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Thank You!

We couldn't have won a $25,000 "forever home" grant from Chase Community Giving without the hundreds of hours of creative hard work by our amazing volunteers! You make us proud to be part of the Ridgeline community.

Heaps of thanks to: 

  • the students who helped with their tremendous voice-over talent and who "drew" and "painted" so convincingly: Jane, James, MaKaya, Eve, Lydia, and Azraia 
  • the student artists who helped make the video something special 
  • Cheri's class, who carried on with their work despite the camera's presence—especially Abby, Ian, Jayden, Massimo, and Rayna 
  • RCO (parent council), for help getting the word out 
  • Ridgeline staff, for your support, promotion, and flexibility 
  • the PR team: Rachael Carnes, Ellen Wojahn, Jen Hornsby, Cynthia Friedman, Lori O'Hollaran, Debbie Turetsky, Seth Sadofsky, Amy Genz, Andrea Allensis, Jennifer Kimball, Tina Matsuno, Darcy Guhl, Alice Parman, Hugh the blue unicorn, Jane, and Joel
  • Faith's class, for enthusiasm and PR help 
  • Jon West, for writing, performing, and sharing an original score 
  • musician Laurie Berkner, for her generosity 
  • David Adee, Principal Wally Bryant, and the Camas Ridge Community School marimba players, for musical inspiration 
  • Andy McConnell and Jeff Cook, for tech support 
  • Jonathan Thomas, for serving as gofer and brother-enlister 

Special thanks to: 

  • James Thomas, for crafting a simply gorgeous video 
  • Rachael Carnes, for energetic coaching of our PR team 
  • Ellen Wojahn, for working her writing and networking magic, and once again guiding us all with her wisdom 
  • Jen Hornsby, for creative vision, production management, and inspired leadership 
  • Amy Genz, who sparked us to enter this contest in the first place, for perseverance under pressure 

And to all who voted and spread the word: We couldn't have raised a dollar without you! 

—Chrystell Reed