Room 10- Jasper

Classroom Updates

Jasper's Update 6-10-21

Congratulations! Everyone should pat themself on the back. Together, we succeeded in finishing out this crazy school year. We all did a great job being flexible and rolling with the punches.

We finished Poetry this week and our book Love that Dog by Sharon Creech. Students will write a Love that Dog-inspired poem. They will also choose their favorite poem from the past month and turn it into a final piece by typing or writing it neatly and adding a picture.

Move-up day is 9 am June 14. 6th-grade families will get an email from the office with the zoom link and instructions for joining middle school. Students who are staying in our class will get instructions from us on what to do the day of move-up day.

Technology drop off will be:

Tuesday, June 15, 3:30-6:30 pm

Wednesday, June 16, 8:30-3:30 pm

Please remember to drop off Chromebooks and charging cords. Upper El does not need any other supplies back. The cards and dice are your students to keep. If you are unable to drop off your technology during those times, please contact the office for instructions.

I hope everyone has a relaxing and exciting summer.

Thank you,

Jasper and Anna

Jasper's Update 6-4-21

Hello, Room 10 Adults,

Wow! We made it through a hot one this week. Hope you were able to stay on the cool side of life.

We continued Love That Dog Poetry, our second to last poetry lesson. We looked at poems that use noise to describe location. The follow-up was to go outside for 5 minutes and just listen, then write a poem from the sounds that they heard. What sounds did they hear on your street? Another poem we learned about and they practiced was shape poems. Ask your student what that means and have them show you theirs.

In history this week, students learned about the 3 branches of government. Did you know that congress makes new laws and that the president signs them into existence? Talk to your student about what you think is the most important aspect of our government.

Since we are coming up on the end of the year, your student has had their final math lesson!!! What did they learn? What do they know how to do now vs the beginning of the year? Talk to them so they can show off their skills!

Have an awesome weekend!

Jasper and Anna

Jasper's Update 5-27-21

Hello, Room 10 Parents,

Wow! It’s Memorial Day Weekend already! Remember, there is no school on Monday.

After learning about the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, we discussed the less-heard people of the American Revolution and how they were affected by the resolution of these events that created our country as a place free from British rule. We discussed the duplicity of people fighting to be free from rule while still having enslaved people and not granting everyone equal rights.

We are halfway through our book Love that Dog by Sharon Creech. We have been reading this book and writing poetry inspired by the poetry used in it. Have you read any of your student’s poetry? They have written some great ones!

It is almost summer! YAY! We are wrapping up many different lessons and projects. Even though we are slowly wrapping up for summer, it is still important that your student comes to all meetings and lessons. Remind your student to have some point of contact on Wednesday to get counted for attendance. An email, a Google Hangout, turning in work, or coming to morning meeting all count as ways to be present!

Have an awesome weekend and enjoy the sun!

Thank you,

Jasper and Anna

Jasper's Update 5-21-21

Happy Friday Room 10 Adults!

The first days of Poetry produced some fun and thoughtful poems. What does So much depend upon….? Everything from a small daisy swaying in the wind, to a pink owl, to everyone working together. I’m excited to see more thoughtful and fun poetry in the coming weeks!

As we’ve been studying the constitution, we noticed that the first three articles lay out the three branches of government. Someone made the connection that there are three different kinds of people in the classroom, the lead, the assistant, and the student. This week, students are writing their own constitution laying out the three different branches of the classroom including the Bill of Rights for all who enter. Does everyone have a right to a pencil? Or maybe a quiet space? I’m curious to see what your students decide on.

Remember, Wednesday is a school day. Help our attendance numbers! Please help your student remember to check in at some point throughout the day. Whether they come to the morning meeting, turn in an assignment, send their teacher a joke via email or Google Hangouts, they can do it any time of the day. Ask them at dinner how they connected with school and if they didn’t, they can do it after they eat.

Ridgeline End of Year "Celebration"! - To commemorate the end of this crazy school year, the RCO would like to invite students (and families) to create painted rocks that will be placed on campus to be enjoyed for years to come. The theme for our painted rock creations is "What Brings You Joy?" You can paint anything you like that fits within this theme, we just ask you to keep it positive and school-appropriate. :) We will be placing a bin outside the front entrance from May 31 - June 4. All painted rocks should be placed in the bin by June 4th. They will be sprayed with a protective coating and then placed on campus for everyone to enjoy during the last week of school. We will be sending out reminders over the next few weeks and if you have any questions please feel free to email

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jasper and Anna

Jasper's Update 5-7-21

Hello, Room 10 Parents,

Students wrote their opinion papers about whether or not recycling should be required. Did you read their paper yet? Next up, your student will write an opinion paper of their choosing. Ask them what they plan to write about.

Your student is learning about the Declaration of Independence and the beginnings of the United States of America. Their next project is to declare their independence from an entity of their choosing by writing their own Declaration of Independence. Talk to your student about who or what they chose to declare their independence from.

Did you hear we blew things up in the classroom? Your students at home are also encouraged to ask permission to make a chemical reaction in the kitchen. (Cookies anyone?)

Please remember that, while Wednesdays are asynchronous learning days, they are still school days and it is very important that all students have at least one touchpoint during the day whether it is attending morning meeting, completing and submitting an assignment, or emailing their teaching staff.

Upper-El Human Growth & Development Parent Education Video - Upper-el students will participate in the Human Growth and Development curriculum presented by Planned Parenthood the week of May 17-21. In lieu of the annual parent meeting offered in advance of the presentations for 4-6th graders, this year there is a video for parents to watch to provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the program. If you have further questions after watching the video, please contact Johanna Staniak Further details about topics covered and the dates and times for each grade can be found in this week’s upper-el teacher updates.

Have an awesome weekend!

Jasper's Update 4-28-21

Happy Friday Room 10 Adults!

Soon we will be studying Human Growth and Development. Keep an eye out as we are sending you a separate email and video and letter from Planned Parenthood.

This week, the kids learned about the less common perspectives of the American Revolution. We analyzed who might choose to join the Colonists and who might join the British and why.

Coming up in science we will be experimenting with chemical reactions in the classroom. For those of you at home, we gave some options for different (SAFE!!) chemical reactions. They may be messy though!

Important messages from the eNews:

Important messages from the Ridgeline Office:

We need every family to complete the following form, Opt-out or Participate in the 2020-21 State Testing Form, by May 3, 2021. Please complete a separate form for each student in grades 3–8.

Ridgeline will not be penalized for low state test participation rates, for the 2020-21 school year. Most grades will have tests in just one subject. Each test will be much shorter than usual. Like 4J schools, Ridgeline will conduct state testing on Wednesdays, in May, outside of regular class times. To avoid taking up the limited times that teachers have with students, testing will not be conducted during in-person hybrid learning time. Students who participate in state testing will complete the tests on-site at school. Testing will take place in the school gym.

Please remember that, while Wednesdays are asynchronous learning days, they are still school days and it is very important that all students have at least one touchpoint during the day whether it is attending morning meeting, completing and submitting an assignment, or emailing their teaching staff.

Thank you,

Jasper and Anna

Jasper's Update 4-23-21

Dear Room 10 Parents,

I hope everyone is having fun in the sun! Soak it up while it's still here.

Don’t forget that Wednesday is still a school day for everyone! If your student doesn’t make it to morning meeting, they need to turn in an assignment to be marked present for the day.

In history, we are moving into the American Revolution. Students will be analyzing parts of the Declaration of Independence and the reasons behind it. Next week we will dive deeper into the lesser-known voices of the war.

For science, students will be deciphering between physical and chemical changes. See what physical changes can they find around your house. (We will be conducting a scientific experiment of chemical change next week.)

Should recycling be required? It’s a debated topic and your student has gathered facts to support their opinion. What opinion have they chosen and what facts are your students using to convince their readers?

Hybrid students: Drop-off time is 11:30-11:45. Please try not to drop your student off prior to 11:30. We will be eating our lunch and are not available to supervise students.

Have an awesome weekend!

Thank you,

Jasper and Anna

Jasper's Update 4-16-21

Hello, again Room 10 Adults!

We did it! The first week of hybrid is complete! Congrats to all hybrid and CDL students.

Don’t forget that Wednesday is still a school day for everyone. If your student doesn’t make it to morning meeting, they need to turn in an assignment to be marked present for the day.

Did you notice your hybrid student coming home with purple fingers? Or if you worked with cabbage at home were there purple fingerprints everyone? Why did your student make cabbage juice? Ask them what happens when an acid is added to it? What about a base? What kinds of liquids are acidic or basic? I bet your student can tell you!

Hybrid students: Drop-off time is 11:30-11:45. Please try not to drop your student off prior to 11:30. We will be eating our lunch and are not available to supervise students.

Thank you,

Jasper and Anna

Jasper's Update 4-3-21

Hello, Room 10 Adults,

Welcome Back! I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing spring break. Now that we are back in the swing of things, I wanted to bring attention to the new schedule again.

We start hybrid on April 12th. (Exciting!) Our class will be changing our arrival meeting location. Meridy’s new dot colors are RED and are located upstairs in front of her classroom. Jasper’s new dot colors are GREEN and are located at the bottom of the outdoor stairs in front of Room 8. Everyone will be out there to help people remember where to go so don’t worry. We will get used to it.

You may have noticed at home, your students have been hard at work measuring objects around your house. They are computing Area and Volume. Ask your student which object has the greatest area or volume. Which has the least? If you are up to it, just for fun, see if you can work together with your student to compute the area or volume of your entire home!

Scientifically speaking, your student has already covered many different topics this year. This week's experiment takes multiple concepts and combines them into one experiment. How can you make carrots float? Ask your student! Also, ask them what variable they changed when they designed their own experiment.

From the eNews - Ridgeline Meal Program Form Complete this form if you would like to participate in on-site meals delivered to Ridgeline for your student(s) during their hybrid days. There are breakfast, lunch, and dinner options available. Do not complete this form if you will provide your child with a lunch from home or your child will not be eating on campus.

Have a marvelous weekend!!

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib and Anna

Jasper's Update 3-12-21

Hello, Room 10 Adults,

A big change is coming for most of your students. I’m sure you are aware upper el is starting hybrid learning on April 12th. YAY! Your student is writing a paper about how they are feeling about coming to hybrid or continuing CDL. During the lesson, we brainstormed many ideas. Ask your student to read their essay to you and maybe you will get some insight into how your student is feeling.

Do you know the difference between a solution and a mixture? Your student does! This week, your student will conduct experiments to examine the difference. Ask them what they are doing and what difference they have found already. These experiments might take a while to complete. Check back in with them the day after they start to see if their findings have changed.

Once again we traveled back in time and worked our way South through the Middle Colonies. What groups were the first to settle there? How were they different from the Northern Colonies? Next week, we continue to the Southern Colonies.

Speaking of traveling through time, don’t forget to “Spring Forward” and set your clocks ahead on Saturday night!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Jasper and Anna

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 2-25-21

Hello everyone!

In our essay writing this week, we learned about how to hook a reader into an introduction and how to leave a reader thinking by writing a strong conclusion. We will start to wrap up writing our essays next week when students will read and revise. Be ready! You may be asked for some input!

As we wrap up the month of February, students are finishing their Black History Month biographies. We have seen some pretty cool projects come in and I appreciate the creativity and depth of research students put into this assignment. I hope they enjoyed learning as much as I enjoyed learning about who they researched.

Last week, students did a project focusing on a single element. This week they learned about how those elements came together to form the world around us by studying molecules. We use water as an example of molecules and they saw a video showing the different formations of water molecules in a solid, liquid, and gas. They will be building their own molecules out of different objects this week.

Enjoy your weekend and either enjoy the winter storm (you skiers) or enjoy hunkering down at home to avoid the winter storm!

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 2-18-21

Dear Room 10 Adults,

Welcome back after a long weekend! I hope everyone managed to find something fun to do during your time off.

It was so great to see and hear from everyone at conferences. I really appreciated hearing about your experience of CDL at home. If you still have questions or feel that we may have missed something, please reach out and let me know.

In science, we continue our study of the periodic table. Your student will select an element to research. They will be sharing their research in a creative project (no reports!). If they are stuck, we included some ideas on the assignment. Do you know which element your student has selected? What are they thinking of doing for the project?

To continue our study of black history month, students will be choosing an inspirational person from history or a present time. The end goal is a biography, but again no reports! We are looking forward to their creative side coming out as they share what they learned. Will it be a play? Maybe a newscast. Or possibly a board game. Ask your student who they are going to learn about and how they are going to share their information.

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 2-4-21

Happy Friday!!!

We made it through the first week of February! Next week is a short week; there is no school Thursday or Friday because of conferences. If you would like to have a conversation sign up for a conference here: Jasper’s Class

We were fortunate enough to have an awesome speaker come visit our class on Thursday. Brenda Brainard talked with us about the Native experience with regard to Europeans colonizing what we now call North America. We were impressed with her knowledge including the fact that 100,000,000 Native people died within the first 100 years of colonization. We look forward to having her visit us again next year when we focus on Oregon Native Nations.

This week in science, we moved from the atom to how it fits into the periodic table of elements. Students are learning why the table is set up the way it is. Do you know the top ten most abundant elements in the human body? Your student will be able to figure it out using the periodic table of elements in pictures.

Jeannelle, our amazing P.E. teacher is keeping the kids healthy with some balance and flexibility activities as well as a Would You Rather - The Winter Fitness Edition. What does that look like? Ask your student!

Have a great weekend!

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 1-29-21

Hello Adults!

It is another short week this week. Friday is a grading day for us teachers. Everyone should be getting their report cards in the mail prior to conferences. If your address has changed, please contact the office. Report cards will be combined with an opportunity for a conference this year. Please keep an eye out for an email to sign up.

Do you know what the smallest unit of matter is? Ask your student. They were introduced to some interactive websites. Encourage your student to play and learn!

Students have been brainstorming ideas for an informative paper they are going to write. This week they organized those ideas into three sections which they will turn into their 3 body paragraphs. Next week they will learn about transition and how to use them in their writing.

In history, students are reading their final text about Pilgrims this week. We are lucky enough to have the head of the 4j Native program, Brenda Lee, come to speak to us about the impact of colonization on the indigenous peoples next week.

Talent Show Watch Party - Ridgeline Talent Show 2021 will happen virtually in a Facebook Watch Party on Thursday, January 28th at 6:00 p.m (that Friday is a no school day). Please join the Talent Show Facebook Group by January 26th to allow time for moderators to approve your membership. Feel free to share the link and deadline with friends or family. We understand that not everyone is a Facebook person, but this is the best and most secure method for simultaneously watching a video.

Here is an update from P.E. teacher, Jeannelle: Students voted on which activity they did together: Would You Rather Fitness - Food Edition, Dance or Move Workout, Wheel of Fitness, Jumping and Hopping Skills Workout, Balance & Flexibility Workout.

Have a marvelous long weekend!

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 1-21-21

Hello and welcome to your Jan 22 Newsletter!

I hope you were able to enjoy your three day weekend. I sure did! Remember, next week is a short week too. There will be no school on Friday.

This week we asked students to come up with 3 topics they know something (or a lot) about. Over the next couple of weeks, they will turn their topics into an informative 5 paragraph paper. This is one of my favorite lessons, as I get to learn so much about your student! Ask them what topics they brainstormed.

In history, we continue to learn about the pilgrims. Students are reading a different account of the Mayflower and the pilgrims' first year as a colony. At the same time, they are learning to ask questions about what they still don’t know.

After this week's demonstration about density (which citrus fruits float and/or sink?), next week students are moving onto the smallest unit of matter. What is it you ask? Your student will learn next week!

Jeannelle is again, doing a fantastic job in P.E. She introduced the students to “Cardio Fun” on Sworkit, and then on Friday, they chose between: Would You Rather Fitness - Food Edition, Dance or Move Workout, Wheel of Fitness, Jumping, and Hopping Skills Workout, Balance & Flexibility Workout. Ask them what Friday’s P.E. ended up being.

Weekly Art Update

This week (1/19-22), we continued practicing our portrait drawing skills by finishing up self-portraits, and also drawing Martin Luther King, Jr. Next week (1/25-28), we'll start on a landscape unit. We'll look at the painting “Landscape With Rainbow” by Robert Duncanson. This hopeful painting was chosen by Jill Biden for display during the inauguration and (I learned) this artist was one of the best-known and most acclaimed African American painters of the Civil War era.

Thanks again for all you do!

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 1-14-2021

Happy eve of the long weekend in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!

We spent the last couple of days talking about segregation, the Civil Rights Movement, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We will continue this conversation throughout the next couple of weeks, looking closely at his “I Have a Dream” speech.

History has taken us to the time of the Pilgrims. This week we started with students sharing their current understanding of that time period with each other. The students have two readings with a few questions which we will add too over the next couple of weeks.

Did you know our weight changes depending on which planet we are on? (Anyone traveling to different planets?) YET, our mass stays the same? What is the difference? Ask your student; it was the topic of this week’s science class.

Our new P.E. teacher, Jeannelle, is amazing. This week she integrated Food and Characters in her workouts with Would You Rather Move Activity (Food Edition) and Favorite Character Move Workout. Ask your student what that looks like in relation to P.E.

And now, an update from Melanie, our art teacher:

Hello from the art department! This is the first of weekly updates to let you know what your amazing artists are working on. This week (1/11-15) we're learning how to use facial proportion guidelines to draw a self-portrait. Next week (1/19-22) we'll honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by drawing his portrait. We'll look at the portrait of President Obama by artist Kehinde Wiley for inspiration.

Also, we've changed the weekly schedule a bit, so thank you all for your patience & understanding with this! Your student will now have Zoom Class on Thursdays with the whole class. On Tuesdays, they can start working on the lesson posted in Google Classroom. They should bring any work (finished or in-progress) & their art materials to the zoom class on Thursdays.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 1-7-2021

Welcome Back and Happy 2021!

We had a wonderful first week back and got into the routine of things.

Next week in history, we start our work with colonization. We will start with some general, somewhat inaccurate readings. As we move through the next couple of weeks, students will get more readings which will increase in accuracy of the depiction of the Native experience. We will conclude by having a native historian come in to speak with the class. Our goal is to have students recognize that history can be written in different ways and to have them begin to think critically about what they read.

This coming week, writing will turn away from the fictional story and move into the informational realm. We will focus on good paragraph structure and work our way through a 5 paragraph essay.

Did you know different citrus fruits float or sink? Your students will find out which do and which don’t and why this coming week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 12-17-2020


We made it to winter break. I want to sincerely thank everyone for their efforts and hard work to get to this place. This school year is truly a team adventure and we have passed GO! (Now if we could collect our $200 please….)

As you take the next couple of weeks to rest and revitalize, please take a moment to notice your student’s school supplies. Are they running low on erasers? Do they need another math or writing notebook? Maybe half of the colored pencils have gone missing and your student only has 2 colors to work with (yellow snowman anyone?). Please let Leauriy or myself know if you need any supplies replenished. We will be scheduling a pickup date in mid-January.

I hope you are able to enjoy some downtime, if nothing else, at least you won’t have to think about daily zoom meetings for your student.

Happy winter break everyone. See you all in the new year.

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 12-11-2020

Hello, Adults of Room 10!

These past two weeks I have seen some great science coming from your homes! Videos showing experiments, models of different states of matter using very creative materials, amazing slideshows are just some of the projects I’ve seen. How did your student share their ideas? Have they observed mystery matter yet and decided what state of matter it is? Remember, if you don’t have cornstarch, let me know. We have plenty here at school and are happy to set up a time for you to pick it up.

Speaking of science materials, next week we have some more experiments to stretch your student's ability to observe, critique, and form opinions. (and yes, these will probably be messy too). You will need shaving cream, baking soda, conditioner (yes, the stuff you use in your hair), and vinegar. Again, let me know if you don’t have some of these ingredients and we are happy to set up a time for you or your student to pick it up.

Many of our activities next week will be centered around snowflakes and snow (see messy experiment above). Students will decorate their Zoom spaces with themes, create snowflakes, and write poetry to celebrate winter. Encourage your student to “go all out” and WOW their classmates on zoom.

One more assignment you can look forward to this coming week is “The Great Winter Listen.” We are asking students to interview a family elder or family friend about their traditions and then see if and how they have changed over time. Since we may not be able to be with many of our loved ones, this is an opportunity to reach out and keep in touch.

Story writing will come to a close next week. Students will receive feedback from their peers and revise their stories. We are also asking students to design a book cover for their story. We would like to share all stories in a virtual classroom bookshelf for some entertaining winter break reading.

We hope you have a great weekend!

If you are a snow person, I hear the mountains are getting covered.

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 12-4-2020

Hello and Happy December,

I hope you had a relaxing and joyful Thanksgiving break.

We switched it up this week, taking a short break from History and starting Chemistry. Students were asked to make models of matter in the solid state, liquid state, and gaseous state. I saw some very creative ways of thinking about how to represent states of matter…. legos, pictures, dance moves. What did your student do?

Speaking of Chemistry, next week we have a fun experiment that requires cornstarch. If you do not have cornstarch we have some here at Ridgeline. Let me know if you would like to pick some up and we can make a bag for you to pick up outside the school.

We are coming to a close with our fictional writing. Students should have finished writing their stories this week. Next week, they will have an opportunity to peer edit other students' stories and then revise their own.

If you didn’t know, one of our weekly works is the Word of the Week. We ask students to look up the definition, write the definition in their own words, think of synonyms, antonyms, and finally write it in a sentence. This week we started a new challenge: see if you can use the word of the week in your Unconventional Journal story. Ask your student what the word of the week was this week and how they included it in their UJ.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 11-6-2020

Hello all and happy rainy Friday,

Thank you to all the people who showed up to conferences. We appreciate learning about the home side of school and everyone’s experience. Thank you also for the continued positive support. We greatly appreciate all the kind words, smiles, and laughs that were had during conferences. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Supplies from Distribution - We still have a lot of supplies that were not picked up last week during distribution. If you are one of those families who weren’t able to make it, please contact the office to make arrangements to pick up supplies.

This week, we finished up our group Native Nations Regions research. I’ve had a chance to look at most final projects and they are really well done. Have your student show you their contribution, or even present it to the whole family. As we finished up the research project, we also learned a new online tool from National Geographic called Map Maker Interactive. Your student chose at least five places around the world they wanted to visit. Do you know what their top five places are? Ask them to show you.

Have a wonderful weekend, and remember, next Wednesday is Veterans Day so there won’t be any school.

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 10-16-2020

Happy Friday Room 10 Community!

School is in full swing! Students are doing great work and completing the majority (if not all) of their weekly work and other assignments.

We started math instruction this week which has daily follow-up practice. We find that when students practice daily, math tends to stick with them better. It helps the lesson stay fresh in their minds and prepares them for their next lesson.

Students are moving forward in Cultural Studies by researching different regions of pre-European First Nations in multi-leveled groups. Each student is studying one aspect of their region. They are using many different resources to find information. If you have any books at home that could help with research, encourage your student to use those as well as the resources we provided.

Thank you for your continued positive support! We are seeing high levels of engagement and attendance. This is great. Thank you for supporting your student and keep up the good work!

Try to enjoy the sunshine while you still can.

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 10-8-2020

Happy first short week of school!

We have made it through another great week! We have been doing a lot of work to learn the tools that we are going to use all year long. Thanks for all the support you have given us and your students!

Remember, if you or your child ever forget their schedule for the day, we are posting the daily meetings on the Google Classroom stream. The schedule that is on the website and that was sent home with your supplies is an outline of general times. The stream on google classroom will give you a much more detailed picture of your students daily schedule. Please encourage your student to check the stream every morning.

Starting next week, we plan to start math groups. These will be small group zoom meetings. We will do our best to record these group lessons but it is also extremely important for students to show up to these lessons. Many of the concepts that we will be taught build off each other. If a student doesn’t come to lessons, the following lessons may be hard for them to understand.

We have been doing our best to record meetings and lessons without having students displayed in them but unfortunately, due to the nature of Zoom, it is very difficult to give an effective lesson without showing students’ faces. These recordings are only posted in the Upper El classrooms for students who did not make it to the meeting or need to review a concept.

Please let us know if anything is impacting your child’s learning at home and if there is anything we can do to help. We have a limited view of your students through our group zoom and one-on-one meetings, so any input you provide is very helpful and appreciated.

We appreciate all of the positive support you have given us.

Please click on the link below to fill the content form.

Distance Learning Recording Consent Form- Rm 10

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 10-1-2020

Happy October Room 10!

In this, the second week of school, we started some larger projects and some cultural studies. Hopefully, you saw your students engaged in some fun activities.

One of the biggest concerns we heard in the spring was a lack of student to student connection. One way we have seen students recreate an “in-classroom feel” is by opening a Google Hangout Video and doing work side by side. It creates an environment where students can be working but still chatting at the same time as they would in the classroom. Please encourage your students to try this. If your student has a hard time reaching out to other students, have them use Anna's help link and Anna can help set them up with someone to work with. Bonus: all three classrooms are fairly aligned in their assignments so students can collaborate across rooms as well!

I would also like to stress the importance of the one-on-one zoom meetings. These every other week meetings are our time to connect with students. We may talk about work or what they did this weekend, just like we would make connections in the classroom. Please encourage your student to attend these one-on-one sessions. We find them very vital and informative.

The daily Zoom meeting schedule, including small groups, one on one, art, and cultural studies, will be posted on your students Google Classroom Stream every day and addressed in the morning meeting. If they are confused about when or where to come to a zoom meeting, have them check the stream first. We are working toward a more regular schedule.

Finally, many parents have signed up for the Google Classroom Guardian feature. If you have not yet signed up and are still interested, please let me know.

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 9/25/2020

Hello Room 10 Adults,

The year is off to a great start! We made it through the first week! Tears and fears and mishaps happened and we all survived!

Good news: Art and PE start next week. Art classes will take place on Anna's link at 2:00pm on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. We will communicate instructions for PE next week. 1 on 1 meetings will continuebut every other week due to time constraints. The schedule will be posted on google classroom for your student to reference.

From our side, everything seems to be going great. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and working hard. If your experience is different, please reach out and let us know. We have kept the glitches to the bare minimum (only 256,935 this week!). We hope that is the case for you too.

Google Classroom is up and running and everyone is signed up (Congratulations!). This week, students refreshed their knowledge of how to screenshot and everyone learned a new online tool called Padlet. Next week, we will start cultural studies with some afternoon lessons and students will be asked to complete a math placement assessment.

Thank you everyone for sticking through this with us.

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Upper El Sched 3-30-4-11.pptx