Sarah's Weekly Update 3-20-15

posted Mar 30, 2015, 9:18 AM by Cynthia Friedman
This week in science students are continuing to build their DNA strands for animals. We’re using a very simplified DNA chain with one protein triplet standing in for the version of the trait that one parent gives to the child. Students are making a DNA strand that records the genetic material for six traits. On Tuesday students celebrated Pi Day. They had a number of activities to choose from. They could see how many digits of pi they could memorize. Students were also able to make paper chains with color coded strips to represent each digit. They could also try to derive pi by measuring the circumference of a circle, and measuring the diameter of the circle and dividing the measurements. The challenge was to get measurements as accurate as possible and to see how close their answers actually were to pi. 

In writing we’re working on final drafts of reviews. On Wednesday we came up with a rubric to see what it would take for our reviews to be good enough, and what it would take to get a WOW! 

This week with research we’re moving into the next phase with our projects. We’re going to start looking at What makes a good product. Each week students will be making example products, such as posters, or board games. This week we’re looking at posters. 

Reading groups are writing songs or raps based on what has been happening in their book group books. Students will have the opportunity to perform their songs if they choose. 

Quiet Space Support/Tutor Needed
We’re looking for volunteers who have time in the morning to support students working in a quiet space outside of the classroom. Students may be working on individual work plans, on quiet partner work, or on group projects. The volunteer would introduce herself or himself, ask the children what they’re working on, stay close by to help when needed, and help maintain an attitude of focus in the space. Please contact Cynthia if you’re interested!

Parent Survey
The annual Ridgeline Parent Survey is here! We want to hear your opinions on a variety of topics. Site Council uses the information obtained from the parent survey to continually strive for improvement. The survey deadline is March 20th. Click on the following link to complete the survey or contact the office if you need a paper copy. 

 Thanks for everything,
Sarah, Adriene, and Room 7