Sharon's Weekly Update 3-3-16

posted Mar 3, 2016, 11:38 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Hello, Room 7 families!

Room 7 started this week with a bang - literally! - as we popped popcorn without a lid! Students recorded sample data and described "outliers" by marking the popcorn's distance from the source. Some of the kernels traveled more than 15 feet!

Last Friday, students discussed the current problem with pencils at Community Meeting. Pencils in Room 7 have been disappearing at an alarming rate! Our previous solutions to the Pencil Problem have included putting a name on every pencil, tying pencils to clipboards, marking loaner pencils clearly with artificial flowers, and suggesting a class-wide incentive for keeping track of each person's pencils. Our next solution needs to come from home: if your student cannot find his or her classroom assigned pencil, he or she will need to bring a replacement from home. Please encourage your student to keep track of his or her pencil to communicate the value of classroom materials.

I am happy to report that Room 7 Gmail accounts are up and running! Students should be able to access their Ridgeline Gmail account and Google Docs account from home. These accounts should be used for educational purposes and are subject to the Computer User Agreement that each student signed at the beginning of the year.

Many students are preparing for the Project Fair by planning science fair projects with the University of Oregon students who came to visit us. If your student is interested in purchasing a trifold display board, they are available in the office for $3 each.

Finally, this week we have been watching the film City of Ember during lunch as preparation for next week's writing assignment. Students will be encouraged to compare the film to the read-aloud book we just finished. You can encourage critical thinking at home by asking your student to compare and contrast the book with the film.

Please join us at TRACK TOWN PIZZA for a fund raiser on Monday, March 7!

If you have questions about the SMARTER BALANCED TESTING scheduled for this spring, please attend the Smarter Balanced Information Session on Wednesday, March 9 at 6:30pm.


Mar 5:    OBOB Regionals for grades 6-8 at Willamette High School

Mar 7:    Track Town Pizza Day

Mar 9:    Lottery application deadline at 4pm
              Smarter Balanced Info session at 6:30pm

Mar. 12: OBOB Regionals for grades 3-5 at North Eugene High School