Sharon's Weekly Update 9-11-17

posted Sep 11, 2017, 3:30 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Ahoy, Room 9 friends!

In our first week of school, Room 9 has been using a pirate motif to begin the year! Students personalized their classroom by painting mugs and decorating their binders; they set up notebooks for taking notes in each subject, and they developed a "Pirate Code" for classroom rules. We developed a list of jobs for our "ship," learned routines for clean-up, recess and dismissal, and got to know each other better through community games and diverse lunch groups. Whew! We have been busy!

Next WEDNESDAY, Sept. 13 at 6pm, Ridgeline will have a meeting for new families. If this is your first year at Ridgeline, please make plans to attend. This meeting helps us to be on the same page about Ridgeline's plans and goals for your child's education.

Next THURSDAY, Sept. 14 at 6:30pm, Room 9 will have a dessert social for new and returning families. We will talk briefly about this year's curriculum, homework expectations, the end-of-the-year trip, and other information to help your child be successful this year. Bring a dessert to share (label for allergies, please) -- this is a fantastic opportunity for your student to get a chance to practice their baking skills.

On Friday, your student brought you the home folder, which goes home every Friday with any communication from Ridgeline. Please check the folder for papers, sign and return anything that needs to come back to school. This week, look for the COMPUTER USER AGREEMENT. It is very important to review this agreement with your student before the student signs and returns the form!

Finally, please send your student to school with the following items:
  • INDOOR SHOES (which will stay in the classroom). The shoes help our work space to stay clean and inviting.
  • A daily SNACK. The snack helps students of this age to keep focused and on task.

Please leave the following items at home:

  • Pens and Sharpies! Because we encourage the students to take risks and erase mistakes, we respectfully request that ALL pens, gel pens and Sharpie markers stay at home.

  • Microwave lunches. If your student wishes to bring a hot lunch to school, this is a great time of year to buy thermoses on sale; we don't have microwaves available to students in Room 9.

  • Soda, candy, and cake. These treats should be enjoyed at home (except for during our dessert social).

  • Toys, playing cards, and fidget spinners. While these items can sometimes be educational, we would like to maintain the Montessori environment and keep these items for home use. Please do set up playdates with friends to play games!

Let's set sail for a great school year!

--Sharon and Adriene