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Office Staff

Michelle Texley, Principal
Chrystell Reed, Executive Director
Jenifer Hackstadt, Front Office Lead 
Cynthia Friedman, School–Community Coordinator
Shu Weng-Ramos, Bookkeeper    


Diana Fitzer, Teacher
Kristin WarnerAssistant

Lower Elementary (grades 1, 2, 3)

Rachel Quinn, Teacher
Emily Kintigh, Assistant

Emily Burton, Teacher
Carmen ColemanAssistant 

Cheri SpiesTeacher
Azusa McMullenAssistant

Upper Elementary (grades 4, 5, 6)

Adam Sumner, Teacher
Jonathan Sternberg, Assistant 

Meridy Wheeler, Teacher
Adriene Mills, Assistant 

Jasper Weinrib, Teacher
Mary Kate Land, Assistant

Middle School (grades 7, 8)

Carrie Culliton, Teacher, Math & Science
Jon LabrousseTeacher, Humanities & Communication
India John, Assistant
Maizzy Phayt, Assistant

Support Staff and Specialists

Betsy Brandenfels, Reading and Math Intervention

Curtis Dunham, Counselor

Dan Trent, Physical Education

Amelia Mau, Music Education