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General Fund

Ridgeline's general fundraisers support the annual operating budget. Our parent group (Ridgeline Community Organization) raises money for the general fund to pay for music, PE, counseling, and field-trip scholarships. These fundraisers include the annual Direct Donation Drive (DDD) as well as special events and ongoing fundraisers.

Pasta Dinner

Ridgeline’s annual Pasta Dinner is coming up Friday, March 3.The dinner menu will include penne pasta with marinara sauce and pesto, salad, and bread. Also featured this year are classroom painted pasta bowls for auction, centerpiece paper flowers, and a performance by Ridgeline’s middle school uke group, T.R.U.E.! We are asking for a suggested donation of $5 per person or $20 per family. The Pasta Dinner is an RCO fundraiser supporting the general fund fundraising goal of $40,000 for this school year.

Ridgeline's Fundraising Calendar 2016-2017

FALL: Direct Donation Drive (DDD) September 7-December 16
The biggest fundraiser for the Ridgeline RCO parent group, the DDD will be the primary focus in the fall. Ridgeline parents committed to raising $40,000 this year to support the school's general fund; $30,000 of this will be through the DDD. These funds directly impact all students by paying for PE, music, the school counselor, and scholarships for families that need help paying for field trips and supply fees.  If every family contributes $225, we will meet our DDD goal. Monthly donations can be made by check, through Paypal (see above) or through your bank's bill pay system.  

OCTOBER 11: Laughing Planet restaurant fundraiser. Ridgeline receives 15% of the entire day's sales.

NOVEMBER 18: Book Fair at Barnes & Noble 
Shop all day and a percentage of your purchase goes to Ridgeline. Come to the bookstore between 6-8 pm for entertainment by Ridgeline students and staff. Friends and family around the country can also make purchases and support Ridgeline by giving the store cashier our book fair ID number (the ID # will be available on flyers prior to the book fair). Teachers will have wish lists at the store if you would like to purchase books and donate them to the classrooms.
DECEMBER 3: RCO Continental Breakfast and Craft Fair
RCO is hosting a continental breakfast and student craft fair in the gym. This is the first year of this event. Stay tuned for more details in upcoming eNews.

MAY 19: Jog-a-thon