Sharon's Weekly Update 4-14-18

posted Apr 16, 2018, 2:13 PM by Cynthia Friedman

It's finally time -- PORTFOLIOS! This morning, we began portfolio work in the classroom. I'm sure your student will tell you all about it!

Portfolio work is the culmination of all the hard brain work your student has poured into this year. Each portfolio question is designed to demonstrate mastery of a student's understanding of the Common Core and Montessori curriculum. Because this portfolio showcases a student's understanding, we respectfully request that students receive minimal to no assistance from adults for this work. Instead, students may choose the challenge that is appropriate to their understanding.

Here's an example. One 4th year math portfolio prompt states, "Demonstrate the principle of multiplication by 10, 100 and 1000."

Students who are in early levels of understanding might show that 6 x 10 = 60, 6 x 100 = 600, and 6 x 1000 = 6000.

Students who are increasing their challenge might show that 234 x 10 = 2340, 234 x 100 = 23400, and 234 x 1000 = 234000.

Students who are looking for a deep challenge might demonstrate multiplication by 20 or might choose to incorporate decimal multiplication.

In addition, each student's portfolio will have writing samples, art, calligraphy and reading work from our whole year. Completed portfolios will stay in the classroom at the end of the year for future referencing. Beginning in June, parents are welcome to come in after school and see this amazing work.

PROJECT FAIR is next Tuesday, Apr. 24! For those of you who are new to Ridgeline, this is a chance for students to showcase projects they have been completing in the classroom or at home. Every classroom in the school is open to visitors. Students typically display their research on a poster or tri-fold board. (Tri-fold boards are available in the office for $3.50, or you can bring one from home!) The school is open for Project Fair at 3:05 (dismissal) and at 6pm on Tuesday, Apr 24.

To facilitate our awesome project building, Room 9 will be doing a Fed-Ex day on Thursday, April 19. You can help your student come prepared to research by providing library books and printed articles that they can bring to school.

The PANORAMIC ALL-SCHOOL PHOTO is on Wednesday, April 18, weather permitting.

For the last few weeks in the classroom, we have been talking about character strengths as a foundation for resilience. Individually, we identified the top three strengths that we bring to the classroom, using VIA Character's explanations. From this information, we found that Room 9 is high in humor, zest and creativity. (and I quite agree!)

We then began writing weekly goals for ourselves in light of character strengths that we would like to increase. This week, we are talking about teamwork, humility and forgiveness. If you are interested in taking this discussion into your home, the VIA Character website has some great examples of movies to watch and books to read that demonstrate each character strength.

Finally, we have had a lot of sickness in Room 9 this year. If your student will be out, can you help us by calling the office or sending an email about their illness? If your student misses more than three days, can you (or your student) check in with me about work they might need to bring home? I want to make sure that students who are missing instructional days are still feeling confident in their work when they come back.

Thank you!