Sharon's Weekly Update 10-15-15

posted Oct 15, 2015, 10:49 AM by Cynthia Friedman

This week, students are exploring the facets of a peace treaty. Competing claims on the NUGYRO solar system have guided us toward understanding the Fundamental Needs of Humans when it comes to finding win-win solutions. Next week, students will be asked to apply for a NASA job so they can finance their trip!

6th year students have almost finished their study of the digestive system (ask them about poop!) and are learning foundational terminology for studying the area of a circle. 5th year students are mastering fraction addition; 4th year students were just reintroduced to Factor Grapes. All grades are reviewing long division (or learning it for the first time!) and writing advertisements for their NUGYRO planets. All students also completed a short biography of the Dalai Lama as our first exploration of Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

Room 7 has been trying something new this week: students are encouraged to finish three assignments before recess each day. So far this has helped students concentrate better on their work. I anticipate that this measure will be temporary until we master a good working rhythm.

Conference schedules have been posted outside the office in Building A. Because these are student-led conferences, please choose a time slot that you AND YOUR STUDENT can attend. Over the next week, we will be preparing for these conferences in order to make the most of our visit!

If you have the green go-home folder at home, please send it back to school with your student. This folder provides a safe space for work plans on their journey from school and back.


Please mark on your calendars the DDD Skate World Party on Sat. Oct 24! I look forward to seeing you there!