Hybrid Learning Plan

Q&A Session

If you missed the Q&A Zoom session, we recorded it for you. If you still have questions, please submit them through the questions form.

Family Hybrid Presentation-wb.pptx

We are thrilled to share the hybrid learning plan!

A huge thank you to the many people involved in creating this plan. It has truly been a collaborative effort, with input across stakeholder groups and levels. Work continues, and we will update you as decisions are finalized, but our basic plan is in place and ready to share.

Ridgeline Presentation.pdf

It's exciting! Plans are coming soon.

Flip through the slides to see some of what we've been up to and learn about how and when the information will be going out.

Executive Director, Chrystell Reed and Principal, Michelle Texley talk about what is going into the Hybrid planning process. See the most recent changes to the advisory metrics and where Lane County is currently at here. This was posted January 27, 2021

Visit this pandemic resource page to see a list of resources for families during the pandemic, advisory metrics and the school's communicable disease management plan.