Sarah's Weekly Update 9-11-14

posted Sep 15, 2014, 9:16 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year in Room 7. I, Sarah, am back from maternity leave teaching full time this year. Adriene is my assistant, and we’re both working really hard to keep things running smoothly. 

Things have gotten off to a solid start. We spent much of last week working on community building activities. This week the class has been completing assessments that will help let me know where they’re at, so that we can begin lessons in language and math. 

We have started some cultural lessons at this point. Students are looking at what it takes to make a good science experiment. So far we’ve talked about how to write a testable hypothesis, and this week we’ve been looking at writing good directions, so that someone else can follow them. Those who are interested are using very specific directions to make a hot air balloon. 

We’re also beginning an ongoing activity that echoes the colonization of the United States and will eventually lead to the revolution. This week students are creating characters that they will be for the duration of the activity. 

Room 7 Class Meeting
On Tuesday evening at 6:30, I’ll be holding a meet and greet for parents. I’ll be talking a little bit about myself and what the curriculum is going to look like this year. We’ll also cover some of the day to day workings of the classroom. Please join me and Adriene if you want to know how things are going to look this year, or if you have any questions. 

Ridgeline Rising Block Party
The Ridgeline Rising Silent Auction and Block Party is just around the corner (October 11th to be exact)! Each classroom selects a theme for a basket to be included in the silent auction and students are invited to contribute theme related items valued at $10 or less OR donate $10 cash (to be used by volunteers to purchase items for the basket). Our classroom’s basket theme is Graphic Novels and Comic Books!  

Volunteer Needs
This year much of the students’ math follow up is going to be in the form of math packets. If you are good with a binder comb, or are willing to learn, we’d love to have some help putting books together. 

Our classroom is still in need of a basket organizer to collect basket items for the silent auction and assemble them. Please contact Cynthia ASAP if you would like to volunteer for this special project! 

We’re also looking for a volunteer to help organize field trips this year. If you’ve got some good planning skills and are interested in helping put together a one day trip, that would be great. 

Sarah, Adriene, and Room 7