Sharon's Weekly Update 3-15-18

posted Mar 15, 2018, 2:51 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Happy Pi day, Room 9!

Indoor Shoes
We are so glad for the warmer weather, but it's still muddy outside! We would love for *every student to have indoor shoes.* Indoor shoes keep our classroom carpet clean, which is particularly important during the muddy season, since we sit on the floor. Presently, students who do not have indoor shoes are asked to stay on paved areas during recess. If you haven't already, please send indoor shoes!

In the Classroom
This week, we began talking about English colonists who came to create a new life for themselves in Virginia, and the Powhatan farmers who were already well established with a rich culture. Many of our students are excited to make connections between their history lessons and the experiences of the Three Islands project. We are looking forward to making more connections as this unit progresses. Some students have also expressed an interest in making history connections to the musical, Hamilton. If your student is interested, I would encourage listening at home!

Fifth year students learned to calculate volume using cheese cubes! Fourth year students are creating giiiiaaaant multiplication problems, or walking up and down stairs to learn about decimal place value! Sixth year students are wrapping up the body of their Big Project writing, so that we can edit and polish their writing before Project Fair! All students are looking forward to messy experiments about exothermic and endothermic reactions!

Shortly after Spring Break, Room 9 will begin working on portfolios. Portfolio work is our best, most beautiful, most careful work of the year. Each student's portfolio contains several writing samples from the year, as well as projects from each subject. Additionally, portfolios contain math problems demonstrating a student's mastery of every math lesson they have had this year. These problems are *open-ended,* which means that the student chooses their level of difficulty. 

Because the student chooses the level of difficulty, we respectfully request that students complete portfolio work on their own (with minimal to no assistance). The portfoliois a chance for students to show what they know. It is better for a student to create a simpler question than to complete a work they don't fully understand.

As always, I welcome your questions. Spring break begins on Monday, Mar. 26th.