Sharon's Weekly Update 10-2-15

posted Oct 2, 2015, 1:06 PM by Cynthia Friedman

This week, the students have begun to write their packing lists for travel to the NUGYRO system. We watched a few videos from the International Space Station about water conservation and eating space food. We selected books for Book Club (more about that in a minute!) and we finished our partner interviews. Finally, we began research on the Dalai Lama in conjunction with the PeaceJam curriculum that Ridgeline is using this year!

Please make sure to turn in the computer user agreement forms. This will be vital for the students this year as they type their writing and research online.

Room 7 has a new work called the Star Bag, which is available for students to check out at the end of the day and bring home. This bag includes a star map, books about constellations, and other things to facilitate a great night of stargazing. If you would like to spend an evening outside with your student, please encourage him or her to check out the Star Bag from the classroom!

This week, students selected books for Book Club. This reading should be DONE AT HOME for homework in the evenings. Students are absolutely welcome to listen to an audio version of their book if they prefer that to reading. In the classroom, they will each have a role for Book Club that helps them internalize the various aspects of literature.

Today, we had a presentation for Oregon Battle of the Books. This is a fun team sport where students read books and answer questions about details from the text. Please ask your student about their interest in this after-school program.

We are looking for volunteer parents with background checks and drivers' insurance on file to assist the students in going-out projects. Specifically, I am going to introduce the to-scale planetary model at Alton Baker Park. It is about a 6 mile walk round-trip and will probably be a morning excursion with a few students at a time.

Next Wednesday is Bike and Walk to School Day! We are hoping for 100% participation from Room 7. Please see the school newsletter for details on how to park and walk from Crossfire or another local area.

As always, thank you so much for loaning me your students!