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eNews 3-14-19

posted Mar 15, 2019, 11:20 AM by Cynthia Friedman

That’s a Q, not a G!!! - This year’s DDD theme is “Stitching our Quilt Together.” Over these four weeks we are highlighting some of the beautiful pieces that come together to create Ridgeline. Why quilts? Because they contain so many unique and distinct pieces. Because those pieces combine to be so much more together than they were on their own. Because they are the product of vision, skill and dedication. Because the end product is both beautiful and functional. There are so many great parallels to the work that goes on within each of our young people and within our school.

This week we have been highlighting the classroom materials that your support provides. As of today, we’re $9,142.99 of the way to our $20,000 goal for the month. If you’ve not been following along on Facebook, you can catch a recap of this week’s posts here. If you’d like to contribute, you can do that here or just stop by the office!

Though a cursive “q” looks a lot like a cursive “g”, there is never any “guilt” intended in our fundraising efforts! Each and every one of you is a valuable piece of what makes us whole. We appreciate your support for Ridgeline and our students in ALL of the forms it takes.

Branch Moving Work Party - We need your help! Friday, March 22nd at 2pm Dan Trent, our facilities person will lead a team of volunteers to carry all the downed tree branches to the parking lot to be chipped. Many branches came down during the storm and we need your help to clear the grounds. All family members who help will receive volunteer hours. Sign up here to volunteer.

Thank you to Dan and Robyn! - It was calculated that Dan Trent and Robyn Suzuma shoveled 8 tons of snow last Friday in order to dig out the hill of snow behind building A! A huge thank you to them for all their hard work.

Furniture Mover Needed - We are looking for at least two volunteers to help us move tables and chairs to set up the computer lab for state testing after spring break. Volunteers needed April 4 or 5. We also need a volunteer to set out mouse pads and mice the following week. Contact Cynthia to volunteer.

Parent Input Requested by Site Council Parent Representatives -

Monday, March 18th Site Council will be deciding on snow-day makeup hours. Please email site council ( if you have an opinion (with reasons) about inclement weather makeup days.

  • Number of hours 4J elementary had scheduled prior to the snow episode:  915.2

  • Number of hours Ridgeline had scheduled prior to the snow episode: 919.8

  • Hours Ridgeline currently has scheduled, post-snow episode: 896.92

  • Hours we must add back to reach minimum required 900 hours at elementary level: 3.08

  • Difference in hours between 4J’s calendar and ours post snow days: 18.28

Eugene School District 4J added the following hazardous weather makeup days

  • Friday, March 15 (originally scheduled as a no-school day for professional development and planning)

  • Friday, June 14

  • Monday, June 17

  • Tuesday, June 18

Ridgeline’s Board of Directors feel very strongly about adding back the full number of instructional hours we lost, which is 22.87.

Ridgeline’s administration recommends either extending two or more Fridays to a full day or extending June 13 to a full day and making the last day of school an early release day on Friday, June 14.

One option Site Council discussed was to add a full day of school April 1 (currently a planning day), extend June 13 from a half day to full day, and add June 14 as an early release day. This still would not add back the full amount of instructional time.

Others things to consider:

  • Adding 15 minutes to each day could make up a significant amount of time (starting the day earlier or dismissing later)

  • Often times childcare facilities only offer childcare on 4J no school days. So, if we don't add June 17th and 18th, it might be a challenge for some of our families to find childcare.

  • Ridgeline’s early release Fridays are an important time for staff meetings, planning and training.

Please share your thoughts by emailing

Kitchenette Fairy - Sadly, our kitchenette fairy has fluttered on to other activities so we are again looking for a volunteer who can pop in on a regular basis to clean up the kitchenette and production room areas. Regular cleaning is important in our ongoing ant battle. The fairy can come anytime between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Contact Cynthia to volunteer.

Site Council Parent Representative – Site Council is a group made up of representatives from each of the school’s stakeholder groups. As one of three parent reps, you will be the voice of Ridgeline parents on the council and will work with other council members to ensure that everyone involved in the school has a voice in how our school grows and develops. The main objectives of the site council are to provide visionary leadership for the school and to provide a forum for all stakeholder groups. Some of the topics Site Council addresses are the family survey, traffic concerns, and the school calendar.

Site Council meets monthly. Parent reps are asked to serve a 3-year term and attend RCO meetings in addition to Site Council meetings. If you are interested in serving on Site Council, please join our next meeting: Monday, April 22, 6:00-7:30 pm.  You can also email or contact Cynthia in the office with any questions you may have.

Spring TAG Testing Window - We are currently accepting nominations for children that may qualify as Talented and Gifted, meaning that they might test in the top 3% of the population in mathematics, reading, or intellect.  If you have a child that you would like to nominate, please contact Principal Sharon at

During this testing window, we will accept recommendations for:

  • Grades K-2: math, reading or intellectually gifted

  • Grades 3-12: intellectually gifted ONLY (state tests are used for academic qualification)  

Please ask for referral forms in the front office.  There is a tight turn-around deadline (March 22), so please consider filling in the form and signing it on site.  


Library Volunteers – Classrooms call the office and ask, “Is there a library volunteer?”, and sadly, most often the answer is “No.” We know that you work, and that you have little people with you, and that there is, well, life. But if you happen to have an hour or two per week to take a shift in the library, we would be so thrilled! The library room is used for students to have an alternate space to work independently or in small groups. Volunteers may bring their own work, crafts, or artwork as long as they can be present to supervise students and be available to answer questions and assist students as needed. Contact Cynthia for shift openings and to volunteer. Library volunteers need to be green badged.

Missing Recorders – Amelia, our music teacher, would like to ask everyone to look in their homes and vehicles to see if they have any Ridgeline recorders (you know, the instrument). She is missing a bunch of them. Likely they have a student name on them and she believes some students who moved to upper-el this year still have one at home. Please drop off found recorders at the office.

Lightbulb Tester – We need a volunteer to sort through our stock of fluorescent light bulbs and separate the unused from the used ones. Explore the closet under the stairs that you probably didn’t know existed, and earn volunteer hours! Contact Cynthia to volunteer.  

Are You the Next RCO Co-convenor? The Ridgeline Community Organizers are recruiting for the next Co-convenor for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years.


Along with Amanda Bedortha, this Co-convenor will organize semi-monthly RCO presentations and community-building activities, as well as help with some fundraising events. The position is for 2 school years, beginning this Fall 2019. Being a Co-convenor is a fun, exciting way to earn volunteer hours and get more involved in the school.

To learn more, email Amanda or RCO.

Emergency Preparedness Committee Lead – We are looking for a self-starter volunteer who is passionate and willing to lead a school emergency preparedness committee. There are a couple of parents who have expressed interest in helping on this committee, but they are not able to lead it at this time. Contact Cynthia to volunteer.

Report your volunteer hours with Track It Forward:

Planned Absence Request Form


Board of Director Meeting Minutes



Submit art for the 2nd Annual Kids Earth Day Art Show Contest! -

The theme is "What can we do to stop climate change? Share your solution ideas that heal and protect the Earth." All entries will receive a small prize, and 3 entries per age group will receive a larger prize. Art on display at the Eugene Library during April and May.  Submissions due March 21st. Hope to see some of your kids' amazing art again this year!


Info and entry form here:


Art Classes 4 For $40!

We teach private art classes for children ages 10 and up.  My husband is the instructor. I am the scheduler/coordinator.  If you have a student not quite 10 years old but ready and willing to embark on the learning adventure of art classes, we can discuss for possible early introduction of classes for them.


Payment of $40 (four 1-hr classes) is due upon first class.  We accept cash, check, Venmo, PayPal (through Friends & Family method), or credit card through Square (with $3 added fee).  Each class is accounted for, so that if you miss a class for any reason it does not count as one of your paid classes.


Please contact me, Kesha Hawk, at for scheduling and all questions.