Sharon's Weekly Update 9-12-16

posted Sep 12, 2016, 1:47 PM by Cynthia Friedman

WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL! In Room 9, we have spent this week establishing our classroom routines and etiquette. We also wrote letters to ourselves, and 6th year students began considering topics for the Big Project. Students are getting to know new friends and are reestablishing old friends. Please consider contacting other Room 9 parents about after-school playdates -- school is much more fun with strong classroom relationships.

NEXT MONDAY we will have the Room 9 meeting and dessert potluck. Come see the classroom! We will open the room at 6:30 to share desserts, and we will begin the informational part of the evening at 7. If you have questions about homework, classroom expectations, the 6th year Big Project, or field trips and travel, that’s what we will be discussing! Handouts from Monday night will go home on the following Friday.

Please RETURN FORMS to the office at your earliest convenience. Students will not be able to research on the computers until parent and student have both signed the Computer User Agreement.

Please make sure your student has the following items in the classroom:

  • Indoor shoes -- These are clean shoes or slippers that the student will wear in the classroom to keep our mud to a minimum.

  • Water bottle or cup -- In order to minimize distracting trips to the water fountain, please send a cup or water bottle that can live in the classroom all year. The cup should be marked with the student’s name.

  • Snacks -- At this age, many children find they need more food to get through the day. Please sendhealthy, brain-nourishing snacks. Nuts, cheese and crackers, or fruit and vegetables are great choices! Some students may need two snacks (one for the morning and one for the afternoon).

Please leave the following items at home:

  • Pens and Sharpies -- Because we encourage the students to take risks and erase mistakes, we respectfully request that ALL pens, gel pens and Sharpie markers stay at home.

  • Microwave lunches -- If your student wishes to bring a hot lunch to school, please heat the lunch at home and pack it in a thermos. We do not have microwaves available to students.

  • Soda, candy, and cake -- These treats should be enjoyed at home.

  • Toys and playing cards -- While these items can sometimes be educational, we would like to maintain the Montessori environment and keep these items for home use. Please do set up playdates with friends to play games!

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday night!