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eNews 4-6-18

posted Apr 6, 2018, 9:38 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Upcoming Traffic Plans - There has been ongoing discussion regarding student and community safety and ease of traffic flow during drop off and pick up times. Site Council has designed (with input from parents and community neighbors) a new afternoon pick up procedure in order to prioritize safety for our students as well as our community members. Fliers will be sent home soon explaining the details of the plan, but for now, we need some of our amazing family members to volunteer. Let’s work together and do all we can to keep our kids safe!

We need several volunteers to help daily. One volunteer will be stationed at the driveway entrance to Ridgeline at W. Amazon to hand out fliers to drivers arriving before 3:05 p.m., outlining the new circle "airport" style pick up protocol. Two volunteers will be stationed at the corner of West Amazon and Rosewood Way to enforce no queueing on the street.  Click HERE to help! Beginning May 1, the pick-up circle will not be open for pick-up traffic until 3:05pm, allowing access to delivery vehicles, early pick-ups, and to keep the fire lane open. Vehicles arriving early will be encouraged to park and walk to the dismissal area.  If necessary, cars can also park and return to the circle at 3:05 or circle the neighborhood until 3:05 p.m. 


RCO Meeting April 10, 6:00-7:30 pm. Parent Education Topic: Upper Elementary. We are excited to present Mary Bach-Jackson, one of Ridgeline's upper elementary teachers, who will be sharing about the program. Is your child transitioning to upper elementary next year? Are you interested in learning more about your child's current program in upper elementary? Join us on Tuesday, April 10th for our last parent education presentation of the year.  Free childcare will be provided. 


TIme is running out! We need your help! We have three opportunities for you to serve our students and our school as a partner in leadership in the Ridgeline community. RCO Co-Convener and Site Council Representative are both wonderful ways to step up your level of engagement with the community and have a voice in the processes of our school. Would you prefer to not be as involved in planning, but still support the school? RCO will need a minute taker for our meetings next year. Please email today to find out more!


Terracycle Update - Greetings, I recently spoke to customer service at Terracycle about what can go into the wrapper collection box.  We can ONLY collect energy/snack bar foil lined wrappers, from any kind of bars.  No candy, Annie's cookies, or potato chips wrappers etc. 

Ridgeline recently received a check form Terracycle for $60 for the first shipment of wrappers.  Way to go! Please make sure the wrappers are completely empty of food, the ants are having a great time in the collection barrels.  Thank you for making a difference. –Lynne Lucas, Ridgeline volunteer.




Budget Committee Members – Do you want to learn more about Ridgeline’s finances and participate in the budget process?  There will be 3-4 meetings in late April and the month of May.  Email if you are interested in joining the committee! 


How to Log Volunteer Hours – Please remember to log your hours. To use Sign.up click on the link to record general, non-event hours. You can choose from 1 hour or 30 minute time “spots.” Please round up to the nearest half hour and sign up on as many spots as you need to record all of your time. We seem to be suffering from an under reporting problem.  You are all so amazing and we want to know about all your volunteer time!

Production Room Purge/Organizing Volunteer – We are looking for a volunteer to help us re-vamp the production room counter and shelves. There are items that could be removed and others in need of storing so that the counter can be an open area for production. Contact Cynthia to volunteer.


Office Fairy – Our old fairy has fluttered away! We are in need of a new office fairy to help us keep the office, production room, and kitchenette clean and tidy. The fairy may flutter in any time the office is open 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Contact Cynthia for more information and to volunteer.


Class Placement 2018-19 - Ridgeline Montessori will soon begin the process of class placement for those students moving up from kindergarten to lower elementary and lower elementary to upper elementary.  The appropriate placement of students into individual classrooms is a very important task. The Ridgeline staff puts much thought and time into placing children in classrooms.  We want every child to succeed in a supportive and challenging environment. 


A team of staff, including Sharon Martin, will carefully consider your child’s learning needs along with the following factors in creating classroom communities:


·       A balance of class size, age and gender

·       A balance of academic strengths

·       A balance of learning styles

·       A balance of social skills

·       Placement of students with special learning needs

·       Separation of students who are unable to work well together

·       Consideration of parental information


We recognize there may be times when parents wish to share specific needs, concerns, or information regarding classroom placement.  A Parent Input Form is available. When filling out the input form, please focus on your child’s unique personality, strengths, learning style, and needs (social, emotional and academic). Your information will be strongly considered; however, the school maintains the right to make the final decision regarding class placement.  To be considered valid, a Parent Input Form must be received by Friday, April 20th



Ukes for Big Kids -

Do you like to sing in the shower/car/grocery store line? Have you always wanted to learn a musical instrument, but never had the time, opportunity, or patience? It's time to seize the day! 


Middle School teacher, and TRUE director, Jon Labrousse, is starting up his "Ukes for Big Kids" class again on Thursday, April 19, from 6-7:30pm. Classes will be every Thursday in Jon's classroom in the back of Building B. Cost for the class is $40 per month for 4 sessions. (Short months will be pro-rated.) For more information, please e-mail jon@soundfound.orgInformation and Registration can also be found here.