Sarah's Weekly Update 5-20-11

posted May 26, 2011, 1:11 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Student Work

Last Friday our class held Rome Day, where students shared independent research they had done on Ancient Rome. Students learned to make togas and watched a Roman fashion show. They also had a chance to try see what Romans would eat and. Some were even brave enough to try watered down vinegar, a Roman drink.


Students have been learning about human tendencies for the last couple weeks. Last week we defined Maria Montessori’s twelve human tendencies that she observed while watching children (exploration, movement, sharing, imagination, abstraction, concentration, repetition, creating order, perfection, self-control, hard work, and decision making).


This week we have been designing science experiments to see if we can observe these tendencies in the classroom. Some students are creating surveys to ask, others are picking things to watch for in the classroom.


Yesterday we took the process to the next step. We talked about observable behaviors, and how each of these tendencies has specific observable behaviors that would exemplify them. Then we spent the afternoon at Tugman Park, recording observable behaviors as examples of the human tendencies.


This week students have been writing newspaper articles. Each student was given a picture and was asked to write a newspaper article based on that picture. Each article was to include the answers to who, what, when, where, why and how. I’ve gotten some really fantastic results, and am hoping that after students edit their work, we’ll be able to compile articles into a class newspaper.


In math we’ve got a lot of the class moving into operations with positive and negative numbers. Students have learned the rules for adding and subtracting integers, and some can also multiply and divide them. Our algebra group is looking at triangles, and finding measures of angles based on information given.


End of the Year Trip

The class is going to Honeyman State Park in Florence for our end of the year trip. We’re going to be leaving on Wednesday June 1 and returning on Friday June 3. Cost of the trip is $40 per student. We are looking for donations of food and supplies. There is a sign up sheet in the office if you have something we could use.


As of right now we have six confirmed chaperones along with Emily and myself. If you are available on those dates, please contact me and let me know asap. Chaperones need to be cleared with the office, and we would like to get all paperwork completed ASAP.


The Itinerary and packing list for the trip are as follows:




Sarah’s Class End of the Year Trip Itinerary


Wednesday, June 1st:

          9:00 AM Depart from Ridgeline.

          10:30 AM Arrive in Florence, (Heceta Beach), play on the beach

          11:45 AM Lunch on the beach

          12:30 PM Group activity

          4:00 PM Check in at Honeyman, set up tents and get settled into campsites.

          5:30 PM Dinner

          7:00 PM Evening activity

          9:00 PM Lights out


Thursday, June 2nd:

          8:00 AM Wake up

          8:30 AM Breakfast

          9:30 AM Free activity time (hiking, sand boarding, games, etc.)

          11:30 AM Lunch

          12:30 PM Free activity time (hiking, sand boarding, games, etc.)

          4:30 PM Group Activity

          5:30 PM Dinner

          7:00 PM Evening activity

          9:00 PM Lights out


Friday, June 3rd:

          8:00 AM Wake up

          8:30 AM Breakfast

          9:30 AM Pack lunches

          10:00 AM Pack up tents and clean campsites (if time there could be a group activity)

          12:00 PM Leave Honeyman

          1:15 PM Arrive at Ridgeline


Some of the group activities will include:



Group Games


Educational Activities

Supply List


Things to bring:


Lunch and snacks for the first day

Sleeping bag (the warmer the better)


     Sleeping mat

     Warm clothes including:


     Long sleeve shirts


     Rainproof jacket

     Other clothes:





     Warm pajamas

     Tennis shoes or hiking boots

     Flip flops or shower shoes




     Anything else you need for a shower






     Bug repellent

     Water bottle

     Flashlight with batteries

     Plastic bags for dirty clothes

     Recess equipment

Please leave all electronic devices at home. Thank you!



Thanks for all your support.

Sarah, Emily, and Room 2