Sharon's Weekly Update 5-18-16

posted May 19, 2016, 1:33 PM by Cynthia Friedman

We had a great walk last week to Tugman Park for lunch on Friday. Weather permitting, we plan to walk to Tugman with Room 8 again this week. Please make sure your student packs a *water bottle* in their lunch, as the fountain at Tugman is hard for 60 students to share.

We need volunteers for our upcoming field trip! I have just confirmed a visit to HAYDEN BRIDGE WATER TREATMENT CENTER on Thursday, 26 May. I need 5 driver/chaperones. If you can drive for this outing, please send me the number of children your car can hold. We will leave around 8:45am and will return before 1pm.

Room 7 students are beginning to discuss a ten-day countdown to the last day of school! As part of our end-of-the-year celebration, we are discussing an overnight in the classroom. In order for this to happen, I will need two adult volunteers who are willing to spend the night at Ridgeline on Tuesday, June 14. Students and chaperones would arrive at the end-of-year picnic, and chaperones would stay through 8am the next morning. (Students will be picked up on June 15 at the end of the school day. Since it is the last day of school, we have an early release at 1:15.) Please let me know if you are willing to help host this event.


Room 7 is currently working hard to complete portfolios before the end of school. If your student brings home portfolio work, please offer minimal assistance so the work can genuinely demonstrate what the student knows. Most of the portfolio questions allow for students to choose varying levels of difficulty. If you or your student have questions or concerns about the portfolio, I would love to talk with you further about this work.

We are finishing a short unit on money before our final project on the Olympic Games. We will also have a visit from the Solar Energy Education Station on May 31. Other upcoming events listed below!

25 May: Field trip to Hayden Bridge

26 May: No School: Professional Development day

30 May: No School: Memorial Day

2 June: Pajama and reading day for Room 7

3 June: Move up day -- Eligible students will visit their classrooms for next year

6 June: Cooking day in Room 7

10 June: No School: Grading day

13 June: Field day for Ridgeline. Crazy Hair day for Room 7.

14 June: End of year picnic and Room 7 overnight

15 June: Last day of school!