 times?

My hope is that these questions will help facilitate conversations about what your student is learning in class! ;)


For the first two weeks of school, students are reviewing fractions. A little review to warm our brains up while building relationships in a low pressure math environment. In addition, students will complete some pre-assessments the second week. We are taking this process slowly as we focus on safety routines and adjust to being back in person.

Forward Ever,

Carrie and Christa

Jon's Classroom Updates

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