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Class Update 9/25/20

What a week!

We finished our first week of school. Whew! Your kids did great! Jacob and I loved getting to know our new students a bit better as well as seeing our returners. What a great start we had. So much amazing work and eager participation in our lessons. A special thanks to all the parents who took the time to get kids to their lessons. I know it's not easy.

Next week, we’ll continue to review math and start new concepts. We’ll build on this week’s grammar lessons, and do some academic assessments. Our big theme will be the story of the beginning of the universe. We call this the First Great Lesson. We look forward to sharing it with you!

Work plans and due dates

We are modeling our distanced classroom after the procedures we use in our physical classroom. Veteran students will be familiar with work plans and Friday conferences. New students are learning procedures that will make getting back to in-person schooling a breeze. Here’s what parents need to know about the hidden structures of our remote classroom.

There are three kinds of work -

One time work

These are works that are due the day they’re assigned. They’re short works like Question of the Day or Mystery Science.

Ongoing works

Our class has talked in our morning meeting about those works that just go on and on… works we go back to and practice again. I define these works for children during our lessons. You can also recognize them as activities like article-a-day Readworks, math fact memorization, or works with multiple problems/pages (like a Seesaw booklet or workbook).

Big work/Projects

Optional works like research or story writing are projects that can be spread out over several days. I sometimes help children set due dates for these projects during conferences.

How to Use the Work Plan

Some activities will already have labels created in the work plan. Students can click and drag them to the day they worked on them. Students highlight the work to show the teacher they either completed an activity or worked on an ongoing activity. If the activity does not have a label already, use the text tool to create a label. Another option is that students can copy another label and edit the copy. It can be hard for students to remember to keep their work plan updated so we are teaching the strategy of updating their work plan after they are done with their work.

During conferences, Jacob and I check in with students. We review work plans and finished and unfinished work, set goals for the next week, troubleshoot tech and build relationships. Our first round of conferences went great! Students are getting into the groove and lots of great work was completed.

Zoom tips

If your child is having trouble with Zoom, try these tips -

  • Have a snack during zoom

  • Use a fidget

  • Show/hide the view of their own face, depending on preference

  • Prioritize lesson zooms (the color group zooms) to help your child understand the work.

  • Morning and afternoon meetings are for social/emotional learning, relationship building and classroom procedures.

Please know that, just like the first week of regular school, the first week of distance learning can be an adjustment for kiddos and they might be tired out at first. We are building stamina and confidence every day.

Zoom Recordings

This week we have been working out the kinks and learning how to record our zoom lessons and make them available to parents and students through the classroom website.

By Monday (9/28) evening, you can expect to access the recordings through the Recorded Zoom Lesson Link button located on our classroom webpage. It may ask you to request access, if so please hit the request access button and we will grant you access as soon as possible.

Need help?

Adults, please email us with questions. Feel free to copy both Jacob and I on the email for the speediest response. We check our email throughout the day.

Students should drop into Jacob's zoom for help. He is there to help students with any and all school related questions. It is quite a popular place to be!

Coming next week...

Next week we start art and PE! We’ll share more information from Melanie and Pete Goldlust, our art teaching team, on Monday.

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