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eNews 11-2-18

posted Nov 2, 2018, 11:56 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Good Neighbors -  We have received calls from neighbors who are unable to get out of their houses because our families are blocking their driveways. Neighbors also report parents parking in their driveways and letting their kids out for school. We also have had reports of parents parking at the LTD bus stop, and up to and on corners.

It is illegal and unsafe to park in the following locations:

  • in front of a driveway and hindering access to the driveway

  • less than 10 feet away from fire hydrants

  • less than 20 feet away from marked or unmarked crosswalks at intersections

  • less than 50 feet from a traffic sign

  • at a bus stop

Now that W. Amazon is open again we encourage you to use the park and stride at the Annex. We also hear that Larch, the street to the south of Ridgeline is not full, so parking there is another option.


Food Pantry - Thank you to everyone who has donated to the pantry! We are always in need of shelf stable single serve items. Yogurt, granola bars, carrots packs from Costco, apples and oranges are all good items. We are currently set for string cheese and apple sauce.


Office Fairy – Our old fairy has fluttered away! We are in need of a new office fairy to help us keep the office, production room, and kitchenette clean and tidy. The fairy may flutter in any time the office is open 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Contact Cynthia for more information and to volunteer.


Book Fair – Our annual book fair at Barnes and Noble is two weeks away, Friday, November 16!  Please join us at the Barnes and Noble Book Fair to purchase holiday gifts, buy books for classrooms, watch classroom performances, and enjoy a fun evening together.

A percentage of the book fair purchases at Barnes & Noble will go to Ridgeline. This includes friends’ and family purchases at stores around the country! Just give them the book fair ID number 12392569. All purchases need to be made November 16-21. You must tell the cashier you are with our book fair and give the ID number for it to count toward the book fair. Online purchases do count, although the percentage back to Ridgeline is much less.

Features at the book fair this year:

  • Welcome table inside the front door of the bookstore for Ridgeline families to get a book fair schedule and book fair ID sticker. This sticker will assist Barnes & Noble staff in identifying book fair shoppers to ensure that all qualifying purchases count towards our book fair.

  • All performances will be in the music area.

  • Teachers’ wish list book bins will be in the children’s department, along with the bookmark-making table.

Book Fair Performance Schedule – (note: times are approximate. Please arrive with plenty of time to spare!) Plan to leave extra time to get to Barnes & Noble due to the road construction on I-105 or take an alternative route.

6:00pm       Diana – reciting poems “What is a Book?” and “I like Fall”

6:10pm      Emily's Class – singing “The River Song” and “The Fox”        

6:25pm      Eric's Class – music performance -”Kookuburra” and “Scotmand’s Burning”

6:40pm      Cheri's Class – music performance - “Pierrot, the Moon” and “This Little Light of Mine”

6:53 pm Combined Lower-el - “Dona Nobis Pacem” and “Goodbye”

7:00pm      Middle School – T.R.U.E. performance

7:15pm Mary’s Class - TBA

7:30pm      Meridy’s Class - Presentations from Room 9

7:45pm      Clint’s Class - Short skits on Montessori philosophy



Crossing Guard - The W. Amazon paving project is nearing completion and we are looking for a volunteer to act as a crossing guard in the mornings and afternoons at the corner for W. Amazon and Fox Hollow. According to the signage the project will be complete October 31st. We would especially like volunteers the first week the road is open as drivers will be re-acclimating themselves to that intersection and we want to keep kids safe! Sign up on Track it Forward to volunteer.


Stone Soup – Ridgeline’s long standing tradition of Stone Soup is Wednesday, November 21. Students bring vegetables to school on Tuesday and slice them in the classrooms for the communal soups that our amazing volunteers cook outside the gym the next day. Volunteer here for the day of and here to help with veggie slicing the day before.


Library Volunteering - We are having trouble filling in library volunteer spots. It is especially wonderful to have a volunteer to supervise the library space during morning work period. Classrooms are small and often times a student or small group of students look to the library as an alternative quiet place to work.  Click here to volunteer. If you can volunteer but the times listed don’t match your availability contact Cynthia. The times can be adjusted.


Kindergarten Grandparent’s Day Volunteers - We need six volunteers to help with Grandparent’s Day. Volunteers will help our visitors park, check in, set up the refreshments table, and escort them to the class. Click here to volunteer.


Daily Cone Mover - We are looking for a volunteer to put cones out prior to dismissal on the corner of Rosewood and Larch and then retrieve them after dismissal is complete. Cars have been parking on these corners creating unsafe intersections for student walkers. One option for the cone volunteer is to keep the cones in their car so that they do not have to walk back and forth from school. Contact Cynthia to volunteer.


TAG Referral Deadline: November 12 -  A number of people have taken referral forms for TAG evaluation for their kiddos, but we only have a couple of completed forms that have found their way back to the office.  This is just a friendly reminder that completed referral form(s) are available in the front office and are due by November 12.


Helping Your Child Cope With Anxiety -  

Ridgeline is pleased to offer a parent education night focused on coping with anxiety.  We are fortunate to be able to partner with the University of Oregon’s Couples and Family Therapy Program.  Three experienced graduate students will be presenting on this topic. Please see their attached biographies to check out the wonderful work they are currently doing with children and families. We’ve asked them to help us address some of the following points:

-What are developmentally appropriate tools for addressing anxiety?

-What is the appropriate language to use around this issue?

-When is it time to seek professional help for a child?

-What are symptoms that might commonly get overlooked?

-In a community, how might the kids help each other?                                        

Where: Ridgeline Library

When: November 6, 2018 from 6:00-7:30 pm

Childcare for toilet-trained children is available. Click here to sign up for childcare.

Celeste Mena got her Bachelor's degree of Psychology at the University of Oregon on 2016. She is currently a graduate student in the Masters of Couples and Family Therapy at the University of Oregon. She works at the Stress Neurobiology and Prevention Research Lab in the FIND project, which focus on enhancing parent-child interactions. Celeste is currently an intern at Centro Latino Americano, where she works with families, couples, and individuals from different backgrounds and ages.

Melissa Kasik is currently a graduate student in the Couples and Family Therapy program at the University of Oregon. She works with girls ages 11-18 at Ophelia’s Place and does school-based therapy at Thurston Middle School.

June Park is a 2nd-year graduate student in the Couples and Family Therapy program at the University of Oregon. She works with elementary school-aged students by providing counseling services as an intern therapist at Bethel Health Center. She is also currently working as a facilitator of a weekly support group for children and families grieving the death of a loved one with Courageous Kids.



Update Your Student's Immunization Records - It’s time to get all your student’s immunization information updated with the school. If your student is a kindergartener and has not turned in their immunization information, or your student has received shots since February, please update your information with the office. You can bring in a printed copy of immunizations provided by your healthcare provider or drop in and update an immunization status card. We are starting to review records and will be contacting families that have missing information. If you are unsure if your information is up-to-date, please email Jen and she will check the records.


Meal Train - The Walser family just gave birth to their newest son, Sonny Wray Walser, on October 13. He was born via cesarean, at 5 lbs 4 ozs. He is doing well, but has had to stay in the NICU while he grows stronger.

We would love to help their family during this exciting and stressful time by offering a meal train for them. The RCO has set one up at mealtrain. Soup is a big hit in their house, as are breads, pastas, salads, sweet potatoes—“all potatoes actually”—rice, international. Their son Briggs does not eat beef and pork but “we can make anything work,” says Kate.

The family is also in need of rides for their Ridgeline kiddos. Due to postpartum recovery, Kate cannot drive for the next 4 weeks. Rides would mainly be needed in the afternoon for their 4 children, any Tues/Thursday/Friday afternoons would be wonderful. The Walsers live in the River Road Area.

The family can be contacted at Kate: 704-361-5253 or Jeremy: 541-232-2196.


STILL NEEDED eScrip Coordinator – We are looking for a new eScrip coordinator. The coordinator promotes eScrip by providing information in the eNews and on Facebook, preparing handouts to be sent home, and being a presence at evening events to help families sign up. EScrip has the potential to be a larger fundraising opportunity than it currently is; all we need is a passionate coordinator! Contact Cynthia for more details and to volunteer.

eScrip Update Here’s how to use the new Text-to-Register feature!  

Group Name:  Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School

Group ID:  6288709

It’s simple, easy and fast! Follow this link, then select the area where you live and shop to get started.  escrip   


STILL NEEDED - Shoe Fundraiser Coordinator Ridgeline will be participating in a shoe drive fundraiser this year, and we are looking for a second coordinator. The coordinator will oversee promoting the drive, bin collections, packaging the shoes, and sending them off. Contact Ann Carney for more details at

Minute Takers - STILL NEEDED - RCO and Site Council are still looking for minute takers. Site Council meets once per month on Mondays 6-7:30pm. The RCO meets every two months on Mondays. If you are interested please contact Site Council at and RCO at

Student Marketplace Are you already thinking about this year’s Student Marketplace and Continental Breakfast? Our 3rd annual Student Marketplace will be Saturday, December 8. Many students may have a favorite craft they love to make or a new craft they want to try. All grades can participate, and students in every grade have made amazing creations for our event.

Now is the time for students to think about what they want to create and make. All students who want to participate need to submit their proposal through our new Google form. Submissions are due by November 7.  All upper-el and middle-school students have access to this through their Ridgeline email, but all students in Kindergarten through 8th grade can also submit through parent email as well. To learn more, email

Track it Forward App

Planned Absence Request Form


Board of Director Meeting Minutes


TeachOUT Trans*Parent Support Group -

For families with transgender and gender diverse children

This is a parent and family support group for families with transgender and gender expansive children.

The parent support group meets on the 2nd Thursday* of each month during the school year.

Facilitator: Julie Heffernan, UOTeachOUT co-director and Tina Gutierez-Schmich Bethel Equity Director


As a support group there are Three Basic Agreements:

· Confidentiality equates to a sense of security and environment of trust, both crucial to a successful group atmosphere. All groups require members agree to maintain confidentiality, essentially adhering to the idea, “What is said here, stays here.”

· Anonymity allows all families to participate with a sense of privacy and safety. If you see someone who attends the group when you are out in public, it’s fine to acknowledge them and chat. However, it would be inappropriate to tell someone else where you met or discuss confidential family information without a shared agreement.

· Participation is always voluntary. People have a right to just listen and others will become frequent speakers. Practice asking for what you need and share discussion time accordingly.

Balance with Technology Workshop - Attention parents, foster parents, teachers, daycare providers, or anyone that wants to learn how to create a balance with technology for their family. Learn strategies to put into immediate practice with your family to support a healthy balance of media use and family connection.  Do your kids, or perhaps you, spend too much time on your phone or electronic devices? We're all a little guilty of being digitally distracted at times. It's a hot topic, and there are tips and techniques that can help. Join us for Parenting in the Digital Age with author and therapist, Tom Kersting on Monday, Nov. 5 - registration is FREE. Learn more at…/

Rachael Levy

Executive Assistant

Oregon Community Programs

1170 Pearl St.

Eugene, OR 97401


Amazon Active Transportation Corridor Construction Overview

Project Overview

Beginning in early October 2018, the City of Eugene will construct a series of walking and biking projects along East Amazon Drive and Hilyard Street in south Eugene.

Project Components

Fall 2018

  • Construction of a two-way protected bike lane on the west side of East Amazon Drive from Dillard Road to Hilyard Street as part of the “Ridgeline to River Corridor” that will connect the Ridgeline trail system to the Ruth Bascom Riverfront Path system. Building the protected bikeway entails removing parking from E. Amazon Drive.

  • Construction of a bicycle signal to help riders get to and from the southeast and northwest corner of Hilyard and E. Amazon Dr./33rd Ave.

  • Extend the buffered bike lane on W. Amazon from Fox Hollow to Snell.

  • Extension of the Amazon Path on the west side of Hilyard Street from 34th Alley south to 36th Place.

Summer 2019

  • Full reconstruction of the soft-surface running trail along both sides of Amazon Creek.

  • Three new walking and biking bridges will be installed across Amazon Creek connecting East and West Amazon Drives. The bridges will be installed near 37th, 39th, and Dillard Road. The existing bridge at 39th Avenue will be removed.

To be constructed by 2020

  • A fourth walking and biking bridge will be installed across Amazon Creek connecting the commercial districts on the north portion of East and West Amazon.

  • The path along Hilyard Street will be extended to the south end of Tugman Park.

For more information: Reed Dunbar, Transportation Planner, 541-682-5727 Bryan Root, Project Manager, 541-682-5300

Please go to the project web page to view a map and additional information on this project.