About Our Board

Jordan Bishko

E-mail: jordan.bishko@ridgeline.org

Served since: June 2015

Occupation: Director of operations (JD, MBA)

Board duties: Policy and legal review

Community involvement: Judge, UO New Venture Championship, International Business Plan Competition

Ann Carney Nelson

E-mail: ann.carneynelson@ridgeline.org

Served since: June 2020

Occupation: Chief Operating Officer, Inpria Corporation, since 2009

Board duties: Fundraising committee chair, Budget committee

Community involvement: Ridgeline volunteering

Brad Knopp

E-mail: brad.knopp@ridgeline.org

Served since: May 2017

Occupation: Student, parent

Board duties: Planning, facilities, budget, and hiring committees

Rachael McEachern

E-mail: rachael.mceachern@ridgeline.org

Served since: July 2022


Board duties: Site Council Representative

Community involvement:

Charity Needham

E-mail: charity.needham@ridgeline.org

Served since: July 2022


Board duties:

Community involvement:

Jenny Noyce, Board Secretary

E-mail: jenny.noyce@ridgeline.org

Served since: June 2020

Occupation: Parent, English PhD

Community involvement: Ridgeline room parent, Ridgeline transportation committee; Lane County Friends of the Birth Center board; Our Community Birth Center board

Dave Rogacki

E-mail: dave.rogacki@ridgeline.org

Served since: July 2022


Board duties:

Community involvement:

Amy Sage, Board Treasurer

E-mail: amy.sage@ridgeline.org

Served since: May 2015

Occupation: Chemist (PhD)

Board duties: Policy, facilities, budget committee

April-Kay Williams, Board President

E-mail: april-kay.williams@ridgeline.org

Served since: December 2018

Occupation: Co-owner and lead teacher, Zora Montessori

Board duties: Compliance officer, Ridgeline Equity Committee, hiring committee

Many thanks to all who have served as directors on our board. The wisdom, hard work, and generosity of our board have guided and shaped Ridgeline Montessori. Our staff and students, past and present, thank you!

Board Presidents Emeriti

Kathleen Hennessy

Joe Reiter

Mary Bauer

Ellen Wojahn

Adrienne Black

Jen Hornsby

Amy Sage

Recent Board Alumni

Nathan Bell

Stephanie Edwards

Andrew Gillespie

Jen Hornsby

Andy McConnell

Cheryle Myers

Matthew Trent

David Vázquez

Nancy Willcox-Trent

Jennifer Wilson