Board News

April 21, 2015

In spring 2015 Ridgeline's board of directors begin a strategic-planning journey. We started by reworking our serviceable—but dusty—mission statement and crafting a vision statement. 

Our vision statement functions as our North Star. It describes what we aspire to be and guides us as we make long-term plans.

Empowering creative learners to build community and thoughtfully shape the world through public Montessori education.

Our mission statement is more of a description of what we do and how we do it:

We provide an academically rigorous Montessori education. Students balance their freedom to explore and think for themselves with their responsibility to work and learn within a community.

Thanks to all who participated in the first strategic planning session, which included the board, staff, administration, and parents. Special thanks to our facilitator, Yaeko Rodrigues. 

Next item on the strategic planning agenda, tentatively slated for the May board meeting: re-examining our school's core values.

—Jennifer Hornsby, Board President