Sharon's Weekly Update 4-19-17

posted Apr 19, 2017, 10:55 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Hello, Room 9 families!

It's PORTFOLIO TIME in Room 9! Portfolio is an intensive, end of the year capstone project that allows students to demonstrate what they have learned in the last year. In each student's portfolio is a collection of their writing projects from this year, some work samples and lesson follow-up from cultural studies, and approximately 40 math problems that review all of the Common Core learning standards for their grade level. The math prompts are "open ended," meaning that students can set their own challenge by changing the problem they are doing.

I have asked students that their parents provide minimal to no assistance for the portfolio work. The portfolio is a chance for students to show what they know. I would rather a student approach a simpler question than complete a work they don't fully understand. If your student doesn't understand a question at all, please refer them back to me or to their lesson notes. Because they are using the portfolio checklist as a guide for their work, students will not be bringing home work plans this week.

You can find the portfolio checklist here:

4th year Common Core Portfolio
5th year Common Core Portfolio
6th year Common Core Portfolio

If your student is feeling rushed or would like to work on portfolio at home, I strongly encourage daily writing to make sure all of the writing samples are completed and edited. Students can sign on to their Google Docs folder from home and share their writing to a peer editor from home. So far, I have been seeing beautiful and amazing portfolios. I am excited about the quality of work our students are producing!

TESTING begins next week! This week, we are practicing with the Smarter Balanced online practice tests. Students will have the opportunity for lots of practice. As always, please make sure your student gets enough rest and has a healthy breakfast and lunch.

We have an UPCOMING FIELD TRIP to Aprovecho Sustainability Farm, and we need drivers! Aprovecho is a farm in Cottage Grove that experiments with sustainable farming and building practices. Possible experiences include seeing the bees, gardening, and building a cob house. We will be traveling on Friday, May 26, leaving at 9am and returning before early dismissal at 1:15.

PROJECT FAIR is next Tuesday, April 25! Students have been busy researching their interests in the classroom. Some students may take home part of the work to complete at home, or may need materials from home to complete the work at school. Projects will be on display immediately after school (3:15pm) and at 6pm, and we welcome families to see our displays!

I am looking for a volunteer to take ROOM 9 ARCHITECTURE MODELS to the Architects In Schools project presentation on the weekend of May 6. Projects must be delivered to downtown Eugene on Wednesday, May 3 between 3:30 and 6:00 pm. There will be a reception during the Artwalk on May 5, where you can see your student's work on display at the Octagon downtown. If you can help with drop off (Wed, May 3) or pick up (Monday, May 8), please let me know!

Stay tuned for more information about the end of year trip!