Sarah's Weekly Update 12-9-11

posted Dec 9, 2011, 10:28 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Math and book groups are continuing at individual paces. We have several groups who have finished their first reading group book this week, and are currently working on final projects about their books that they can share with the class.

This week, students are taking their country research that they started last week and are using it to plan a vacation to that country. Students have been looking up air fares and prices on hotel rooms in cities all over North and Central America, as well as finding fun things to amuse them while they are there.

Students are also taking a closer look at an event that led up to the Revolutionary War. In groups of three, students are researching a specific event, and planning a skit to show the rest of the class just what was going on with that event.

We’re also starting to edit stories that will become picture books next week. Students are looking for ways to make their stories more interesting and are adding things like descriptions, dialogue and emotional language.

Practical Life
Along with the time management required to get much of the assigned work done on time, students are also trying to work in groups to create their skits. In this instance, I chose the groups before hand as a way of mixing things up and getting people to socialize with others outside their normal circle of friends. Things seem to be working out really well, and we’ve had lots of respectful work getting done.

It would be great to get some students out working in the garden after break. However, in order to make this happen, we need volunteers who can be out in the garden with the students. If this is an interest of yours, please contact me!

Next week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Planned Parenthood is coming and presenting Human Growth and Development to all of the Upper Elementary students. If you prefer that your student not participate in Human Growth and Development, I will need direct communication from you as the parent/guardian (email, note or phone call) by Wednesday, December 14. All students are expected to attend school on these days. Students opting out will have an alternative space to work during the presentation.

Thanks a lot,

Sarah, Emily, and room 10