Sharon's Weekly Update 11-3-16

posted Nov 3, 2016, 12:25 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Hello, Room 9 families! This is a short week in the classroom, and students are working on a minimum of lessons in order to allow time for extra projects. Consequently, you will not see work plans going home tomorrow.

TYPING RESULTS ARE IN! Thank you so much to the families who participated in our typing program research. Below are the top five programs from our research. You DO NOT have to choose one of these programs for your daily typing -- you can also choose something else that works for you. However, I do ask that you use a keyboard and not a touchpad for typing. Please cover your hands while practicing so that you learn to type without looking.

1. Typing Club ( Create a login to save your progress. Very clear lessons that progress gradually.

2. Typing Agent ( Requires email address for login. Free trial. Game based.

3. Dance Mat Typing ( Flash based game that starts with the entire home row. No way to save progress, but you can choose the appropriate typing level each time you open.

4. Free Typing Games ( This website has games for students who have already learned all the keys on the keyboard. No way to track progress, but is a good break or speed test.

5. ( This website has the option to log in and track progress, or start at the lesson appropriate to you. They have games separately (

BARNES AND NOBLE NIGHT is coming! Thank you to all of you who RSVPed and told us you would be attending. Students are currently creating their presentation for the event. We will see you there, Nov. 18th from 6:00-8:30!

There is NO SCHOOL next Friday, Nov. 11 to observe Veteran's Day. We are grateful for the soldiers who have given their time and energy to protecting our country.

Mark your calendars for STONE SOUP on Wednesday, Nov. 23. More details to come!