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eNews 6-4-2020

posted Jun 5, 2020, 12:44 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Report Cards - This year reports cards will look really different than they have in the past. To help relieve the pressure on students, families, and teachers, we are implementing a more standardized reporting approach for the second semester. The intent of this reporting document is to provide information about a child’s engagement and participation during distance learning while also meeting the State’s reporting requirements. You will see one of two marks for the spring semester: pass or incomplete. Report cards will be emailed to families by June 15. If you have questions about the report card please email your student’s teacher (rather than reply to the sender).

Site Council Meeting - The Site Council will meet Monday, June 8th, 5:30-7:00 p.m. If you would like to join our meeting as a guest, here is the link. Meeting ID: 852 9367 9298 Password: 8C1kpj

Where Are We on Planning for Next School Year? No survey this week; just an update! A committee of staff and board members have been meeting for the last month, working on plans for next school year. First and foremost: we are still working without the state guidance that tells us what the rules are, so there is no concrete plan to share right now. We have, with the help of numerous community members, laid out 4 guiding principles for the work: protecting physical and emotional health; remaining true to our public Montessori mission; ensuring that all of our students have the access, tools, and support they need to succeed; and responsibly caring for our human and financial resources. With your help, we have gathered a snapshot of how things are for our families and staff: we see a wide range of comfort levels with the idea of returning and a wide range of abilities to manage continued remote learning. A group has been looking at our physical space to determine what we can realistically accommodate in our classrooms. Another group has been running schedule simulations to identify the opportunities and challenges associated with any sort of staggered schedule. A third group has been considering the building improvements, purchases, policies, and procedures that may be necessary to meet reopening guidelines. This is a HUGE undertaking. Keep reading!


What can you expect? These are our best educated guesses at this point. Expect a slow start to the school year. Teachers are going to need time to come back and rework their classrooms; students are going to need time to come back and learn new routines. We anticipate staggered scheduling, much like kindergarten has always done, where only a subset of a class will come together for the first days or weeks. Expect remote learning to continue throughout the year next year. Everything points to us having to limit the number of students on campus, which means that there will always be students working remotely. And, there may be times when we are all working remotely again. Expect staggered scheduling and a shortened school week. In order to meet any social distancing guidelines, we will have to stagger attendance. In order for teachers to teach both in-person and remotely, they will need additional prep time. Expect "school" to look different for different students. We must ensure that every Ridgeline student can fully access and benefit from their education. We know that each child is unique, and we treasure that about them. We are committed to finding ways to support all of their needs--every single child.

What's next? Guidance is due out from the Oregon Department of Education early next week. We will read it, digest it, and get to planning as quickly as humanly possible once it does. Once plans start to solidify, we will begin letting you know how you can help. As always, we appreciate our community's support and continued grace through these challenges. 

7th Grade Move Up Day - Middle School staff will be sending out information about Move Up Day for incoming 7th graders. Stay tuned!


Class Placement - Middle school cohorts are established in late August so you will not receive placement information for your student moving up to 7th grade. When class placements are made for first and fourth grade, their cohorts are full.  There is no way to move a child into a classroom without moving another child out of that classroom.  All children are equally important, so it isn’t fair to displace one child simply to accommodate for another. All children’s needs are taken into account through the rigorous, collaborative, thoughtful and heart-filled process Ridgeline employs for classroom placement.  


Parents who have concerns after Move-up Day can submit their concern to  In the fall, a committee will meet to see if there have been any changes in first or fourth grade enrollment.  If there have been any changes, they may review requests at that time.  


Thank you for supporting and trusting the process.  Many of our core values come strongly into play during this process:


Honorable character: choosing kindness, honesty, and responsibility.


Visionary leadership: cultivating and guiding with resourcefulness, perseverance, and creativity.


Dedicated stewardship: honoring and responsibly caring for each other and the resources entrusted to us.


Joyful community: trusting in the basic goodness of people.


An inclusive spirit: welcoming all who choose a public Montessori education.



Site Council Parent Representatives - In recent weeks we have asked for applications for Site Council parent reps. With the deadline passed, and only one application submitted for the two positions, we would like to announce Ben Muir as our new Site Council parent rep. Below you will find Ben’s application. There remains one open parent rep. position on the Site Council in addition to the minute taker position. If you are interested in either of these openings, please contact Cynthia.


Meet Site Council Parent Representative - 

Hi Ridgeline families,

My name is Ben Muir.  Like all of you, I have a significant investment in Ridgeline: the academic and social development of my kids.  I have three children, two of whom currently attend Ridgeline: Beatrix in 2nd grade and August in kindergarten.  I also have a daughter named Linnaea, who is two.  My family has been part of the Ridgeline community for the last three years, and I’m expecting it to continue until Linnaea finishes 8th grade - in another eleven years!

I have been a teacher for a number of years in New York City, Eugene, and Springfield, and currently I am an instructional coach at Hamlin Middle School in Springfield.  Now that my children are a little older, and parenting isn’t quite so intense, I’ve been looking for a way I could contribute to Ridgeline with the skills I have, but also considering that I am at work during school hours.  As an instructional coach and a member of Hamlin’s leadership team, I have some understanding of creating and implementing a school vision, organizing and clarifying educational systems, collecting and analyzing data from different stakeholders, meeting facilitation, and communicating with different groups of people.

We’ve been happy with our family’s experience in the classroom and as part of the broader Ridgeline community.  I’ve been impressed at both the school’s outreach to the community and the family involvement in the school.  As a site council parent representative, I’d like to continue to foster that school-community relationship.  




STILL NEEDED! Weeding Garden Beds/Sidewalks - Volunteers needed to weed the garden beds and the sidewalks. Get out of your house, enjoy the beautiful spring weather and get volunteer hours! Contact Cynthia after you weed to update her on progress. Photos are always great too!


STILL NEEDED! Summer Watering – If you live in the neighborhood and have time to help water the outdoor plants (and get volunteer hours!) at Ridgeline over the summer, please email our summer watering coordinator Jesse Clonginger


Have You Moved? - With only a few weeks left in the school year we want to make sure our records are up to date and that you will receive school mailings. If you have moved during the school year please let us know by filling out this form. Contact Leauriy if you have any questions.

RCO 2020-21 - The RCO (Ridgeline Community Organization) is our parent group. All Ridgeline Parents are automatically members of the RCO. Historically, the RCO has been headed by two parents, co-conveners, who share duties of business meeting facilitation, along with parent education, service opportunities, hosting events such as Student Marketplace, movie nights, etc. Prior to this spring’s school closure RCO leaders were contemplating a re-imaging of this group, brainstorming ways to better serve the needs of our parents in a growing digital age. The traditional in-person monthly meeting was not reaching the vast majority of our families. 

Here we are two months down the road, living in a different world altogether.  There are currently many unknowns for the 2020-21 school year but, whatever school looks like, we still need parents who have energy to see the possibilities, to engage our families, to build community. We are looking for parents to help us create a new vision for our parent group. Volunteers who are creative and want to foster togetherness, even though we may end up being physically apart. If you are interested in being involved in the planning and in implementing the RCO of 2020-21, contact Cynthia


Imagine That - As fellow Eugene teachers who care about children we wanted to let you know that we have created a take home version of the Imagine That camp which many Ridgeline students have attended in the past and which we have been hosting in Eugene for over 25 years.  It is over 50 hours of art, drama, music, dance, and adventure activities that kids can do at home.  We know many camps have been cancelled this year which is hard for parents who are working at home so we made this offering to help keep children busy and active but still safe at home.

If you could spread the word to your beloved students and families so they know this offering is available that would be fantastic. Information can be found at 

We are all in this together and we hope to continue to bring joy and light to the children of Eugene even in these unstable times.

Thank you,

The Imagine That team