To strengthen school community, each family at Ridgeline has committed to donating 40 hours of volunteer time. Ridgeline Montessori is an amazing community of committed and caring families. We rely on family involvement to organize, facilitate, and participate in a wide variety of activities. Not only does volunteering enrich the educational environment for our students, it also brings us together as a community. Welcome to Ridgeline and the volunteer community!

How can I help?

The possibilities are endless! Here is a sampling of the HUGE list of activities our families help out with:

  • Classroom help: reading with students, making materials, chaperoning field trips, leading special projects, and doing classroom maintenance.

  • Office cleaning fairy, grounds cleanup, working in the garden, events setup and cleanup, and directing traffic.

  • Planning events, serving soup, sewing, gym assistants, and making second-language materials.

  • Serving on site council, the board of directors, the RCO, the budget committee, the equity steering committee, and other groups.

What's required?

Fill out a background check form and volunteer interest form. Ridgeline Montessori requires criminal background checks on any volunteers (including parents) who:

  • have unsupervised contact with students;

  • have a regular and ongoing assignment at the school;

  • will be off campus with students in an unsupervised situation, including driving students on field trips;

  • are mentors to a student or students;

  • act in the capacity of coach or activity director; or

  • are unknown to the school or department staff.

Folks can volunteer at Ridgeline without a background check if they are:

  • NOT alone with students, and

  • NOT off campus with students in an unsupervised situation, including driving on a field trip.

If you will be driving students, you'll need to submit a completed proof-of-auto-insurance form along with other documents as requested. Additionally, volunteers who chaperone overnight trips will need to have fingerprinting done.

How do I find out about volunteer opportunities?

  • Our weekly eNews

  • Read teachers' weekly newsletters

  • Contact Cynthia Friedman, Ridgeline’s volunteer coordinator

  • Stop by the office on to talk to Cynthia about volunteer opportunities

Why do I need to sign in and record my hours? How do I do it?

Whenever parents or other family members put in volunteer time at Ridgeline, we want to know about it! This is vital information, especially when we are applying for grants. The greater the participation and support for our school that we can document, the greater chance we have of receiving generous grants. Even when you reach your 40-hour goal, please continue to record your hours. Some years our families log more than 10,000 hours.

Please log your volunteer hours on Track It Forward.

To volunteer with students or at school during school hours, you need to have an approved background check. Forms are available in the office. Once you are cleared, you will receive a green name tag. Keep this in the volunteer-name-tag binder, and wear it whenever you volunteer. If you do not have your name tag, you will need to be escorted throughout the building.

Thank you for joining our community of volunteers! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We look forward to working with you!