Sarah's Weekly Update 3-7-13

posted Mar 7, 2013, 10:59 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Class Work
The class has recently started a new research project on rivers and their parts. We’re using this as an opportunity to learn more about some of the rivers around the world. Students are picking a river somewhere that they’d like to study and are gathering facts that they can use to convince others to visit that river. 

In science we’re learning about the wheel and axle, and the many different ways they can be used. Right now students are inventing devices that use the wheel and axle. I am asking for a diagram of the invention, with captions explaining parts and their purposes. Some students are even thinking about ways they can physically make their invention. 

In writing this week we’re talking about ways to use free writing to brainstorm ideas. Last week I asked the class to write for 5 minutes nonstop, practicing stream of consciousness just to keep the pencil moving. This week we talked about the fact that stream of consciousness is an improvement over writer’s block, but whole ideas are an improvement over stream of consciousness. We are continuing with the 5 minutes of continuous writing, but now I’m looking to see more whole ideas rather than random words. 

Math groups are continuing to move forward. We have one group that is looking at writing and solving equations with percentages, while another is working with proportions. There is some good geometry work happening with area and perimeter and some students have even started some OAKS test practice. 

End of the Year Trip
We’re really lucky this year to be heading to the Newberry Crater for our end of the year trip. Information about the trip will be going home this week. We will be leaving school on Tuesday June 4, and spending two nights camping at the Newberry Group Campground. We are looking for parents to participate, so if you are interested and willing, let us know. 

All assignments are now posted online at Parents and students can log on and check current assignments, or find out what is missing. This is a fantastic tool, and I’m strongly encouraging you to check it out. Two weeks ago students were sent home with login information for themselves and parents. If your student didn’t make it home with this slip of paper, please e-mail me, and I can send you your login info as well. 

Sarah, Emily, and Room 7