Montessori Lessons

Video Gallery

Due to the pandemic, families will not have the opportunity to tour the classrooms as part of our lottery information sessions. Check out these Montessori lesson videos for a peek into the classroom experience.

Word Building

Kristin, our kindergarten classroom assistant, takes you through a word building lesson using Montessori materials.

The First Great Lesson is very memorable and is often done early in the school year. It tells the story of the beginning of the universe. This lesson leads to the study of astronomy, meteorology, chemistry, physics, geology, and geography

Upper Elementary Fractions Lesson

Meridy, one of Ridgeline's upper elementary teachers, introduces a math lesson on fractions. She uses manipulatives to help students understand and identify patterns.

This video from American Montessori Society, AMS, helps answer the question: why choose Montessori? Living Montessori- The parent perspective .