Sarah's Weekly Update 3-14-12

posted Mar 15, 2012, 11:59 AM by Cynthia Friedman
In writing this week students have started working on the written portion of their independent research topics. We had a lesson on choosing which information you want to put in your written report, and what you want to focus on when you’re writing the first draft of a report.

Our geography focus has moved to Africa. Students spent the week finding information on an African country that would be important to know if they ran that country.

In social studies we have completed our class constitution! The students have been working really hard, and thought a lot about the issues that they brought to the attention of our constitutional congress. They have discussed in depth, what each branch of government is going to look like and how they all fit together.

Really Rosie
Rachael Carnes has volunteered to put on a production of the musical Really Rosiewith students from both upper el classes. Any student who is interested will be able to participate, though auditions will be held this Friday during school to determine who gets which role. Play practice will begin after break during the regular school day on Friday.

Computer use in room 10
To make sure that students are safely and appropriately using computers, we have limited the number of computers in the classroom to 3 desktops that sit facing into the room so that they are visible to anyone. The computers are also next to my lesson area, so that I can keep an eye on them. Students are able to use computers to do internet searches for assignments, and to write papers or create presentations. Each student is allowed at most 45 minutes on the computer each day. They log in the time they start, and log out again when finished.

Students and families are required to sign a Computer Use Agreement in order to use school computers. If your family has not returned your Computer Use Agreement, please do so as soon as possible. Copies of that agreement can be found in the office.

OAKS Testing
Next week the class will be completing the OAKS test, the standardized test required of all 3-11 grade students in the state of Oregon. All students will be tested in math and reading. 5th grade students will also be tested in science. Don’t forget that a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast are keys to success.

Sarah, Emily, and Room 10