Room 8- Adrienne

Classroom Update 1/13/22

Hello, families!

Happy New Year! It’s great to have the kids back and see how excited they are to drop back into learning. We spent the first few days back just enjoying each other: playing games, doing Vision boards, learning the Fibonacci Sequence with Jonathan.

We have a lot of exciting things happening this term including our new Friday electives that we are offering. Students are intermingling with the other cohorts in a choice activity: Chess, Dungeons and Dragons, Newspaper, Watercolor Art and Outdoor Club. It’s been really nice interacting with the other classes.

We started studying Early Humans and we will be moving pretty fast through Ancient Cultures as we prepare for Jonanthan to take over the cultural curriculum of the class in February. Our amazing assistant is in the final semester of earning his teaching credentials and I am excited to help usher in the next steps of his educational career.

Friday, February 10, 223 @ 6 PM is the Ridgeline Talent Show! This year, the talent show will be a hybrid model. We are still asking students to submit a video clip of their talent to, but we are thankful to have the opportunity to come together on February 10 in the school Gym to watch the video together on a big screen!

Talent Show Acts must be 3 minutes or less. Any musical lyrics must be school appropriate. Please avoid themes of violence, drugs/alcohol, sex, etc. Kids are welcome to provide a solo act and/or a group act.

If your child is interested in being a classroom MC and introducing their peers, please email We will accept the first 2 applicants from each class on a first-come-first-picked basis. Parents will be emailed a script for their MC to read/recite on video a few days before the talent show and those videos will play before the class performances. MCs may also submit a talent act, but do not have to submit an act for the talent show.

We will have volunteer opportunities for the evening of the talent show, so please email if you would like to help.

Classroom Update 12/02/22

Hello, families!

Wow! It’s hard to believe all that has happened in two weeks: book fair, stone soup, short week, long week, snow delay and more!

It was really nice having families in the classroom helping the children cut vegetables. The students did an awesome job and really enjoyed the soup the next day. Many had seconds, thirds and even fourths!

In math, we started exploring patterns in 4th grade, equivalency in 5th grade and algebra in 6th grade. The road trip projects turned out great and most students completed some hard math to get to the finish line.

So far, students are following the expectations with computers and the transition has been seamless.

We will be starting our beloved Great Graham Cracker project in the coming weeks, anchoring their designs in the mathematical principles of area and perimeter.

Have a great weekend!

Classroom Update 11/17/22

Hello, families!

We finished quarter one of our math studies, working with place value and the four operations including decimals and fractions for 5th and 6th grades. As a culmination of their efforts, we started our beloved Road Trip project. This multidisciplinary assignment includes geography, measurement, research, and lots of math! The children love it and I hope they are sharing with you some of the fun places they are going.

We also started our research of Pacific Northwest Indians. We are grounding this research in tribes that have a presence here and now. In addition, we are doing some digital citizenship work in preparation of using computers in the classroom. It has been awesome not using them thus far and now it is time for them to gain research skills, publish final drafts, create dynamic presentations and hone their typing skills. You will be seeing a digital citizenship agreement coming home and this must be signed before students can use technology freely in the classroom.

Stone Soup

Stone soup is next week! Your child will bring a vegetable to contribute to the soup on Tuesday and from 1:45 to 3, Room 8 will be cutting and preparing the vegetables for the next day. On Wednesday, your child will need to bring their own bowl and spoon.

Hope to see you tonight at Whirled Pies!

Have a great weekend!

Classroom Update 11/3/22

Hello, families!

We continued our work with The Second Great Story, The Coming of Life, by learning about animal adaptations. Students worked with a structured plan, learned how to take notes from a reading, and crafted some awesome informational essays on animal adaptations.

We also learned about Dia de Los Muertos and enjoyed some Halloween-themed math works. The class Ofrenda was a way to appreciate another culture without the appropriation that sometimes occurs at Halloween. Our students were moved by the altar and it was a really nice way to connect with each other.


Next week is student conferences and students will be reflecting on their work thus far, including work habits, and setting goals for the months to come. We would love it if your child joined us for the conference. Here is my Zoom link if you are attending online.

Have a great weekend!

Classroom Update 10/20/22

Hello, families!

The Second Great Story, The Coming of Life, leads to many studies in the Upper Elementary environment. We began our exploration learning about the amazing life-giving qualities of bacteria! Thanks to bacteria, the ocean was made hospitable for other life forms and it even turned some of its food into oxygen. The rise of oxygen-producing photosynthesis allowed the evolution of complex life forms like animals and land plants around 2.4 billion years! Even today, bacteria is evolving to eat plastic in the ocean! Who knew bacteria was so cool?

Check out some writing from our class about this:

“Have you ever wondered what the first animal was? Well, the true answer is that there wasn’t a first animal. The first living thing was bacteria! When people think of bacteria, they think of the bad. They think of germs and sickness, but some bacteria are actually great!”

—Evelyn Trent, 6th grade

“The oceans are dying but we may have a savior in our midst! Ideonella Sakaiensis 201-F6!”

—Arthur Therell, 6th grade

“As you probably know, there’s lots of garbage in the ocean, mostly plastic, which takes a long time to break down. But what if there was a way to break it down faster?”

—Arya Wilson, 4th grade

We continued our studies of Photosynthesis with a mysterious case of tree poisoning.

It was great to have families in the classroom and see your children show their work with pride.

Spirit Week and Fun Run

Don’t forget to help your kids plan their outfits for spirit week next week and collect pledges for the Fun Run!

Have a great weekend!

"When I dare to be powerful — to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid."

—Audre Lorde

Classroom Update 10/06/22

Hello, families!

We kicked off bike safety this week and the kids have been awesome learners throughout the process. We have already had a couple of kids learn to ride a bike on day one!

As a continuation of the First Great Lesson, students have been studying the different elements that make up our universe. We started work on the Second Great Lesson the Coming of Life, this week. Check out this video to see the kind of wonder this story instills in children.

Our math groups are underway and students are learning place value, operations with concrete materials and abstractly, decimals, order of operations and more.

Last week, Jonathan was out and I started to see a glimpse of a normalized class. The 6th graders stepped up as leaders and we had a great week. Some of them even enjoyed using Jonathan’s stand up desk!

Classroom Update 9/22/22

Hello, families!

It’s been an awesome couple of weeks watching our community start to form. We kicked things off with the First Great Lesson and students have been replicating the experiments and will present the story of the Universe to their peers tomorrow.

We launched Hispanic Heritage month with some biography writing. Room 8 students really enjoyed these last year and the fourth grade students have been learning how to take notes from a text and structure a biography.

One of my favorite ways to get kids excited about mathematics is a week of inspirational math, where students learn about growth mindset and are offered a new, challenging math task each day. The kids loved learning about the Hailstone Sequence and patterns in math.

Finally, we created a Vision/Mission for Room 8 and will be crafting a class constitution over the next couple of weeks!

"When I dare to be powerful — to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid."

—Audre Lorde