Sharon's Weekly Update 9-22-16

posted Sep 22, 2016, 12:48 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Hello, Room 9 families!

We are back into the swing of the year! This week, we had a full assortment of lessons in every grade. Students have been working on finishing their district benchmark testing and beginning longer writing projects. This week they will have their first science lesson on the scientific method. Finally, 6th year students have begun researching a second possible topic for their Big Projects! Branching out allows students to see what potential each topic has before settling on one idea.

As a quick reminder, please SEND SHOES AND CUPS to the classroom for your student. Each student should have indoor shoes and a cup or water bottle that lives in the classroom until June. Thank you for helping our community to function smoothly!

I am happy to report that almost all of Room 9 brought back signed work plans this week! I really appreciate it!

If you are available to help plan the overnight trip for this spring, PLEASE contact me. We will begin brainstorming possible destinations as a class this Friday, but I will certainly need parent volunteers to make it happen.

Thank you!