Sarah's Weekly Update 9-6-12

posted Sep 6, 2012, 12:29 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Well our new school year in our new building with our new class has gotten off to a great first day of school. This week we’re doing a lot of activities that will build community. Wednesday’s focus was on finding common ground, and understanding that common ground can really help us work together. Today we’re going to look at ways we can positively support each other, and Friday’s focus is accepting people’s differences. 

Class Meeting
Room 7 will be having an informational meeting on Thursday, September 27 6-7pm. We will be discussing what class is going to look like this year, where the academic focuses are going to be, and any other important tidbits that need to be shared. Please feel free to come and check out what’s going on this year. Children are welcome. 

Our class will be eating lunch in the cafeteria this year, which means they will have access to a microwave. However, we are asking that students bring any dishes and silverware necessary for their own lunches. Thank you. 

Water Bottles
As we do not have a water source in the classroom this year, we are recommending that students bring a water bottle to school. There is a drinking fountain in the hallway outside the classroom which students will have access to, but having a water bottle they can fill and keep in the classroom is the preferred method. 

This year upper el and middle school are coming together on Wednesday afternoons for a time we’re calling Creative Expression. We will be offering a number of strands such as theater, music, knitting, and cooking. Students will choose a strand, and for 6 weeks, work towards some product or performance, at the end of which they will have something to share with the rest of upper el and middle school. After that they will be able to choose a new strand, or continue with what they had been doing. 

If you have something that you would like to share with Ridgeline students, please e-mail me so that we can hash out the details. We’re really looking forward to a wide variety of opportunities for the students. 

Thanks a lot,
Sarah, Emily, and Room 7