eNews: Ridgeline Montessori’s Weekly News

posted Dec 9, 2010, 4:22 PM by Chrystell Reed

Weekly eNews is usually sent out on Thursdays.

Items for eNews must be submitted electronically (in print ready format) to Cynthia Friedman cynthia.friedman@ridgeline.org by Thursday at 8:30am.



Thursday, 12/9                  Brown Bag with the Board 11:30am at the Market of Choice upstairs

Friday, 12/10                    All crafts due for the Holiday Hall table by NOON!

Saturday, 12/11                Ridgeline’s table in the Holiday Hall at the Holiday Market 10am-6pm

Sunday, 12/12                   Ridgeline’s table in the Holiday Hall at the Holiday Market 10am-6pm

Monday, 12/13                  Site Council at Dunn 6-7:30pm

Mon.-Thurs, 12/13-12/16   Bring donations for the Joy of Sharing (see details below)

Tuesday, 12/14                Kinders dropped off at Willard

Tuesday, 12/14                 The Nutcracker Ballet performance in the Willard gym 8:45am

Wednesday, 12/15           bring vegetables to slice for stone soup

Thursday, 12/16    STONE SOUP – note the date change! entire school dismissed from Willard at 3pm

Thursday, 12/16                BRING A BOWL AND SPOON

Friday, 12/17                     Last day of school before winter break

Tuesday, 1/4                     Classes resume



Holiday Market – This weekend Ridgeline will have a table in the Holiday Hall at the Holiday Market at the fairgrounds. Stop by and shop, or say hi to our parent volunteers. The Market is open 10am-6pm both Saturday and Sunday.


1 volunteer still needed and back up volunteer for Saturday – We are still looking for a volunteer to sit at the Holiday Market table from 5-6pm on Saturday. We also need back up volunteers for Saturday should a volunteer not be able to do his/her shift. If you are able to volunteer for either position contact Cynthia.


Crafts for the Holiday Market – Please drop off your craft donations by NOON Friday at the very latest. Parent volunteers will be taking the crafts at that time to set up at the market. Crafts donated on Friday need to be dropped off at the Willard site. Thank you so much!


Vegetables for Stone Soup – Remember to send veggies with your student(s) Wednesday, December 15th for Stone Soup. Classes will be slicing them Wednesday for the soup.


Soup pots & table cloths – if you have fabric table cloths or soup pots that you can loan us for stone soup please drop them off at either office labeled with your name on them. We will be serving the soup at the tables in the cafeteria so they do not have to be the perfectly enormous pots. If you have a perfectly enormous pot we could still use one or two more also.


Bowl and Spoon – Help us cut down on waste by sending your student(s) to school with a bowl and spool on Thursday, December 16th for Stone Soup.


December 16th Dismissal- Dunn campus closed 1:30pm for Stone Soup. ALL STUDENTS WILL BE DISMISSED FROM THE WILLARD SITE AT 3PM.

The Joy of Sharing - Winter break is almost here which means it is time for the Joy of Sharing!
Our annual Food Drive will begin on December 13 and run through December 16. Please bring non-perishable items to school during this week. With the donated items, we will create and distribute food baskets to Ridgeline families in need.
Bring Back Muddy Puddle Clothes! – If your child comes home wearing muddy puddle clothes from the school, please wash them and return them ASAP. All pants smaller than size10 have gone home and none have returned.


Willard Lost & Found – If your student is missing clothing please stop by the office next week to look for it. We will have The Village School’s lost & found for you to look in also.


Socializing and Traffic Jams – When dropping off your students in the turn-around in the morning at Willard, please do not get out of your vehicle. This is strictly a drop off lane. We are thrilled you want to socialize with other parents, but please park your vehicle before you chat or make a date for coffee at a local café. Thanks for your cooperation.


Send in your boxtops! Boxtops are little coupons (about an inch square) on various food boxes (i.e. cereal, granola bars, etc) and sometimes Kleenex boxes and office supplies. Simply rip off the labels and bring them in to school. The coordinator collects these labels throughout the year and mails them in to redeem cash for the school and promotes the program. Additional information and earning opportunities can be found at www.boxtops4education.com. Questions?  Contact Tina Simon at tinas@uoregon.edu


Middle School Staffing - This is an update on the happenings in the middle school classroom. Jon Labrousse has been officially hired as lead teacher for the rest of the school year. The students are embracing the change and are excited about the proposals Jon has made. On a related note, Joy Lozano, the assistant in the classroom, has resigned effective of December 8, 2010. We will be posting this position immediately.



Test Proctor Needed for 3rd Grade OAKS Assessments – We are looking for a volunteer(s) to proctor the 3rd grade Oaks testing this spring. The volunteer(s) needs to be available on an ongoing basis between March and May and attend the staff in service OAKS training on Monday, January 3rd at 9am. If you are interested in this position please contact Chrystell at chrystell.reed@ridgeline.org


Slippers - Now that we are a few months into the school year some students slippers are starting to fall apart. With the holidays near and those fabulous store sales coming, we encourage you to check in with your students about the condition of their slippers. Shortly after the new year slippers disappear from the store shelves.