Room 8- Adrienne

Classroom Updates

Adrienne's Update 11-19-21

Hello, families!

We paused our Early Humans studies to dive into some research for Native American History Month. Students are conducting research on Oregon tribes, biographies on important figures and research into significant events and concepts related to Indigenous History. We had an amazing speaker from a member of the Siletz Tribe in Southern Oregon. Joe Scott is a doctoral student and has a wealth of knowledge about his ancestors and shared key information about their struggles and triumphs. He taught the kids some words from his language and shared artifacts from his culture. The kids were captivated and asked Joe great questions. Students continued their work on the Road Trip math project and some of them even planned a second trip.

Going Outs

Students will begin learning about going-outs and how to research and plan for their own field trips. Students will be able to pursue something they are interested in and go out into the community to learn about it. Field trips will be accompanied by a family member or teacher.

No School Next Wednesday

We would like to thank the board for giving us an extra day off for the holiday break. Students will not have school on Wednesday, Nov. 24. Have a great break!

Adrienne's Update 11-7-21

Hello, families!

We have had a busy week. We started the third great lesson, The Coming of Humans, with an exploration into Lucy, the australopithecus. Students have been learning about fossils, archaeology and what Lucy’s remains told us about how she lived. We also started our culmination project for math that invites the students to showcase their knowledge of the four base operations while they plan a road trip across the country and learn about national parks and geography. They are gaining some important map reading skills. They are into it!

We have continued our coordinate plane work with students creating their own art for students to map out on the coordinate plane.

Adrienne's Update 11-1-21

Hello, families! We have had a busy couple of weeks with math and our continued cell research. Students put on their scientific thinking caps and pondered questions like, “Is a popcorn kernel alive?” “Why are cells so small?” One student made a clever metaphor for pixels and how more pixels creates more detail.

I am conferencing with your child each week and they are learning a lot about accountability, goal setting and taking pride in their work. On Mondays they write a self-reflection, examining the works they’ve completed and the ones they did not, and we use this template to shape our weekly conferences. The kids are coming up to me and asking, “Hey, when is my conference?” or “Hey, you missed my conference.” They are taking ownership of their learning and I am proud of them.

This week we delved into the history of Halloween, Samhain, and learned how to take good notes. Watching a video is a great way to teach students how to paraphrase because there is no text for them to copy. The kids also got to do a challenging New York Times word search that revealed Halloween themed images and learned coordinate planes and plotted coordinates to reveal more Halloween images.

You Cubed is a great open task math program out of Stanford University. Each week I give the students a task that challenges their thinking and promotes a growth mindset in math. These tasks are called low floor, high ceiling because anyone can access them, and those who need to be challenged can take the task pretty high. For the Ice Cream Shop probability, we had students use pictures to find the answer all the way to a student who found a formula to solve it.

We have started chess tournaments every week. We are still working our way through the first round, but so far, it appears that Jonanthan is the one beat. We may have to ask him to sit out the next round.. ;)

Adrienne's Update 10-18-21

Hello, Room 8 families!

For the past two weeks we have been engaged with the Coming of Life. Students researched and wrote essays on unique and interesting animal adaptations. The cell models are starting to arrive and they are awesome. Some of them are simply delicious!

We have also had to face some social/emotional challenges in how we relate to each other, how we care for the environment and personal responsibility. Because of this, students are writing a mission statement for Room 8 and some values we would like to live by both in the classroom and outside of it!

We have started formal math groups and book clubs and reading groups will begin next week.

This week, students dipped their toes in opinion writing on whether we should celebrate Christopher Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day. It is a passion of mine to share history from a more nuanced perspective and they are down for the discussions and have written some thoughtful essays.

Thanks for helping your child with the cell models!

Does your child have a special hobby or outside interest they would like to share with the class. They are welcome to bring anything from home to help us learn more about them!

Adrienne's Update 10-1-21

Current Happenings

Hello, Room 8 families!

We have had a great start to the year! We spent the first week getting to know each other, but quickly jumped into to the First and Second Great Stories over the following weeks. The Beginning of the Universe, and the Coming of Life. Your children re-created the first great story and per- formed it for each other and the office staff.

Students are being asked to write an essay per week on a topic related to our science/history/geograghy curric- ulum. It is a challenging ask and many of them are rising to the occassion. I am very proud of how much their writing has already grown. This week we started formal math groups (although we have been doing math all along) and most students learned the Geometric Form of Multiplication and Squar- ing.


Please join Bloomz, my parent communication app. It is where I will post most pictures of your children, give regular updates, and it is also a place where you can message me directly. Our class code is: 5SVCNS

Monthly Donor Match started last Friday - one of our most important fundraising activities of the year! During the month of October each and every new or increased monthly donation will earn the school an additional $50. Click here to sign up as a monthly donor. Making a monthly donation is a great way to spread out your annual contribu- tions over the course of the school year. Monthly donations also help with budget management and it is the most efficient use of our volunteer-led Fundraising Committee’s time. We thank you for your support.

We are continuing our work with the Coming of Life by studying cells. In general, I will not send homework home, but from time to time, I will send at-home projects. Over the next week, I would love if your child could make a cell model. I will be sending home some guidance tomorrow. Next week we will get into microscope skills!