Room 4- Emily

Classroom Updates

Emily's Update 11-19-21

Assistant Announcement

I am excited (and honestly a little wistful) to let you know that a change is about to take place in our assistant position. We are beginning a gradual transition of Josie from Room 4 to Room 5, where she’ll work with Emmanuel.

Josie has been a wonderfully warm presence and she has made deep connections with our students. Now, after months of working and learning with me, she’s more than ready to take on her permanent role partnering with Emmanuel.

Having helped start the school year with Emmanuel, Carmen will return to her long-held position here in Room 4. I’m happy to resume our partnership and I know that she’ll be familiar to many of our students from last year.

The change will be gradual, starting with just an hour a day, a few times a week, beginning next week. We believe this slow timeline over the course of many weeks will help students build secure relationships with their new assistants and create a smooth, low-stress transition.

I hope you’ll join me in appreciating Josie for her dedication to our students and in welcoming Carmen as she moves toward rejoining us here in Room 4.

Recess News

As local COVID transmission levels decline, Ridgeline is adjusting some of our protocols around recess. Starting next week, students will be able to mix with other classroom cohorts during outside recess. As always, students will be masked and physically distanced during recess. All other activities, including lunch and all inside activities, will still be limited to one classroom at a time.

The children are certain to enjoy having free access to the playground and field, and will finally be able to connect with friends from other classes. We’re happy to be able to make this change!

Exploring the Solar System

We are continuing to learn about the planets of our solar system and about the constellations. If we get a clear night, consider taking your child outside to look at the stars. Maybe they will be able to point out some constellations for you!

Calendar Change

Just a reminder that the calendar has changed to include a no school day next Wednesday.

Thank you for sharing your children with us! It's a pleasure to watch them grow.

Emily's Update 9-17-21

Here we go!

At long last, we’re back at school in person. It’s been wonderful to see the students again and to see the joy they have at being back with their classmates and engaging in meaningful work.

We’ve spent the past week introducing new lessons, getting to know each other, and practicing classroom procedures. Safety protocols add an extra level of difficulty to many of our transitions, but the students have done a great job learning and following all the steps to staying safe.

Assessment in the Lower Elementary

After the disruptions of the past year and a half, students are coming back with a unique set of strengths and challenges. We’re assessing these in several ways. This year we’re using Montessori-aligned skills inventories to track students’ academic progress, executive function, and their social and emotional fluency. We’ll also test students with a benchmark assessment, EasyCBM. These short tests happen three times a year and are normed against students from many school districts. They provide a snapshot of reading and math skills and let us track progress over time.

Montessori tells us to “follow the child,” to observe them closely so that we can understand their needs. Our assessments and observations are an ongoing part of Montessori teaching. This year more than ever, we’ll constantly be adjusting and individualizing our approach so we can help kids make progress after a difficult year.

Art and PE

We are starting art and PE next week. Our new art specialist, Rena Ekmanis, will teach twice a week and students will have outside PE led by Josie. A weekly schedule is here.

School Lunch Double Ups

We are so happy to be able to offer free school lunch and breakfast this year. We’re trying to cut down on “double lunches” where kiddos bring a lunch from home and get school lunch as well. Add in breakfast, and they have three meals to manage – that’s a lot to juggle! You can manage your lunch subscription at the Ridgeline website.

Thank you for trusting us with your child. All of us here are committed to making school safe, joyful and meaningful for all our students.