Sharon's Weekly Update 1-29-16

posted Jan 29, 2016, 9:11 AM by Cynthia Friedman

As we researched ice and sediment cores, Room 7 discovered that we have an ice and sediment core laboratory right in our own backyard! Oregon State University in Corvallis houses thousands of samples of ice and sediment from Antarctica and the deep sea. Please HELP US TRAVEL TO CORVALLIS to visit these labs. We need TRANSPORTATION FOR 28 STUDENTS AND AT LEAST 4 ADULTS WHO ARE CLEARED FOR DRIVING. We are tentatively planning to travel on FRIDAY, FEB 16 and will be gone all day. Email me if you can help us with this field trip!

Robyn Breiman, a consultant from the American Montessori Society’s board of directors, will be visiting Ridgeline in a few weeks. On Wednesday, February 10 at 6pm, she will be providing an amazing PARENT EDUCATION NIGHT about fostering independence at home. Please mark your calendars to attend this event!

5th year students are discussing idioms this week. Please share any fun idioms with your child! (Bonus if the idioms are not in English!) 6th year students are perfecting the details on their outlines for the Big Project. 4th years are finishing their work simplifying fractions. All students will be looking into earthquakes, fault lines, and the early Oregonian settlers.

Last week, your student brought home his or her book for Book Club. Please encourage your student to stay on track with their group by meeting the following reading goals by Friday. (Remember that read-aloud and audio books are also a great way to meet the reading homework assignment.)

Titanic: Read to page 77

Dealing With Dragons: Read to chapter 6

Wee Free Men: Read to the end of chapter 3

Lawn Boy: Read to the end of chapter 5

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: Read to chapter 4

Graveyard Book: Finish chapter 1

Mysterious Benedict Society:

If you have a CD PLAYER with headphone jack or extra HEADPHONES at home, we could use them in the classroom! If you RECEIVE THE REGISTER-GUARD, please send it to school with your student for our current events.