Sarah's Weekly Update 11-25-13

posted Dec 2, 2013, 9:42 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Student writing is progressing quite well right now. We have been working for a while on the idea of a paragraph. Our primary goal is to make sure that all the sentences in a paragraph are contributing to the same topic. This week, we will put together three paragraphs with a purpose and an audience. If successful, they will convince someone to buy a completely ridiculous invention. 

In math we're wrapping up most of the concepts that we've been working on and are starting on some new ideas. One group is just starting to work with equivalent fractions, while a couple of other groups are plotting coordinates and beginning to understand what it means to graph a linear equation. Other groups will soon be encountering rounding and estimation. 

We've started a cultural studies project on astronomy. Students have picked a truly astronomical topic that they would like to research, and this week they are looking for and defining important vocabulary words related to that topic. 

Maternity Leave
I'm excited to announce that we have found someone to take my place in the classroom while I'm on maternity leave! Jenny Mullins has been working at Ridgeline for the last two years. Last year, she was Dana’s assistant, and this year she has supported the school as a specialist working with students who need a little extra help in reading, writing, or math. She already knows most of the kids in the class, and they know what a strong, kind, and skilled teacher she is. After Thanksgiving Break Jenny will be able to start spending time in the classroom, becoming familiar with how things work, and giving students time to become comfortable with the transition. 

Sign Up Now To Sell At Holiday Fair!
Our first Holiday Fair is being held Saturday, December 7th, noon to 6PM in the school gym. That date is coming up fast, so we’re giving Ridgeliners only until November 20th to sign up for tables. Local and regional sellers can vend on a space-available basis, so invite your friends to sign up too! There’s a sign-up sheet on the school bulletin board outside the main office. You and your non-Ridgeline friends can also sign up by contacting Nicole Roberts, event chair, at

Costs: $20 per table (Ridgeline family) or $35 per table (non-Ridgeline). Vendors able to provide their own table (4x8 or smaller) will save $5. Crafty kids sell for free from their own Ridgeline Kids table, as wandering vendors, or from a blanket on the floor! It’s a fundraiser, so we request that successful vendors also make a tax-deductible contribution to the Capital Campaign representing 10-50% of sales – or whatever your heart deems appropriate for the opportunity to market your wares.

Eligibility: Items sold must be handmade, safe, and all-ages appropriate. Items do not have to be holiday-themed. 

U-Cut Tree Fundraiser
Please join us and come out the Akal Ranch for your holiday tree! This is a fundraiser for Ridgeline and 100% of the proceeds go to the school. U-cut trees are available December 1st, 8th, and 15th 10am-4pm. The trees are Noble Firs and prices range from $15-35, depending on the size and shape of the tree. 84850 S. Ridgeway Rd., Pleasant Hill, OR 97477. 

Thank you for everything, and have a wonderful break!

Sarah, Adriene, and Room 7