Sharon's Weekly Update 3-1-18

posted Mar 1, 2018, 12:38 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Hello, Room 9 families!

Our last three weeks have been traveling ones. We visited the Natural History Museum, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, and then saw a play by one of our very own students!

At the Natural History museum, students explored the new exhibit about water. We did some water experiments at the museum, and we wrote a quiz for ourselves about the exhibit. Ask your student what percentage of the world's water is fresh water.

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art has a traveling exhibit demonstrating the years of the Chinese zodiac, using giant animal head sculptures. Many students enjoyed finding the animal that matched their birth year. We also got to see a brand new installment from Keith Achepohl: Vision of Nature. The detailed tree drawings and paintings were popular with many students.

Finally, we saw a production of Treasure Island by Rose Children's Theater. Congratulations to Avery and Rose Children's Theater for a fine performance.

THANK YOU to all of our drivers and chaperones: Katie, Kate, Kara, Michelle, Briony, Lyndsay, Sarib, Melanie, Brad, and Anne!

This week in the classroom, we are discussing Native American societies and trade. Students are interested in exploring sources of renewable energy (including playground dynamos!). We just finished writing biographies of each other. 6th year students have been working on writing first drafts of their Big Project.

Montessori Parent Education Night:  

Supporting the Montessori Program, Supporting Your Child


Thursday, March 8th

6-7:30 pm

Montessori teacher and consultant Annabeth Jensen will be joining us for a rich night of Montessori parent education.  The evening's presentation will focus on supporting the Second Plane Child, our 6-12 year old students in lower and upper elementary.  This is also an excellent opportunity for kinder parents to learn more about what changes to expect in the Montessori classroom as their kiddos progress through the program.  Learning more about the scientific, child-centered approach of Montessori is a powerful way to support the school, the classroom, and your child.


Annabeth is a Montessori teacher, consultant, mentor, and instructional coach.  She has lectured at Montessori teacher training programs and conventions nationwide, has served as the president of the Oregon Montessori Association board of directors, and has been working as an AMI Elementary Consultant for the past eight years.  Her dedication to inclusive practices in Montessori classrooms has guided her work with public Montessori schools in Oregon.  

Childcare provided.

RSVP to 541-681-9662 to reserve a spot

Finally, we have begun talking about PORTFOLIOS. Student portfolios allow students to demonstrate their learning, and review earlier learning, in a beautiful, precise format. We should begin portfolio work in mid-April. More details to follow!