Room 5- Emmanuel

Classroom Updates

Emmanuel's Update 11-22-21

Hello Families,

We have finished learning about the temperate forest and will be moving on to the rainforest biome next. The class enjoyed learning about the biome where they live. If you have an opportunity, go on a walk/hike with your child and take in the beauty of our biome! Our class has continued to work on creating a community where we can be respectful, responsible learners and I am constantly impressed by their ability to improve each week! We have been especially focused on our volume level. I have attached the volume scale we use in class in case any of you want to use the same language at home.

Assistant Announcement

I am excited to let you know that a change is about to take place in our assistant position! We are beginning a gradual transition of Josie from assisting in Room 4 to Room 5, where she’ll replace Carmen.

Josie has been a wonderful, warm presence in Room 4, and she has made deep connections with her students. She came to Ridgeline from Far Horizons Montessori, and now, after months of working under the mentorship of a longtime Ridgeline teacher, she’s more than ready to take on her permanent role partnering with me. She has already spent several days as a sub here in Room 5, so she should be a familiar face.

Having helped us start the school year here in Room 5, Carmen will return to her long-held position as the assistant in Room 4 with Emily. The change will be gradual, starting with just an hour a day, a few times a week, beginning next week. We believe this slow timeline over the course of many weeks will help students build secure relationships with their new assistants and create a smooth, low-stress transition.

I hope you’ll join me in appreciating Carmen for her dedication to our students and in welcoming Josie as she moves toward joining us here in Room 5.

Recess News

As local COVID transmission levels decline, Ridgeline is adjusting some of our protocols around recess. Starting next week, students will be able to mix with other classroom cohorts during outside recess. As always, students will be masked and physically distanced during recess. All other activities, including lunch and all inside activities, will still be limited to one classroom at a time.

The children are certain to enjoy having free access to the playground and field, and will finally be able to connect with friends from other classes.

Calendar Change

Just a reminder that the calendar has changed to include a no school day next Wednesday.

Thank you,


Emmanuel's Update 10-29-21

Hello Families,

We have now reached the "normalization" period! Students who have been with us since the first day should now understand the classroom routines and feel like part of a community.

Our classroom community, our class has made and signed a community agreement which I have attached. Our school counselor has also been talking to us about Kelso's Choices for problem solving.

Since the last update we have begun learning about biomes. Some students have asked to revisit an activity we did to explore the depth of the ocean. While we won't scroll through the ocean again in class, here is the link if you or your child are interested:

Learning and writing about biomes will be our main focus for the next month.

We have also begun to roll out a project about weaving and the history of making textiles!

If you are interested in supporting this project, Room 5 is accepting donations of scrap yarn, tapestry needles, and a weaving comb. We are making individual textiles on cardboard looms and soon will begin working on a group project on a larger loom.

If you have woven items you'd like to share or are knowledgeable about the history or symbolism of weaving, let me know and I can try to incorporate it into our learning!

Coming up:

  • Wed. 11/3 Picture Retakes

  • Wed. 11/10 NO SCHOOL Conferences (sign up here)

  • Thurs. 11/11 NO SCHOOL Veterans Day

  • Fri. 11/12 NO SCHOOL Conferences (sign up here)

Let me know if you have questions!

Emmanuel's Update 9-30-21

Hello Families,

We are about halfway through our "normalization" period and nearly done with our easyCBM assessments! The students have increased their ability to work independently and follow the classroom routines. We have done still-life drawings, learned about the color wheel, and decorated our names with Rena. We've learned about the Growth Mindset with Heather. We've continued to build our classroom community in Room 5.

I have attached our general weekly schedule.

Silent Reading:

In addition to what is shown on the schedule, we do 20 minutes of silent reading after lunch every day. Your children are welcome to bring their own books to read/look at.

Rainy Days:

At Ridgeline we spend recess outside unless it is raining hard. When rain is in the forecast, please remember to send your child with a raincoat and shoes that can get wet. It may also be a good idea to send them with a change of clothes (including a pair of socks and an extra mask).

Food from home:

To reduce the spread of germs, Carmen and I try to avoid touching lunch/snack items. Please help us with this by making sure the food is accessible to your child. For instance if there are fruit snacks that don't have an easy open tab, you can snip the side with scissors).

Until next time!


Emmanuel Gemora

Emmanuel's Update 9-17-21

Hello Families,

We’ve made it through our first full week of school! I have been so impressed by the students in Room 5. Despite having little to no experience with a full day of school, our class shows up every day ready to learn and they work hard all day. My ground rules for the class are that we are kind, safe, responsible, and learners. Each day I see so many examples of these!

In addition to adapting to a regular school day, Room 5 also has special rules and routines to get used to because of COVID. Again, I have been so impressed by how hard they try and how quickly they have been learning these routines. Excellent work, Room 5!

Here are some specifics about what we’ve been learning/doing:

  • Reviewing the Montessori works we know

  • Learning new works

  • Gaining independence during the uninterrupted work period

  • Learning about the fundamental needs of humans

  • Learning about the difference between living and non-living

  • Class discussions on kindness, safety, responsibility, and learning

  • Discussing our classroom ideals

  • Creating self-portraits showing our interests

Looking ahead:

  • Creating a classroom constitution/more detailed classroom rules

  • Regular Art and Social-Emotional lessons starting next week

  • Learning about the globe and maps

  • Learning about leaves

  • Learning about the creation of the universe

Assessment in the Lower Elementary

After the disruptions of the past year and a half, students are coming back with a unique set of strengths and challenges. We’re assessing these in several ways. This year we’re using Montessori-aligned skills inventories to track students’ academic progress, executive function, and their social and emotional fluency. We’ll also test students with a benchmark assessment, EasyCBM. These short tests happen three times a year and are normed against students from many school districts. They provide a snapshot of reading and math skills and let us track progress over time.

Art and PE

In addition to Social-Skill taught by our school counselor, Heather, we will have PE and Art twice a week. Our new art specialist is Rena Ekmanis. Students will have outside PE led by Carmen.

Please continue to encourage your child to be kind, safe, responsible, and learners. They have been doing an excellent job so far!

Until next time,