Room 5- Emmanuel

Classroom Update 9/22/22

Hello Families,

Wow! Can you believe we’re only in our second full week of school? We’ve already learned so many new routines and increased our ability to focus on tasks!

Last week we got to start PE and Social Emotional Learning. We also began our routine of visiting the school library once a week. This week we started doing classroom jobs and had our first class with the new art specialist. Coming soon, we’ll add even more to our routines by beginning Scholastic language arts groups and Writer’s Workshop. Then we’ll learn how the universe, life, and society began in a Montessori staple: the Great Lessons.

Volunteering Opportunities:

Our room parent, Rachael, is coordinating a weekly volunteer opportunity through this link. Those who sign up will be helping Josie and I prep materials and the classroom. Vaccine cards and background checks are required. Since this will be after school hours, background checks do not need to be completed at the time of volunteering (they can take several weeks to clear), but please let me know if this is the case as it changes some of the volunteer allowances.

Please let Rachael McEachern ( know if you have further questions about the volunteering opportunity and send any volunteering paperwork to Becky Fay (

I am also looking for one to two more families to take home lunch mats once a month and wash them over the weekend. Please let me know if you are interested.

Here comes the rain:

The rain this week is a reminder that we play outside in (nearly) all weather. Please check the weather report in the mornings and send your child to school with clothes to match! You may want to keep spare clothes in your child's backpack or store an extra raincoat at school.

Donation Opportunity:

Speaking of rain, we need plastic bags donated to our room. When our clothes or shoes get wet/muddy they will be sent home in plastic bags.

Thank you to those of you who donated books! Our bookshelves are looking much better!

Picture Day:

Picture Day is Friday, September 30th.

Photos may be ordered online at . Ridgeline's order code is 71229HB.

Until next time!


Emmanuel Gemora

(he or they)

Classroom Update 9/8/22

Emmanuel's Update 9/8/22

Hello Families,

It's so exciting to be back!

Yesterday we hit the ground running, starting our day with morning expectations and journaling about our summer. We also completed our first morning and afternoon work cycles of the school year. To help us adjust to our new lunch procedures, we ate lunch outside before joining the other Lower Elementary students on the playground. We ended our afternoon with silent reading before leaving our first day of school behind!

Please see the attachments for our general weekly schedule.

Volunteer Opportunity:

With our indoor lunch, we are using fabric mats to eat on. Are there any families who would be interested in taking home the mats to wash on the weekends?

No nut allergies:

Our class currently does NOT have any nut allergies. Your children are welcome to bring peanut butter or other nuts for snack/lunch.

Silent reading books:

We do silent reading for about 30 minutes a day and visit the school library once a week. Your child is welcome to bring a book from home to read during this time.

Indoor/Outdoor shoes:

Please send your child with a pair of hard soled, slip-on shoes for them to store at the school. We will be using these shoes while working in the classroom. They should also be shoes that are easy to walk in in-case of emergency (or the more likely safety drills).

Normalization and Montessori terminology:

During the first six weeks of school, the classroom is in an important phase called "normalizing." In Montessori terminology, this means we are adjusting to the expectations, becoming comfortable with the rigorous work cycle, and working on being a collaborative community. In this period, we will focus a great deal on learning procedures and increasing our stamina. To help us with our focus, we do not allow volunteers in our classroom during this six week period. You can read more about this concept here.

Montessori philosophy has some very specific terminology and those of us who work in that realm can forget that these phrases are unfamiliar. Feel free to ask questions if you are confused/curious about these terms!

I'm looking forward to this next year and can't wait to see your children grow!


Emmanuel Gemora