Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our tax ID number is 93-1296441.

Checks may be made out to "Ridgeline Montessori" and mailed to:
     Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School
     4500 West Amazon Dr., Eugene, OR 97405

Please specify "General Fund" or "Capital Campaign" with your donation. Or you can use the buttons below to donate online. You can also call the office to discuss direct-deposit options.

Thank you for supporting Ridgeline Montessori!

All contributions to Ridgeline Montessori are sincerely appreciated, whether gifts are meant for our general fund, earmarked for specific uses, or for our capital campaign building fund. Thank you to all our donors!

Learn more or donate online to our new-home fund here.

Other Ongoing "Free" Fundraisers !

Support Ridgeline by shopping at one of 1,000 online merchants!

Up to 16% of money spent on purchases goes to Ridgeline, and you don't even have to be signed up with eScrip—just click this link:Shop eScript online mall

Please consider registering your debit and credit cards with e-Scrip to support Ridgeline whenever you shop at other merchants (we get 1–4% of sales at Safeway and the Market of Choice). 

Go to and follow the prompts to join using Ridgeline ID # 6288709

Goodsearch - Ridgeline gets 1 penny every time you search from Join at Follow prompts.
Goodshop - Go to Follow the prompts for on-line shopping and a percentage of your purchase will go to Ridgeline.

Biosequential - Shop or get gas at Biosequential gas station. Ask that your purchase go to Ridgeline or drop off your receipts in the Ridgeline office. We get .05/gal or 5% back on each purchase. 

Boxtops - Clip boxtop coupons from grocery store items such as cereal boxes, Kleenex, granola bars, etc. Bring boxtops to receptacles in the office. Ridgeline gets 10 cents per boxtop.