Room 9- Meridy

Classroom Updates

Meridy's Update 11-20-2020

Hello and Happy week before Thanksgiving,

It’s already November 20, which puts me into a mild state of shock if I think about it for too long. I looked up one day and the leaves were beautiful gold, red, and orange. Now they are all on the ground! Before we know it, winter will be upon us.

That reminds me, next week is a short week. I’ll see students on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If you know your student is going to be absent, please remember to contact the office.

Next week, we will finish up our study of explorers. Each group is focusing on one explorer and they will share their research on a timeline with a map of the explorer’s travels. Which explorer is your student studying? Why did they choose that explorer?

This week in writing, students created three different plot pyramids, one of which will probably be expanded into a full story. Have your student tell you all three plots. Then ask them which one they are going to write. They start writing stories next week!

I hope you have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving.

Meridy and Adriene

Meridy's Update 11-6-2020

Hello all and happy rainy Friday,

Thank you to all the people who showed up at conferences. We appreciate learning about the home side of school and everyone’s experience. Thank you also for the continued positive support. We greatly appreciate all the kind words, smiles, and laughs that were had during conferences. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Supplies from Distribution - We still have a lot of supplies that were not picked up last week during distribution. If you are one of those families who weren’t able to make it, please contact the office to make arrangements to pick up supplies.

This week, we finished up our group Native Nations Regions research. I’ve had a chance to look at most final projects and they are really well done. Have your student show you their contribution, or even present it to the whole family. As we finished up the research project, we also learned a new online tool from National Geographic called Map Maker Interactive. Your student chose at least five places around the world they wanted to visit. Do you know what their top five places are? Ask them to show you.

Have a wonderful weekend, and remember, next Wednesday is Veterans Day so there won’t be any school.


Meridy and Adriene

Meridy's Update 10-22-2020

Happy Friday Room 9 adults!

Conferences Next Week - Students are seeming to settle in and get into the rhythm of Comprehensive Distance Learning. We’re excited to chat with you and your student next week at conferences. Remember, next week is a short week as we have no school on Thursday, October 29, and Friday October 30. If you haven’t signed up for a conference spot yet, sign up here.

Art Supply & Other Supplies Distribution - Now that we are a month into school we have more items for you to pick up to assist you student(s) with CDL. There are items for ALL students to pick up. Pick up times are on conference days - Thursday, October 29, 11 a.m. -1 p.m. AND Friday, October 30, 8:30 a.m. - 10 am. Please make every effort to come during those times to pick up art supplies and other items. If you cannot come at these times we encourage you to reach out to another Ridgeline family to pick up your child’s items.

Please present a clearly written sign with each student’s FULL NAME, GRADE, and CLASS on it. Add siblings to your sign with all the same information.

Example: Patty Smith Simon Smith

Grade 3 Grade 5

Rachel’s Class Jasper’s Class

Pull up as far as you can in the driveway circle and wait for a staff member to come to your vehicle. Masks are required. Remain in your vehicle. Hand the sign to the staff member and they will hand you your bag/box.

Help Your Student Advocate For Themselves - Did you know children are full of questions?!? I bet you are fielding multiple (maybe hundreds) of them every day. This can be a great learning opportunity for your student. Have them reach out to a friend, or even two. Then have them reach out to us (Email, or even a Google Hangout Chat). Part of upper el is encouraging students to advocate for themselves. Please help us in this endeavor!

**Important**We do our best to record meetings and lessons without having students displayed in them but unfortunately, due to the nature of Zoom, it is very difficult to give an effective, engaging lesson without seeing students’ faces. These recordings are only posted in the Upper El Google Classroom. They can also be used when a student would like to review a concept.

Please fill out the Distance Learning Recording Consent Form.

Distance Learning Recording Consent Form- Rm 9


Meridy and Adriene

Meridy's Update 10-16-2020

Happy Friday Room 9 Community!

School is in full swing! Students are doing great work and completing the majority (if not all) of their weekly work and other assignments.

We started math instruction this week which has daily follow-up practice. We find that when students practice daily, math tends to stick with them better. It helps the lesson stay fresh in their minds and prepares them for their next lesson.

Students are moving forward in Cultural Studies by researching different regions of pre-European Native Nations in multi-leveled groups. Each student is studying one aspect of their region. They are using many different resources to find information. If you have any books at home that could help with research, encourage your student to use those as well as the resources we provided.

Thank you for your continued positive support! We are seeing high levels of engagement and attendance. This is great. Thank you for supporting your student and keep up the good work!

Try to enjoy the sunshine while you still can.

Meridy's Update 10-8-2020

Happy first short week of school!

Here we are at the end of another great week! We have done a lot of work to learn the tools that we will use all year long. Thank you, Room 9 adults, for all the support you have given us and your students!

Remember, if you or your child ever forget their schedule for the day, we post the daily meetings on the Google Classroom Stream. The schedule that is on the website, the same one that was sent home with your supplies, is an outline of general times. The stream on Google Classroom will give you a much more detailed picture of your student's daily schedule. Please encourage your student to check the stream every morning.

We hope to start math groups next week. These will be small group zoom meetings. It is extremely important for students to show up to these lessons. Many of the concepts that will be taught build off each one another. If a student doesn’t come to lessons, the following lessons may be harder for them to understand. If a lesson is missed, we do record them and put them up in Google Classroom.

We do our best to record meetings and lessons without having students displayed, but unfortunately, due to the nature of Zoom, it is very difficult to give an effective, engaging lesson without seeing students’ faces. These recordings are only posted in Upper El Google Classrooms. They can also be viewed when a student would like to review a concept.

Please fill out the Distance Learning Recording Consent Form:

Distance Learning Recording Consent Form- Rm 9

Last, but certainly not least, please let us know if anything is impacting your child’s learning at home. We have a limited view of your students through our group zoom and one-on-one meetings, so any input you provide is very helpful and appreciated.

We appreciate all of the positive support you have given us. Have a fantastic long weekend :)



Meridy's Update 10-2-202

Happy October Room 9!

In this, the second week of school, we started some larger projects and some cultural studies. Hopefully, you saw your students engaged in some fun activities.

One of the biggest concerns we heard in the spring was a lack of student to student connection. One way we have seen students recreate an “in-classroom feel” is by opening a Google Hangout Video and doing work side by side. It creates an environment where students can be working but still chatting at the same time as they would in the classroom. Please encourage your students to try this. If your student has a hard time reaching out to other students, have them use Adriene's help link and Adriene can help set them up with someone to work with. Bonus: all three classrooms are fairly aligned in their assignments so students can collaborate across rooms as well!

I would also like to stress the importance of the one-on-one zoom meetings. These every other week meetings are our time to connect with students. We may talk about work or what they did this weekend, just like we would make connections in the classroom. Please encourage your student to attend these one-on-one sessions. We find them very vital and informative.

The daily Zoom meeting schedule, including small groups, one on one, art, and cultural studies, will be posted on your students Google Classroom Stream every day and addressed in the morning meeting. If they are confused about when or where to come to a zoom meeting, have them check the stream first. We are working toward a more regular schedule.

Finally, many parents have signed up for the Google Classroom Guardian feature. If you have not yet signed up and are still interested, please let me know.



Meridy's Update 9-25-2020

Hello, Room 9 Adults,

The year is off to a great start; we made it through the first week! Tears and fears and mishaps happened and we all survived!

Good news: Art and PE start next week. Art classes will take place on Adriene’s link at 1:15 on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. We will communicate instructions for PE next week. One on One meetings will continue every other week due to time constraints. The schedule will be posted in Google Classroom for your student to reference.

From our side, everything seems to be going great. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and working hard. If your experience is different, please reach out and let us know. We have kept the glitches to the bare minimum (only 256,935 this week!). We hope that is the case for you too.

Google Classroom is up and running and everyone is signed up. Congratulations! This week, students refreshed their knowledge of how to screenshot and everyone learned a new online tool called Padlet. Next week, we will start cultural studies with some afternoon lessons and students will be asked to complete a math placement assessment.

Thank you everyone for sticking through this with us.



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