Room 4- Emily

Classroom Update 9/22/22

Studying Culture

As we prepare to study the cultures of tribal people, I posed a question to students: Do you have a culture? For young people who are surrounded by people with shared backgrounds, culture can be invisible and abstract. So, we started by thinking about our own family cultures - the foods, holidays, languages and traditions that are special to each family. Our framework is the fundamental needs of humans: food, shelter, clothing, transportation, protection, and spiritual needs.

Native Nations Research

Students have selected different North American tribal peoples to study. We’ve practiced ways to collect details from the text and pictures of our reference books. The next steps will be to turn our details into sentences and, for more advanced writers, paragraphs.

Oregon’s First Engineers

Next Thursday we will learn about the tools and technology invented by Oregon’s tribal people. A guest educator from the Museum of Natural and Cultural History will join us, bringing artifacts and activities to share.


Any planned absences that you report to are not shared with the classroom. I love to know when kids will be out, so please consider copying me in your email as well.

First Grade Scholastic Magazines

Our youngest students got their first Scholastic magazines today and will be taking them home sometime over the next few days. We are encouraging kids to share the magazines with their families and read together. No need to return them or turn anything in! Later this year, kids will begin keeping the magazines at school and using them to answer questions about the text.


Enjoy the pictures from our fabulous Biome Fashion Show, recent art projects and our current research. The art projects are a parfleche (a hide envelope used by Plains Indians) and winter counts (tribal histories from the Lakota, with an image or symbol to represent each year).

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