Room 10- Jasper

Classroom Updates

Jasper's Update 5-19-22

Happy Friday Room 10 Adults!

Volunteers Needed! Thursday, May 26 after school. We need help setting up tables for the Science Fair Thursday after school. If you and your student are interested and able to help please let me know. We will also need assistance taking down the tables Friday after the show around 2 pm. Thanks in advance!

It’s been a busy week of projects. Today we finished up our Westward Expansion Projects with a show, which we shared with other Upper El classes. Which project was your student's favorite? Why? Did they learn anything new?

The other project on the burner is Science Fair. If your student hasn’t done their experiment yet, please, help them finish it this weekend. Next week we will be writing our conclusions and creating our tri-folds. The school-wide display will be on May 27th. Parents are welcome to join after school.

Human Growth and Development - We have invited a community educator from Planned Parenthood to present information in our unit on Human Growth and Development the week of May 31- June 3. To provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the program, a parent preview has been provided here. A Packet to go along with the video is here.

School district policy and Oregon law allow parents/guardians to request that their child be excused from any instruction. If you wish to have your child excused from any part of this unit, an alternative activity will be provided in another area. Please contact me if you would like more information.

Where are we headed next? In history, we will dive into Oregon statehood. When did we become a state? How did we become a state?

We will also be starting poetry. The first type of poetry we will be writing is… Drum roll please… we're not telling you so you don't spoil it for the kids. Ask them next week!

Enjoy the sunny weekend!

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 5-6-22

Welcome to May, which is Project Time! Two projects are happening right now in Room 10:

Science Fair! May 27th - This year, all three upper el classes are participating in a science fair which will be open to the whole school and parents! This week, your student is choosing a question to research and getting ready for their experiment. Testable questions change one thing (independent variable) to see what the effect is on another thing (dependent variable). The experiment they will be conducting revolves around finding an answer to the question they are posing. Here is a list of good examples of science fair testable questions. Your student may pull off of this list or choose a question of their own.

Westward Expansion Project - This project involves two pieces. First, there is an artistic piece (think hands-on like a model or making something). The second piece is a writing piece. They will put it all together on a trifold poster board to share the information they researched and their method of creating their model. Check-in with your student. What are they researching? What are they making? Do they need supplies? We can provide some supplies but some of the more obscure supplies will need to be provided by you. This project will be shown in the classroom Friday, May 20th.

AAPI Heritage Month - Did you know May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month? To honor AAPI individuals who have contributed to our shared history, we are writing Who Am I? Biography booklets. Who is your student studying? Why did they choose them?

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 4/8/22

Happy Sunny Friday Everyone,

We’ve had a busy week this first week of April!

We had our first field trip of the year! Students ran (not literally) around the Lane History Museum finding items on a scavenger hunt. What was their favorite part of the museum? Possibly the wagon that traveled on the Oregon Trail?

Speaking of the Oregon Trail, the Wheeler Mercantile is open! Wagon families are deciding what to purchase and how much to purchase to take on their trip. Ask your student what their starting budget was and what items they are bringing. How do they plan on entertaining themselves at night while we are heading West?

Should people be able to own exotic pets? Your students have been writing a persuasive essay on this question. What is their opinion? What facts did they use to support their opinion?

Last, but not least, state testing began on Wednesday and it’s going well. If your student is feeling anxiety around these tests, talk to them about strategies to help them feel calm. Let us know if your student is expressing really big feelings.

LTD Bus Pass - Students who ride LTD have the opportunity to receive an annual bus pass through the LTD Touchpass program. If your student rides the bus and would like them to have a pass sign up here.

Enjoy this day of sun before the much-needed rain arrives!

Jasper and Anna

Jasper's Update 3/18/22

Happy Almost Spring Break,

Our final day before spring break will be presentations about the weather. We are currently researching weather and these presentations will allow students to share what they have found. Students have created everything from dioramas out of cardboard to plays that they will perform.

Field trip update - If you haven’t heard, we are going on a field trip in early April to the Lane County Historical Museum. We were hoping to take a 4j school bus, but they are short on drives and will not be able to rent one to our school. We are instead going to take the public LTD bus. We will be leaving the school at 8:45 and coming back at 12:50. We will not be eating lunch while we are out so our lunch will be a bit late that day. We will bring some snacks so don’t worry, we won’t starve your children too much.

Student MarketPlace - Time to get crafty and creative, the Student Marketplace is back again! Check the E-News for more information and the sign up link. The sign up due date is Monday, April 4th. The Marketplace will take place on Saturday April 23rd.

Wishing you all a wonderful fun, relaxing, and safe spring break!

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 3-7-22

Happy Rainy Week!

The Oregon trail was not easy. People got hurt, sick, and sometimes died. Why would anyone want to travel all the way from Missouri to Oregon? Your students are beginning their adventure on the Oregon Trail, starting with these questions.

It has been a rainy week here in Eugene. What effect does rain, lots of rain, have on the surrounding ecosystem? What about a drought? The students tested their theories about erosion, rainfall, and drought in this week's lab.

Students finished their Black History Biographies last week. They turned out great! If you would like to read your

student's biography, ask them to show you it on Google Classroom.

T-shirts are finally in! Check your student's backpack for your garments as well as an envelope talking about the DDD (Direct Donation Drive). $10k in 10 days! This year we'll be "Growing Together." The DDD is Ridgeline’s annual “just write a check” fundraiser (seriously, credit cards work too…it just doesn't sound as catchy). This is our biggest fundraising event of the year! Your gifts provide PE and art instruction, improve our school building, and supply our classrooms. TYIA for your support!

Playground Open After School! We are thrilled to begin welcoming families back onto campus in a thoughtful and meaningful way. The first step is to open our playgrounds for use after school! Families and students (with adult supervision) are invited to play on the playgrounds beginning at 3:15 pm (1:15 pm on Fridays) which provides time for dismissal congestion to subside. Make a plan to meet some friends or just show up and have fun!

After School Playground Rules

  • Adult supervision is required at all times (staff is not available for supervision)

  • Outdoor masking is encouraged if not actively eating or drinking

  • Clean up any garbage from snacks and ensure lids are securely on garbage bins

  • Check your area for jackets and bags before leaving

  • Return stumps or any items that are moved to the original location

  • Have FUN and CONNECT with other Ridgeline students and their families!

Have a great weekend!

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 2-16-22

Happy President’s Weekend!

Planning a Field Trip We are fortunate to have multiple amazing museums located in Eugene, the Lane County Historical Museum being one of them. As we move into studying the Oregon Trail, I have found this resource to be invaluable for children’s understanding and connection to this topic. I propose a field trip in April where students would take the free city bus to the museum, experience what they have to offer, then return to school via bus. Please fill out Room 10 this form so we can assess everyone’s comfort level with this possibility.

Black History Month biographies are underway. Although we highlight and recognize black history all year, Black History Month is a time to celebrate and focus on the rich cultural heritage that is part of our country's history. Who did your student choose to study? What was their impact on society?

Did you know Lewis and Clark traveled across 11 states as they tried to find the Northwest Passage? Did they ever find it? Who followed them west and why? Your students are learning about some early white settlers of the Oregon Territory that they will present next week. Who is your student studying? How are they going to present their information to the rest of the class?

Rocks, rocks, and more rocks! Have you ever found a rock and wondered what it was? Students are learning to identify mysterious rocks using different tests. What are some different tests you can do with an unknown rock to try to identify it? What type of rock is obsidian, or pumice? I bet your student knows!

Friday 2/25 Talent Show - Submissions Due Feb 21 Mark your calendars for Friday, February 25th at 6 pm for Ridgeline’s annual talent extravaganza!! Once again, our talent show will be virtual. This year, we will avoid some of the technological hijinks of last year by hosting the talent show on Zoom. We will begin accepting submissions on 1/28. Acts should be appropriate for all audiences (even background music) and limited to 3 minutes or less. Because the talent show is pre-recorded, your student can do their act as many times as they want until they get it just right! The video format also opens up doors for filmmakers and other visual artists to show their work. We can’t wait to see all that talent! Questions can go to

Enjoy your long weekend!

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 2-4-22

Happy Friday Room 10 Adults!

February is Black History Month! Although we highlight and recognize black history all year, Black History Month is a time to celebrate and focus on the rich cultural heritage that is part of our country's history. In upper el, we decided to write biographies of notable and influential black people this month. We just finished watching the movie “Hidden Figures” to learn about Katherine Johnson and her work at NASA. We will work together to write her biography. Then your student will choose their own person to research and write a biography to finish up the month. We hope your student shares what they learn with you.

We finished up our study of the fur trade with a simulation. Students worked at trading posts or took one of two roles, that of the Voyager trading goods for furs or that of a First Nations Person trading furs for goods. Students quickly learned that a voyager couldn’t trade until the Native People had hunted first. This week, we learned that the country nearly doubled its size with the Louisiana Purchase.

In the news this week, Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii has opened a new vent and is seeping lava into Halemaʻumaʻu Crater. Do you know why some volcanoes explode and others just ooze? After studying plate tectonics, students conducted an experiment looking at different factors of different volcanoes to understand why this happens. They also performed a play about the rock cycle. If you would like to watch it, here is a link:

Report Cards - Please watch for your child’s report card which will be sent home in their Friday folders.

Quarantine and N95 Masks - If your student is coming back from quarantine, they are required to wear an N95 mask. If you are unable to provide the correct mask for your student, the school can provide one.

Friday 2/25 Talent Show Mark your calendars for Friday, February 25th at 6 pm for Ridgeline’s annual talent extravaganza!! Once again, our talent show will be virtual. This year, we will avoid some of the technological hijinks of last year by hosting the talent show on Zoom. We will begin accepting submissions on 1/28. Acts should be appropriate for all audiences (even background music) and limited to 3 minutes or less. Because the talent show is pre-recorded, your student can do their act as many times as they want until they get it just right! The video format also opens up doors for filmmakers and other visual artists to show their work. We can’t wait to see all that talent! Questions can go to

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 1-22-22

Happy Friday!

There are lots of short weeks this month, but that doesn’t stop the learning from continuing to happen!

On Friday, students shared their creative models of the center of the earth with each other. We had everything from cake pops to lego models to hanging mobiles filling the classroom. Projects were shared during a gallery walk so students could see their classmates' ideas and creations. Lots of great ideas around here!

We continue to learn about the fur trade and how it impacted the Native people and the animals in the region. What is the difference between how Native people used beaver furs and the way Europeans used them? What were the most popular furs traded? Your student should be able to tell you.

Friday 2/25 Talent Show Mark your calendars for Friday, February 25th at 6 pm for Ridgeline’s annual talent extravaganza!! Once again, our talent show will be virtual. This year, we will avoid some of the technological hijinks of last year by hosting the talent show on Zoom. We will begin accepting submissions on 1/28. Acts should be appropriate for all audiences (even background music) and limited to 3 minutes or less. Because the talent show is pre-recorded, your student can do their act as many times as they want until they get it just right! The video format also opens up doors for filmmakers and other visual artists to show their work. We can’t wait to see all that talent! Questions can go to

4th Year Adults Did you know that your student gets a free National Parks Pass just for being in 4th grade? Did you also know that there are 4 National Parks within one day’s drive? (Crater Lake, Mt. Rainier, Olympic National Park, and Redwoods National Park). More information is coming home in Friday folders.

6th Year adults - Middle School Information Session - Tues. 1/25 6-6:45pm Our Middle School team does an outstanding job of putting the finishing touches on our students' education at Ridgeline to make sure they are ready for the social and academic challenges of high school and adulthood. On Tuesday, January 25, from 6-7:00pm, via Zoom, our Middle School teachers, Jon Labrousse and Carrie Culliton will give a special presentation for Ridgeline's Upper Elementary and Middle School families to learn more about the powerful, empowering Middle School Experience at Ridgeline. Here's the link to the Zoom Meeting:

Ride for Waimea (a former Room 9 student who is now in Middle School) - Hi I am Leilani Stokes, single parent of Waimea in Middle School. We currently live within walking distance of the school but have to move farther away to the Seavey Loop area near Pisgah. I am looking for somebody to help with transportation home from school Mondays and Tuesdays so I can work. I can pay a little money for your gas and time. Otherwise, she will be taking a taxi because there is no other option for us, however, she expressed that she would feel more comfortable riding with a Ridgeline family. You can text or call 541-600-5658. Leilani Thank you so much!!

Ridgeline Merchandise - Time to order your Ridgeline t-shirts, sweatshirts, and a few surprise items. We’ve streamlined our ordering system again this year for easy ordering of your Ridgeline gear, so check it all out on this website: This year’s color is a heather grey shirt with a multicolor logo. The ordering deadline is February 7th. Means of delivery is still in the works but we will keep you posted. Please note, t-shirts run small (especially women’s cut) and items are made to order, so please make sure you order the correct size as we will not be able to make exchanges for incorrect sizing. Questions? Feel free to contact Michelle at

Lost & Found - Our lost & found volunteer team has created a video for families to take a look at what has been turned into the lost & found thus far this year. If your student is missing something please watch the video, then contact Patricia to claim your item. The lost & found videos will be available on the website under the Parent Resources tab. Watch the video here.

No School Friday Jan 28 This is the same as the 4J calendar.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thank you,

Jasper Weinrib

Jasper's Update 1-7-22

Welcome back and happy 2022!

As we return back to the classroom, here are some things that would help make your child’s transition successful:

-Raincoat and extra clothes It’s been rainy and will continue to be rainy these next couple of weeks. Please remember a raincoat! Also, your child's clothes may get wet at recess. If you pack them extra socks, shirts, and pants they could be comfortable the rest of the day. These extras can stay in their backpack. We have spare clothes but they are in short supply and your student might not like how they look.

- Water Bottles We sent home water bottles before break, please make sure to pack a water bottle for your child.

-Snacks If your child needs or wants to have a snack in the morning, please remember to pack a daily snack, even if your child gets a school lunch. The school lunch program does not provide snacks.

-Masks and Covid Safety

The New Year brings a new Covid variant, so it’s a great time to reinforce our Covid safety measures as a community. Be on the lookout for an email from Ridgeline with strategies you can use to promote children’s safety, including thorough effective masking. As a reminder, our classroom keeps child-sized surgical masks (and a limited stock of KN95 masks) available for students. We routinely offer these to children to replace ill-fitting masks or masks that become wet. As school starts up again, we’ll review mask etiquette with the children. We’ll also make sure that kids who’d like to double mask can get the help and supplies to do so.

Do you know why OSU’s mascot is the beavers? It's because Oregon was full of them, but we don’t really see them around anymore. Students are learning about the early fur trade in America just after America won the Revolutionary War. Who were these people who traveled across the country before Oregon was a state to trade for furs? Ask your student what they have learned so far.

Jasper's Update 12-3-21

Happy December!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing Thanksgiving break with their families and friends. We are gearing up for the final push toward winter break.

This week we finished writing our narrative stories. Our classmates are in the process of editing and sharing suggestions before we revise and publish. What story did your student write? What stories have they read and edited? Students can look forward to reading their classmate's final stories and looking at their covers in the final week before winter break.

Before Thanksgiving, students presented their Oregon Native history research. We are continuing that study this week by looking at modern achievements of Oregonian native people. There’s a lot going on out there! Saving sea otters, Chinook carvers, river restoration… what did your student find that was interesting to them?

In science, we are investigating why our shadow changes throughout the day and graphing the data that we find. But you might say, “It’s not sunny right now and we don’t have shadows. How can you test that without the sun?” We are doing our lab using flashlights. Ask your student about the experiment and what they figured out.

This Saturday- Join the RCO for a Winter Walk! - We had so much fun on our Halloween Hike at Mt Pisgah! Thank you to everyone who came out and made it such a great afternoon! Now we want to do it again! Mark your calendars - December 4th at 12:30 pm - and join us in a little holiday spirit, wearing your favorite festive holiday gear! We will meet at the entrance to the lower trail (near the shelter) at Mt Pisgah. For those who came to the Halloween Hike, we will follow the same route out to the labyrinth and back. For those who weren’t there we will try to put a marker up so you can find us if you join late. This is a casual walk, meant to bring Ridgeline families together. We hope to see you there!

Enjoy your weekend,

Jasper and Anna

Jasper's Update 11-19-21

Hello and Happy Week Before Thanksgiving!

A quick reminder that next week is a 2 day week. Students will only come to school Monday and Tuesday. I hope you enjoy the long(er) holiday weekend with your families.

We had a marvelous speaker in our class (via Zoom) this week. Joe Scott, who is part of the Siletz Tribe, joined us and talked with the students about his tribe’s culture and history. He was fantastic and I want to thank Bethany Steiner for helping us connect with him. Thank you, Bethany!

Speaking of Native American history, students are wrapping up their research on Oregon Native American culture. We will start presenting next week.

In science, many students already knew about why we have seasons and day and night. They showed us their knowledge by creating models, making posters, or using their bodies to explain how these things happen. It was fun to see all the different ways of explaining the phenomenon. How did your student’s group share their knowledge? We followed up with an analysis of what would happen if the Earth didn’t have a tilt, or rotated slower, or revolved faster.

Calling a chinchilla sitter Our old classroom pet Pepper needs your help! My usual chinchilla sitter is not able to take care of Peppercorn during the winter break when I am out of town. If you are available to Pepper sit December 17- 28, I really need your help! Pepper is really easy to take care of. She stays in her cage which needs to be cleaned once per day. (Make your student do it :) She really loves receiving treats and chewing on willow sticks. Please let me know if you and your family are interested in having Pepper during the winter break.

Thank you,

Jasper and Anna

Jasper's Update 11-5-21

Dear Room 10 Adults,

Parent-teacher conferences are coming up next week. We have parent-teacher conferences from 12:30 pm to 7:30 pm on Wednesday, November 10 and 8:30 am to 3:05 on November 12. If you still have yet to sign up, the link is here: Jasper's Class Sign Up

For everyone who has signed up, here is our zoom link that we will use next week:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 595 305 4338

Passcode: 222876

Please join the meeting 5 minutes before your time and wait in the waiting room. We will let you in when we are ready.

Last Friday, our class partook in the great tradition of pumpkin launching. We provided materials such as popsicle sticks, rubber bands, glue, and other materials and showed the students a video of catapults. We then let them loose to design their own pumpkin launcher. Ask your student what their design was and how successful it turned out to be.

Do you know why we see different constellations during different seasons? Students studied the revolution vs rotation of the earth and how they are connected to which constellations we are able to see. Students studied a constellation that is visible during their birth month. Ask your student which constellation they are studying and how they are sharing their information.

For history, we are studying pre-colonial Native Nations of Oregon. We first learned about how the land is connected to the way people lived in the regions of Oregon and what resources were available throughout different areas. Our next step is studying specific Oregon Native Nations and how they lived during pre-colonial times.

Thank you,

Jasper and Anna

Jasper's Update 10-29-21

Dear Room 10 Adults,

I’m sure you heard about our Solar System walk last Friday. Students walked over 5 miles (!) to place their scaled down planets at corresponding distances from the scaled down sun (a beach ball). We definitely got our exercise that day! This week, we are looking at stars and why we only see some constellations in certain months of the year.

In history, we have been looking closely at Oregon’s ecoregions, vegetation, animal distribution, and topography. This precedes our study of Oregon Native Nations. Our focus for this week's study is the land and how it affected the way people lived on it in precolonial times.

For writing this week, we were on the more creative side. We read excerpts from the book A Field Guide to Little-Known & Seldom-Seen Birds of North America. This book is a parody of a real field guide with made up birds. Your student is creating their own bird with a visual and behavior description, observation tips and a full color picture. Ask your student about their bird.

Join Us for a Halloween Hike! - Join the RCO for a Halloween Hike! - Mark your calendars - October 30th at 12:30 pm, the RCO (Ridgeline Community Organization) is hosting a Mt Pisgah hike full of Halloween fun! Wear your costume, participate in our nature-inspired scavenger hunt and enjoy some Halloween goodies. We plan on meeting at the entrance to the lower trail. Feel free to do the "big" hike, or stay on the lower trail until your kiddo's "legs get tired." This is a casual hike, meant to bring Ridgeline families together. We hope to see you there!

Conferences - Annual parent, student, teacher conferences will take place, Wednesday, November 10, and Friday, November 12. Once again conferences will be held on Zoom. Conference days are no school days. Teachers will email families a link to their conference Zoom. Teaching staff has set aside this time for you to meet to discuss your child’s progress and classroom experience; please take advantage of this opportunity.

We're using (the leading online SignUp and reminder tool) to organize our upcoming Fall Conference SignUps. I’ll send out a zoom link the night before conferences start. Click on Jasper's Class Sign Up to sign up.

Retakes - Photo Retakes will take place on Wednesday, November 3. If you are unhappy with your student’s photo, please send them to school with their picture package to return to the Lifetouch photographer. Our essential volunteer, Robyn, will go to each classroom to collect students for retakes. Please instruct your child to speak up when she comes to their classroom. All students who were absent on picture will automatically have their photos taken. If you wish to order photos online go to Ridgeline’s Picture Day ID is EVTTKS2XQ

P.S. Halloween is a fantastically fun holiday. Help your students remember to keep the candy at home. (Unless they want to share it with me of course. I will assume all candy brought to school is meant as a gift for the teacher ;)

Thank you,

Jasper and Anna

Jasper's Update 10-15-21

Hello, Room 10 Adults,

Happy short school week! Even though it was a short week, we were busy busy busy. Students worked together to make a timeline of their lives with a significant event for each year. Then we reviewed a classic Montessori lesson, fundamental needs. What is the difference between a material need and a spiritual need? Ask you student!

In science, the stars and their relative brightness were the topic of conversation and we started our scale models of the solar system. (P.S. If you haven’t filled out the permission forms please contact the office A.S.A.P. as we will be taking a walk to place our models next week.)

We had a couple of Friday STEM activities. One was designing the delivery cargo planes for Piggy’s Amazoinks business empire. Which plane flew the best? Then, Piggy’s company did so well with their new fleet of planes that it put all the other pig shops out of business and Piggy had a brilliant idea… They decided to build brick-and-mortar shops. (Wow so original) What shop did your student design?

No School Lunch Monday - Due to 4J staffing shortages and the 4J no school day on Monday, there will be no school lunch on October 18. Please send your child with lunch from home that day if they regularly get school lunch. We apologize for the inconvenience.

LTD Bus Pass - Students who ride LTD have the opportunity to receive an annual bus pass through the LTD Touchpass program. Ridgeline will cover the pass costs at this time. As a charter school we are not included in the free pass program as stated in the permission slip. Please sign up for a pass only if your student is a bus rider as the number of passes we have are limited. If your student needs a pass by the October 31 end of the free rider deadline, please sign up by October 22 so we have time to process the card and send it home.

Thank you,

Jasper and Anna

Jasper's Update 9-30-21

Happy October!

We’ve had a couple busy community building weeks here in Room 10. Last week, we decided that our mascot, Piggy, needed some new clothes. Groups of designers came up with sweet new outfits and created the clothing and accessories. Lucky Piggy! See the pictures below of your designers hard at work!

Timeline of Life Projects continue. Some students finished their research and started making their final product. What did your student decide to research? What is their final project? I’ve seen slideshows, 3d models, posters and more.

What’s the difference between Archaeology and Paleontology? We asked this question on Tuesday and modeled how an Archaeology site may be buried over time. Was your student’s “site” funded after the core sample? Did they find any signs of human’s occupying their area? Ask and find out how we excavated our sites afterward.

We are lucky this year to have multiple specials. On top of P.E., we have a new art teacher, Rena, who visits our classroom twice a week. Our counselor, Heather, also visits the classroom once a week to work on Social Emotional Learning.

Monthly Donor Match Starts Friday - One of our most important fundraising activities of the year starts this Friday, October 1! During the month of October each and every new or increased Monthly Donation will earn the school an additional $50. Click here to sign up as a Monthly Donor!

Making a Monthly Donation is a great way to spread out your annual contributions over the course of the school year. Monthly Donations also help with budget management and it is the most efficient use of our volunteer-led Fundraising Committee's time. We thank you for your support!

Thank you,

Jasper and Anna

Jasper's Update 9-16-21

Hello, Room 10 Adults!

Here we are, immersed in another school year, one full week in.

This week, and last, we spent much of our time learning the routines of the classroom and how transitioning from outside to inside (and vice versa) looks like. Your student is settling in well and figuring things out quickly! I hope they are sharing with you what morning circle looks like, where they keep their indoor shoes, and what they are now keeping in their cubbies. You should also ask about Unconventional Journal. Why is it unconventional?

As we start moving into being comfortable with each other in the classroom and what lessons look like in the coming weeks, we will start our core subjects of history, science, math, writing, and reading. Next week we also start P.E. and Art. Our P.E. days are Wednesday and Thursday so please make sure your student has good athletic style shoes for those days. P.E. will be outdoors rain or shine so also keep an eye on the weather and send a raincoat or extra dry clothes if needed!

If you haven’t sent indoor shoes or a water bottle yet, they are both encouraged. The water fountain is out of order and the indoor shoes help keep our carpet staying blue (instead of muddy brown).

Picture Day Order Forms - Picture Day is Thursday, September 23. If you want pictures, you can either fill out the paper form and bring it in by Thursday, or fill out the form online.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the first rain in months!

Jasper and Anna