Sarah's Weekly Update 2-25-13

posted Feb 25, 2013, 10:25 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Class Work
This week the class is working on a mid-year writing sample. Students are choosing one of three assigned topics, completing all parts of the writing process, and turning in a completed final draft. 

Some math groups are starting to look at ratios and proportions, while others are beginning to move on to using percents. We have a group that has started plotting points on a coordinate plane this week, and one group is focusing on area and perimeter. 

We are wrapping up our history assignment on Oregon explorers this week. Students are turning in diary entries they have written about the expedition they researched. 

Middle School Q&A Night
5th and 6th grade parents and students are invited to a Middle School Information Session with Middle School teacher Jon Labrousse, Thursday, February 28, 7-7:45pm in the Middle School classroom. Come learn all about what Ridgeline’s Middle School has to offer!

Upcoming Assignments

4th Grade – Complete a set of K cards. Pick 5 pairs of words to use for your 10 spelling words this week. Complete the usual follow up.

5th Grade – Find 10 infinitives in your book group book. Write down the sentence that includes the infinitive. Underline the infinitive and tell what part of speech it is impersonating. Use these 10 infinitives as your spelling list for the week.

6th Grade – Complete the next unit in your spelling work book and two grammar cards.

DUE: March 4 

4th Grade – Continue researching your topic. Find 4 more details that relate to each question you asked originally.
5th Grade – Edit your argument to include correct quotation marks, and to include new paragraphs where appropriate.
6th Grade – Write a free verse poem that includes at least two similes, and two metaphors.

DUE: March 4 

The whole class will be receiving a geography packet on rivers and their parts. Students will need to complete three assignments from that packet.

DUE: March 21