Room 10- Jasper

Classroom Updates

Jasper's Update 9-16-21

Hello, Room 10 Adults!

Here we are, immersed in another school year, one full week in.

This week, and last, we spent much of our time learning the routines of the classroom and how transitioning from outside to inside (and vice versa) looks like. Your student is settling in well and figuring things out quickly! I hope they are sharing with you what morning circle looks like, where they keep their indoor shoes, and what they are now keeping in their cubbies. You should also ask about Unconventional Journal. Why is it unconventional?

As we start moving into being comfortable with each other in the classroom and what lessons look like in the coming weeks, we will start our core subjects of history, science, math, writing, and reading. Next week we also start P.E. and Art. Our P.E. days are Wednesday and Thursday so please make sure your student has good athletic style shoes for those days. P.E. will be outdoors rain or shine so also keep an eye on the weather and send a raincoat or extra dry clothes if needed!

If you haven’t sent indoor shoes or a water bottle yet, they are both encouraged. The water fountain is out of order and the indoor shoes help keep our carpet staying blue (instead of muddy brown).

Picture Day Order Forms - Picture Day is Thursday, September 23. If you want pictures, you can either fill out the paper form and bring it in by Thursday, or fill out the form online.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the first rain in months!

Jasper and Anna