Site Council

Site Council

Parent Representatives: Ben Muir and Makay Stevens, Danielle Wade

Board Representative: Racheal McEachern

Administration Representative: Chrystell Reed

Classified Staff Representative: Josie Iseli

Certified Staff Representative: Meridy Wheeler

The main objectives of the Site Council are:

  1. To provide visionary leadership for the school.

  2. To consider issues pertaining to staffing, enrollment, curriculum, and program development.

  3. To provide a forum for all stakeholder groups.

Students, parents, classified staff, certified staff, board members, and administration make up the Site Council. No more than half the council may be teachers, and no more than half can be parents at the school. Each stakeholder group meets on a regular basis to identify areas of concern and suggest agenda items for the full Site Council's consideration. In this way, the Site Council ensures that everyone involved in the school has a voice in how the school grows, develops, and is governed. No group is able to dominate site council decision-making, because all action decisions are made by consensus.

Meetings are open to the entire Ridgeline community, and we encourage your attendance and input.

You can reach Site Council through the facilitator at Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or give input!

Recent minutes are attached below. Click here to access older, archived Site Council Minutes.