Sarah's Weekly Update 9-27-12

posted Oct 1, 2012, 10:45 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Students are working in small reading groups with similar ability levels. Some small groups are reading novels and discussing them together. Other groups are working with newspapers, finding and reporting information. Finally, we have groups who are performing Readers’ Theater, in which students are dramatically reading aloud together, and discussing what happens.

Math is coming right along. Students are making a lot of progress getting used to the work expectations for this year. Groups are making great progress in place value, multiplication, and division. Some are also starting to get into story problems, and are working to translate words into math equations.

Work Plans
Please remember that students should be bringing home work plans each night to show you what they have been working on during school. I am asking students to come back to school each day with parent initials on their work plans. Feel free to use the information on the work plan as a conversation starter with your child.

Google Doc Accounts
Starting this week, each student has been set up with a Google Doc account through Ridgeline. Students will be able to use these accounts to save work while working on school computers. The really nice part about this is that students will be able to access work saved on Google Docs from any computer, including their home computer.

This does not mean that students have access to a new e-mail address. We are restricting upper el students to a account specifically for Google Docs.

I am currently looking for people who would be able to spend one on one time with students who need help focusing on work. If you have time during our morning work period, between 9:15 and 11:40, please contact me, and we can set up a time that works well all around. 

Thank you all,
Sarah, Emily, and Room 7